Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 239

For what happened last night, Zheng Chu is more than clear, he certainly knows, the main character of this matter, who is really.
Now hearing that Zhang Xuan had another version to say, Zheng Chu was the first to speak out.
“What version do you want to say? This matter, not you did? Meaning Qin’s secretary, deliberately slandered you? Meaning that the surveillance video we saw at the time, are all fake?”
“Impossible, this matter, it is Zhang Xuan did! You guys come to see this video, it’s a first-hand resource that I got!” A reporter specially arranged by Zheng Chu, took out his phone and played a video.
The video on his phone was a little blurry, but everyone could still see that a person wearing the same color clothes as Zhang Xuan was now, carried a woman into a villa, and a few minutes later, Zhang Xuan walked out of the villa, and the surveillance obviously captured his face.
“Everyone look, after this Zhang Xuan left, the victim’s secretary, then shouted for help, this incident, what other version can there be?”
This video came out, causing an uproar, this can be said, has been Zhang Xuan’s evil deeds hammered, does it mean that he can still deny it? We are all in the media, we can see at a glance, this video, no editing traces!
“Zhang Xuan, what else do you have to say!” Zheng Chu looked at Zhang Xuan and questioned.
Zhang Xuan rested his hand, “I have nothing more to say, but I have a video here, I also want to show you.”
Zhang Xuan waved to the side, Bai Chi took a rechargeable treasure and a data cable ran over, which Zhang Xuan just asked him to buy.
“Come on, give way, all give way!” Bai Chi squeezed into the crowd and handed over the rechargeable battery and data cable to Zhang Xuan.
Soon, Zhang Xuan’s phone was turned on again, and as soon as it was turned on, countless text messages poured in, all prompting missed calls.
Zhang Xuan did not look, after deleting all these text messages, pull out a video.
This video, more clear than the reporter just took out the surveillance video, the video screen, is in a villa.
And the main character in the video, is Zheng Chu.
Zheng Chu stood not far from Zhang Xuan’s position, a glance saw the video content in Zhang Xuan’s cell phone, which made his face a violent change, he did not have time to consider how Zhang Xuan stayed in the villa at that time, but also took the video.
“Surnamed Zhang, you disappeared for a day, you wouldn’t be specifically looking for someone to take a video, right!” Zheng Chu shouted, trying to divert the attention of those reporters.
But what are journalists, there is a mother, now there is something new, they naturally will not be attracted by others, eyes and cameras, all aimed at Zhang Xuan’s cell phone screen.
Video playback, can clearly see, Zheng Chu stood in the villa, after a while, a young man carrying a wonderful figure appeared, this youth, it is in the surveillance video on the person.
Then, after hearing Zheng Chu say a word to throw her to the bed, he put on a hood, took off his shirt and climbed towards the bed.
The video came to an abrupt end at this place.
Although how Zhang Xuan dealt with Zheng Chu later, and did not shoot down, but to this situation, we all understand what happened.
This time, it’s not what the public opinion says it is!
At this same time, Bai Chi whispered softly in Zhang Xuan’s ear, “Boss, people are brought.”
“Let’s get over here.” Zhang Xuan turned off his phone and looked to the side.
That Qin Rou’s secretary, led by two uniformed police officers, came here.
Although Zhang Xuan had hidden his identity, it did not mean that his connections could not be used, after learning about this matter in the first few minutes, Zhang Xuan had Bai Chi go and start investigating this matter.
Within a short time, Bai Ji found out that Qin Rou’s secretary, this morning, went to Zheng’s to receive half a million in cash.
In front of so many reporters, Bai Chi naturally announced this matter, immediately attracted the attention of reporters.
Under the repeated bombardment of the reporters, Qin Rou’s secretary could not bear it and told all about the cheque being given by Zheng Chu to himself.
“Mr. Zheng, may I ask why you gave the other party half a million without compensation?”
“Mr. Zheng, about that video provided by Mr. Zhang Xuan, what do you want to say?”
“This video, there is no editing component, Mr. Zheng, may I ask how you want to explain it?”
One after another question was asked in a chain.
How could Zheng Chu not have thought that Zhang Xuan would have the video of last night! Moreover, the matter that he gave Qin Rou’s secretary half a million was found out so quickly.
In fact, this matter is not to blame Zheng Chu did not do enough in place, after all, he used the check transaction, want to go to the Zheng Group to check things, he Zheng Chu did not agree, no one can do anything.
But Zheng Chu’s fault is that he messed with Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan want to find out what things, by his Zheng Chu disagree!
The original one-sided public opinion, after Zhang Xuan took out this video, completely changed direction.
The persona that Zheng Chu had just established, in a short time, collapsed!
Just a moment ago, Zheng Chu still said to the camera, what beast is worse than, a thousand cuts, ignoring the law, severe punishment and so on, but now, the kind of person he said, is himself!
“Young Zheng, go first!” The person beside Zheng Chu, pulled Zheng Chu a hand.
Now things were clearly beyond control, and if Zheng Chu continued to stay here, it was hard to predict what else would happen.
“Go!” Zheng Chu’s face was dark, he knew that today, this matter could not continue according to his arrangement.
Zheng Chu wanted to leave, but now, not he wanted to leave, those reporters, has surrounded the place, and outside the CBD business district, the police car siren has sounded.
The police arrived, the first time to disperse the onlookers and block the place.
“Mr. Lin!” Lin’s secretary, Li Na, came running breathlessly, “General Lin, the shareholders they can’t get through to you, now ……”
“It’s okay.” Lin Qinghan shook his head at Li Na, “The matter has been resolved.”
Li Na saw that two police officers, had walked up to Zheng Chu.
Originally, it was Zheng Chu who called the police to arrest Zhang Xuan, at this moment, the person who was arrested, became Zheng Chu.
As for Zhang Xuan, in the police station, he is considered a familiar face, when the police saw him, very politely said to Zhang Xuan, please Zhang Xuan back to assist in the investigation.
Those who pulled the banners were all “invited” back to the bureau by the police for the reason of crowd disturbance.
CBD banners, in a short period of time, all disappeared.
Zhang Xuan looked at the efficiency of these police officers, do not need to think to know that Bai Chi is to use the relationship, to Bai Chi the identity of the goods, just say a few words, it is estimated to be able to scare a hand in Yinzhou pissed his pants.

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