Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 221

Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan two quietly leaning on the sofa, a cup of hot tea in front of them, slowly rising white mist.
Lin Qinghan felt that he was so fulfilled at this moment, leaning on this shoulder, as if all the problems that bothered him, were covered up, making himself feel at ease.
This is a feeling of having a harbor, everything is so quiet, at this time, Lin Qinghan is thinking, if time can stay, so that I do not have to think about anything, just snuggle up to this man, how good it would be.
The villa door opened.
“I said how to feel a kind of greasy from the red hot meat outside the door, so someone is showing love again!” Milan’s discontented voice came from the villa door.
“Why did you suddenly come back today?” Lin Qinghan turned around, looked at Milan, and asked.
“Why, still don’t want me to come back? Is it disturbing you two good things, do you want me to go out for ten minutes? Zhang Xuan, ten minutes should be enough, right?” Milan raised her eyebrows and looked at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan is a bit speechless, this woman, said driving, without a little defense ah.
Although Lin Qinghan has never had any intimate relationship with any man, but it does not mean that she does not know anything, Milan drove this car righteously, not at all disguised, put Lin Qinghan made a big red face.
“Yo yo yo yo, why is this face still red? Little girl ah?” Milano glanced at her mouth.
“Come on, let’s eat, wait it’s getting cold.” Zhang Xuan greeted and invited the two women to the table.
For Zhang Xuan’s handicraft, not to mention Lin Qinghan, a snacker, even Milan, was a bit lustful.
“By the way wife, are you having a business party tomorrow? Can you bring me along?” Zhang Xuan asked as he chucked a piece of pork ribs into Lin Qinghan’s bowl.
“What, are you interested too?” Milan said curiously, this kind of business party, is extremely boring, many people are not good enough to refuse, go over there and just go through the motions.
“It’s okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
“Okay, then you go with me, it just so happens that there are a few friends who have not seen you, I also have to introduce them properly to do so.” Lin Qinghan nodded her head and agreed.
After dinner, Zhang Xuan cleaned up the dishes and Bai Chi called.
“Boss, Stinging Rose’s White Rose contacted me.”
Zhang Xuan calculated that five days had passed since the last time Stinging Rose’s people made a move on Lin Qinghan, he walked up to the second floor and asked, “What did he say?”
“The other party informed White Rose that the morning after tomorrow, arriving in An City, tomorrow night White Rose and the girls will be leaving.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “OK, you tell White Rose to wait for me in Yuan City tomorrow night, I will go find her.”
Bai Chi asked, “Boss, are you going alone?”
“Yeah, what, not sure about me?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically.
“That’s not true.” Bai Chi shook his head at the other end of the phone, in this world, not to worry about anyone, not to worry about Zhang Xuan, “just boss, there is something, I do not know whether I should tell you.”
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan frowned, what can make Bai Chi difficult to talk about is not a small problem.
“It’s about the person behind the curtain, yesterday we asked out, the identity of that person, a bit special.” Bai Chi looked a bit scrupulous when he spoke.
“Special?” Zhang Xuan thought about it, can make Bai Chi say these two words, it is estimated that there are only a few people, each one, is not a name that Zhang Xuan would like to hear.
Bai Chi listened to Zhang Xuan in the phone some silence, once again spoke: “Boss, in fact, I can go instead of you.”
Bai Chi’s meaning is clear, this matter, Zhang Xuan will not care, let him handle all.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, “It’s okay, go ahead.”
“Chessia ……”
Hearing these three words Zhang Xuan, directly into silence, how he never thought that it was her!
In Bright Island, there are a total of ten king rings, depending on the color of the king ring, representing the different abilities of each person, different positions.
Such as Hai Shen Tel, his dark blue king ring, representing the ocean.
Such as White Pond, his king ring, representing the killing.
Such as the red-haired Rock, his king ring, representing blood.
The Island of Light, in total, has nine monochrome King Rings of different colors, as well as one multicolored King Ring.
The five-colored King’s Ring, representing the steward of the Island of Light, on the Island of Light, in addition to the owners of the Holy Ring, the owner of the five-colored King’s Ring, has the absolute right to speak, her decisions, can directly overrule the decisions made by the owners of the five or less King’s Rings.
The owner of the Five Colored King’s Rings is elected by everyone, only the one that everyone trusts the most, the one that contributes the most to the Bright Island, can be in charge of the Five Colored King’s Rings.
The most important thing is that the person who has the most trust is the one who has contributed the most to the Bright Island.
When he learned that the one who sent the assassin to attack Lin Qinghan was Checia, Zhang Xuan had a feeling of, disbelief.
“Boss, are you okay?” Bai Chi’s voice came from the phone.
“It’s fine.” Zhang Xuan came back to his senses and shook his head, “This time, I’ll go personally, and when I’m gone, you watch out for me over here.”
This night, Zhang Xuan lying in bed, tossing and turning, how can not sleep.
The next morning, Lin Qinghan left home early, busy with the company, Zhang Xuan sat in the courtyard, looking at the old tree that he usually used to practice boxing, recalling the previous days.
“Cecilia ah Cecilia, when meet you, what should I say?” Zhang Xuan shook his head and sighed helplessly.
At the top of the underground world, everyone knows that behind Lord Satan of the Island of Light, there is always a woman who never speaks and silently carries out every order of Lord Satan, who can fall into purgatory like a witch for the man in front of her, and who can be holy as an angel for the man in front of him.
Lord Satan pointed out, must be the direction of her sword.
Chessia, the western code, the name of the charmed witch, was given to her body, she really is like a witch, she is noble, arrogant, unrestrained, she my way, personality, but after meeting the man, as an obedient child, one second she will be bathed in blood, the next second because of the man’s appearance, sunrise earth.
Zhang Xuan lying on the lawn in the courtyard, looking up to the sky, as if to see that woman’s smiling face again, with tear marks in her eyes, shouting for her home.
A morning, in the haze of Zhang Xuan, passed quietly.
At noon, Zhang Xuan received a call from Lin Qinghan, at the entrance of the neighborhood, waiting for the red GT to arrive.
For the evening exchange party, Lin Qinghan did not do too much dressing up, she told Zhang Xuan also do not need, this is to provide a platform for everyone to chat with each other.
“By the way wife, I have to go out tonight, I’ll probably come back tomorrow.” Zhang Xuan said in the car.
“Be safe on the way.” Lin Qinghan did not ask Zhang Xuan what he was going to do.

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