Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 24

Silver City Police Station.
Zhang Xuan was leaned against an interrogation chair, the blinding incandescent light hit Zhang Xuan’s face, so that he could only squint his eyes and look at the scene around him, there was an interrogation table in front of him, surrounded by cold dark walls, without a bit of life, regular people stay here, it will make the inner fear extremely.
The iron door of the interrogation room was pushed open from the outside, and the sound of “thumping” footsteps rang out.
Zhang Xuan squinted his eyes and looked, the person who came was the female police officer just seen in the alleyway, previously Zhang Xuan did not properly observe the other party, now have the time to take a look, the woman’s features are correct, when walking, the body plate is straight, obviously well trained, the woman is one meter seven, probably because of training, resulting in her body is exceptionally good, the summer police uniform on her body, her exquisite S-shaped body perfectly displayed, walking with a sense of beauty.
The woman’s figure is very standard, the warped, the flat, this should be the perfect body shape shaped by years of fitness.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze noticed the left breast of the female police officer, the words Criminal Investigation Team were written on it, and below it was the name of the other party, Han Han gentle.
“Shit, the name does not live up to its name!” Zhang Xuan skimmed his mouth, he observed Han Han gentle right hand, tiger mouth and index finger with some calluses, apparently often playing with guns caused by such a woman, and gentle two words can not hang.
The actual, Han Han gentle just walked in front of Zhang Xuan, and forcefully kicked Zhang Xuan in the calf stomach, “Say, which club are you from? Who is your boss? The intentional armed fight, causing six people to have broken arms and internal cranial bleeding, enough to sentence you for several years, if you confess, you can still fight for a reduced sentence.”
Han gentle pulled a bench and sat opposite Zhang Xuan, with disgust in his eyes.
“I say, beautiful, you are a police officer, everything must be evidence, ah, I did not beat people, do not slander me.” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth to explain, with a strong look of aggression on his face.
“Heh! Slander?” The policewoman raised an eyebrow, “Do you want to tell me that you just stand there, the rest of the people are their own broken hands, and then internal cranial bleeding?”
“Yes!” Zhang Xuan nodded his head hard and repeatedly, “That’s it, I really just stood there.”
“Nonsense!” Han Han gently slapped a slap on the interrogation table, “I’ll give you one last chance to give a good account, or I guarantee that you will never have a good time before you go to jail!”
China’s capital city, the Ministry of Security.
The Ministry of Security is in charge of all the police departments in China, and those who can get an official position in the Ministry of Security can walk outside and be more beautiful than the mayor.
At this moment, the Minister of Security’s office, a landline is frantically ringing, the secretary panic to pick up the phone, she remembered the Minister said, this landline, in the world, only a few people can call in, those few people, all have a very high status in the world.
The secretary picked up the phone and didn’t even come to remember to say hello, when she heard a female voice coming from the phone.
“Tell your minister, that one is in the Silver City Police Department, within fifteen minutes, let him take care of things.”
After the words were said, the phone hung up directly.
The secretary did not dare to hesitate, even she point the other party said that the one who is not even know, immediately contacted the minister, the security minister is communicating with several foreign diplomatic corps, after receiving the secretary’s call, even diplomatic work can not care.
“Quickly, give me the phone number of the direct silver city hall, immediately!”
Yinzhou City Police Department, interrogation room.
Han gentle looking at Zhang Xuan in front of him, has understood that this is a complete and utter scoundrel, into the interrogation room, or a playful look, definitely more than once in.
“I warn you, you’d better be smart!” Han tender “snapped” a table, got up and grabbed Zhang Xuan’s collar, a pair of bright eyes filled with anger.
“Beauty, I’ve been very sensible, okay, those people were not beaten by me, I’m just a victim, I told you, I was just standing at the bus station waiting for the bus, they were brought to the alleyway, then they were lying in front of me, and then you guys appeared.” Zhang Xuan face with sincerity.
“Okay, you do not say it, right! I’ll see if you say it next!” Han tenderly grabbed Zhang Xuan’s collar with force, the other hand squeezed fist, raised high, and then smashed fiercely towards Zhang Xuan’s face.
Zhang Xuan’s smiling face instantly disappeared, and his eyes abruptly became ruthless.
Han gentle had been watching the man in front of her, the sudden change in the other party’s expression made her heart and soul froze, that ruthless eyes, surprisingly, made her appear a touch of panic.
“Son of a bitch, dare to scare me!” Han tenderly cursed, and the power of his fist did not diminish.
Zhang Xuan was handcuffed hands clenched, small arms and large arms at the same time bulging muscles, he was able to break the handcuffs before the other party hit him, and then subdue him, the hall underground king Satan, how can just be hit in the face?
The moment Zhang Xuan was ready to break the handcuffs, the iron door of the interrogation room was kicked open with a “clang”.
A middle-aged man with a big belly, wearing a police uniform and a Chinese face rushed into the interrogation room and shouted, “Han tender, what are you doing, put your hands down!”
Han gentle fist, at less than five centimeters from the side of Zhang Xuan’s face stopped, Zhang Xuan even felt the wind of this woman’s fist.
“Chief.” Han Gentle turned to look at the middle-aged man and lowered her head.
“You are simply nonsense!” The chief chided, “Who gave you permission to enforce the law with violence, go write me a report out! This person is not a problem, let go quickly!”
The director of the surface stern, the heart is actually trembling, it was too close, they just a little late to come on, the black hat can not keep ah! Just a hand of the city hall called himself, clearly told himself, if the man just arrested a little damage, he can retire early.
“Release someone?” As soon as he heard this, Han’s gentle head immediately lifted up, his bright eyes glared, “Chief, he is a deliberate armed fight, committing murder!”
“Nonsense! Where is the armed struggle? What evidence do you have? Arresting people for no reason, Han, you’re really something! Now let me go immediately!” The chief gave the order in a righteous manner.
“No!” Han’s tone was also very firm, “Even if there is no evidence, I still have the right to hold him for 24 hours!”
The director’s face was furious, “Good, Han gentle, you’re really good! I’ll let you release him today!”
“Go, unlock the handcuffs!” The chief waved his hand to the two officers behind him, signaling for them to release the man.
“I’ll see who dares!” Han tenderly stood in front of Zhang Xuan, “I am the deputy captain of the city’s criminal investigation team, now exercise my authority, whoever releases the person, is breaking the law, whoever breaks the law, I will arrest!”

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