Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 23

“In fact, if you are really tired, you can choose to let go of it.” Zhang Xuan felt the exhaustion coming from the woman’s words, and was also heartbroken.
“Let go? Which is not that simple.” Lin Qinghan self-deprecating smile, “If everyone is bent for the sake of the Lin family, the president position, do not sit, but on the contrary, those who have ideas, only the company’s money, they simply do not care about Lin’s life, Lin’s into their hands, only a dead end, now the entire Yinzhou business community, almost everyone wants me to go down from this position, so that they will have You know, Lin’s, soon to be finished, grandfather’s will has been announced, three months later, will completely divide Lin’s.”
Zhang Xuan silent, did not say anything, this is the first time Lin Qinghan to him speaking from the heart, but let Zhang Xuan feel so heavy.
“Phew!” Lin Qinghan took a long breath, “Forget it, telling you so much, you won’t understand, but I do feel a lot lighter in my heart, Zhang Xuan, I have to say one more thing to you, thank you.”
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan with a sincere face, and Zhang Xuan also looked at Lin Qinghan.
Four eyes met.
“Mr. Lin, don’t worry, no matter what, I will be with you through it.”
“I hope so.”
The pouring rain suddenly stopped, and the bright sunshine just appeared so abruptly, the summer thunderstorm, it would give a feeling of staggering time, as if the gloom just now, just talking about whose mood.
Lin Qinghan drove Zhang Xuan back home, and as soon as he entered the house, he saw Milan, who had been out since the morning, running over with gusto.
“What’s so happy?” A smile appeared on Lin Qinghan’s face.
“The concert, Qinghan, I dragged my friend to get three tickets, it’s Pajif’s global tour, isn’t this stop in Yinzhou! I had a hard time getting three tickets!” Milan said while pulling out three tickets and waving them in front of Lin Linghan’s eyes.
“Oh my god! How did you get them? I remember these tickets were sold out months ago!” Lin Invitation Han also had a delighted expression on her face, she was very fond of painting and music, during her college years, she would often go to some painting exhibitions and concerts.
“Hey, hey, secret!” Milan made a face for Lin Pleasehan, “How about it, are you interested in going to see it together, didn’t you say that your family Zhang Xuan is also very good at music? He should also be very interested in it.”
“He?” Lin please Han subconsciously looked at Zhang Xuan, the heart has begun to blame themselves, blame themselves, dead to save face, college days always to Milan said, she will find an artist with the same interests as their own in the future, or die not married, which gave Milan a lie, and said her husband in painting, music and other areas of all proficient.
“Go for it, I also quite want to go and see it.” Zhang Xuan nodded, thinking in his head, that what’s-her-name Pajif, seems to be a disciple of Yev, right?
Lin Qinghan quite unexpectedly looked at Zhang Xuan, just saw Zhang Xuan was squinting at himself, and secretly gave himself an OK gesture, which made Lin please Han once again showed gratitude, she knew that Zhang Xuan agreed to his request, in the background do not know how much work to consult the information.
The concert was scheduled for tomorrow, so Lin invited Han to take Milan to the Lin Group, while Zhang Xuan also left the villa and went to the orphanage.
Zhang Xuan stepped on his flip-flops, got on the public bus and went towards the orphanage, he enjoyed sitting on the bus to admire the city, the city where he used to live with his mother.
From the villa to the orphanage, to cross most of the city of Yinzhou, in the middle of the city also backed up a bus, Zhang Xuan hands in his pockets, standing in front of the bus station, waiting for the next bus.
Suddenly, a large hand from behind Zhang Xuan patted his left shoulder.
Zhang Xuan turned his head to look, a bald strong man wearing a white undershirt, full of tattoos is standing behind himself, and in the process of turning his head, his left and right are also surrounded by five tattooed strong man, originally waiting for the bus at this bus station, all look at this side with awe, standing far away.
“Something wrong?” Zhang Xuan looked at the strong man behind him, frowned slightly.
“Kid, messing with the wrong people, go with the brothers.” The bald man squeezed Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, and while he was talking, two more strong men came up and carried Zhang Xuan to the side.
The people around saw this scene, did not even dare to say a word.
A few of the strong men had a fierce smile on their faces, while Zhang Xuan’s eyes were filled with doubt, who sent these people? That Zheng Chu? Or Wang Wei?
Next to the bus station there is a row of old bungalows, all with the word demolition written on them, seemingly dilapidated, but the value is extremely expensive.
This place has long been uninhabited, behind the bungalow there is a small alleyway, no one will appear at all, no monitoring, piles of garbage, before reaching the alleyway, Zhang Xuan smelled the stench coming from inside.
A few strong men brought Zhang Xuan here and pushed him hard.
“Kid, from now on, eyes bright, in this world, there are many people, but you can not afford to mess with, give me a fight!” The bald strong man waved his hand, several strong men raised their fists and smashed towards Zhang Xuan’s face, looking at that muscle bulge, there is no intention to stay, clearly want to cripple people.
Zhang Xuan looked at the appearance of several strong men, could not help but smile, mouth lightly spit, as if talking to himself, “all wasted.”
Zhang Xuan’s words just fell, a black shadow appeared in the alleyway, these strong men waving fists at Zhang Xuan, did not even see what the black shadow is, then felt a black, followed by a tearing pain in both hands, and then immediately after, the head sunk, and passed out.
A total of six strong men, less than ten seconds, all planted on the ground, since the beginning, Zhang Xuan stood in place, did not move.
“Go and find out who sent them.” Zhang Xuan spoke out again, lifting his feet towards the alleyway outside.
The black shadow seemed as if it never appeared, silent.
Zhang Xuan just walked out of the alleyway, he saw two police cars appeared in front of him with a honking sound.
The passenger door of one police car opened, a female police officer with short hair, wearing a police uniform and a gun at her waist got down from the car, pointed at Zhang Xuan, with a frosty face, and gave a clear and crisp order: “Arrest him and take them all away!”
Seeing the police in front of him, Zhang Xuan showed a helpless expression, it looked like he couldn’t go to the orphanage today, he paid a faint obeisance to his hands behind him, and then cooperated, letting the police handcuff himself and get into the police car.
“Take those gangsters, all of them away too!” The policewoman pointed to the six strong men lying on the ground with a frosty face, “Lock them all up and interrogate them properly!”

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