Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 222

Lin Qinghan is a very individual woman, she will hide her true thoughts in her heart, for what she likes, she will not say, she cares about things, she will not take the initiative to say it.
Just like now, in fact, Lin Qinghan wanted to know what Zhang Xuan was going to do, but she would not ask out.
For the trip to An City, Zhang Xuan also did not know how to explain to Lin Please Han.
Lin Qinghan drove and brought Zhang Xuan to the place of the party.
Zhang Xuan remembered this place, the last time Lin Qinghan their college classmates party, in this clubhouse, himself waiting outside Lin Qinghan, by a woman borrowed fire, but also was photographed, planted.
Zhang Xuan saw that there were many luxury cars parked in front of this clubhouse now.
Lin Qinghan parked the car and looked at the luxury cars parked in front of the club with a puzzled face, “Why are there so many people here this time? It’s twice as many as usual.”
The club is divided into two levels, this time the party is the kind of Western buffet style, on the second floor of the club, there is a dance floor, around the dance floor are placed sofas, coffee table, for guests to exchange and rest.
At this moment, many young entrepreneurs in the clubhouse, are gathered around two middle-aged people.
These two middle-aged people, if Lin Qinghan saw, would also be very excited.
In those years when Yinzhou first started to develop, there were several legendary figures in the business circle of Yinzhou.
Elder Lin Chen Nan of the Lin family was known as the leading brother of the Yinzhou business circle, and his status was self-explanatory.
In addition to the old man Lin, there were two other people at that time, known as the Yinzhou double talent, even the old man Lin mentioned these two people, but also praise.
Time has changed, Yinzhou double talent are entering middle age, also slowly faded out of the mall, but the reputation of the two still remains.
One of them, at that time when everyone was confused, boldly invested in a rotten building, no one was optimistic about him, even Lin Zhengnan also thought that he invested in that rotten building, but just smashing money.
As a result, a year and a half after his investment, the officials suddenly want to renovate a school, built right next to that bad building, immediately let the bad building appreciation of more than 400 million!
In more than twenty years ago, four hundred million, what kind of concept?
This man’s name was Kang Ming.
Another person, named Wu Shijie, twenty-three years ago, when the modern stock market in mainland China was just formed, he joined the ranks of the stock speculation army, when people on the stock this thing, completely in the fumbling stage, Wu Shijie is also, but by chance, he relied on their own fumbling, speculation earned more than 200 million!
This at the time, known as a myth, even the old man Lin, can not help but to Kang Ming thumbs up.
A person’s eyesight, determine a person’s success or failure, these two people had that kind of vision in the beginning, put today, is the object of everyone wants to ask for advice.
But the people of the Yinzhou business circle know that Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, has long been closed, which is the reason for the words of the old man Lin at the beginning.
Master Lin said that the future world, is left to the young, the descendants can not just rely on the blessings of the elders, otherwise everyone a hundred years later, and who will take care of the descendants?
Master Lin’s position in the Yinzhou business circle, that is undoubtedly, his words, but also changed the status quo of the Yinzhou business circle, can be found, now many large enterprises at the helm, the person in charge, are the younger generation, the older, rarely appear.
Today, the sudden appearance of Kang Ming and Wu Shijie made these younger generations scramble to ask for advice, and it was also because of the news that they would attend that so many people came to this gathering.
Some people brought out questions that had been bothering them for a long time for advice, and after receiving answers from Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, they all had a feeling of clarity and brightness.
“Uncle Kang, Uncle Wu, my father often mentions you two in front of me, and when I see you today, I really feel like listening to you is better than reading a book for ten years.”
“Not bad, I feel enlightened, my eyes are brighter.”
Listening to the praises of the people around them, Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, both laughed and did not take it to heart.
The two of them came here today, not to give a lecture, but to meet a person, a person who proposed for Hengyuan to blow up the mountain opinion.
When the news came out that Hengyuan wanted to blow up the mountain, even the two of them, feel some incredible, when thinking about the causes and consequences, the two of them to the person who proposed to blow up the mountain, is sincere admiration, but also want to meet this person.
For this reason, they both specifically contacted Qin Rou, about today.
This private club, not only has a dance floor, there are likewise some small rooms for guests to chat some private matters.
After a few words of courtesy with the crowd, the two went to a small room to the side to rest.
Just after Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan entered the clubhouse, they heard a greeting sound.
“Qinghan! Ya, Zhang Xuan is here too?”
Zhang Xuan followed the voice and a short-haired beauty with a shapely figure walked over, a beauty Zhang Xuan had seen last time at that outdoor private club.
“Jiang Yan.” Lin Qinghan smiled faintly at Jiang Yan.
“Aiya, I just wanted to call you, go go go, go chat.” Jiang Yan walked over and pulled Lin Qinghan’s arm, then smiled sweetly at Zhang Xuan, “Zhang handsome, do you mind if I take your wife to talk about some private topics of women?”
“Don’t mind.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand.
Lin Qinghan originally wanted to take Zhang Xuan around first and introduce him to everyone, but as a result, seeing Jiang Yan was so enthusiastic, he couldn’t refuse, and smiled apologetically at Zhang Xuan, “Honey, then you go around by yourself first, have something to eat, and we’ll talk about it.”
“You chat first, don’t mind me.” Zhang Xuan smiled and walked towards the second floor on his own.
Just after he went up to the second floor, Zhang Xuan saw Qin Rou, who was wearing a white dress with a crystal hairpin, and around Qin Rou, there were many young handsome people gathered.
“Looks like Qin Da Beauty is very popular.” Zhang Xuan walked up and greeted Qin Rou.
As soon as Qin Rou saw Zhang Xuan, she subconsciously pulled away a little from these youths surrounding herself, although she always kept a very polite distance between her and these people.
“Zhang Xuan, you’re here, those two seniors have been waiting for you, let me introduce you.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, followed behind Qin Rou and walked into a small room.
The white waist-binding dress perfectly displayed Qin Rou’s enchanting figure, her slender waist seemed like it could be held in one hand, and her slender legs were as if they were works of art.
Qin Rou opened the door of the small room and walked in first.
Zhang Xuan saw two middle-aged people sitting in the room, it was Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, for these two people who are famous in the business world of Yinzhou, Zhang Xuan was not impressed.
“Mr. Qin, this is?” Kang Ming and Wu Shijie saw Qin Rou walk in with someone and had some guesses in their hearts.

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