Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 25

The two officers who were about to be released, hearing this, stood in place like an electric shock, looked at the director, and then looked at Han gentle, did not dare to say a word, but they are very clear, these two, one is a hand within the bureau, the other backstage, not worse than a hand.
“Okay! Han gentle, today this matter, I’m going to go to your master to talk about.” The director pointed at Han gentle, breathing heavily.
“Whatever.” Han gentle head, directly out of the interrogation room, outside the interrogation room sounded Han gentle voice, “all to me to watch the people, today if people run away, according to the law to pursue!”
Two police officers looked at the director, waiting for his next instructions.
“All right, all go out!” The chief waved his hand with an unhappy expression.
The two officers ran out as if they had been pardoned.
After the interrogation room was empty, the chief closed the door and walked to Zhang Xuan with a flattering smile, “Sir, you have seen this …… girl, Han Gentle that girl took the law to press me, you also know, we are law enforcement officers, we can not know the law and break it, ah, do not worry, I promise, you are here, absolutely will not I guarantee that you will not be treated unfairly.”
“Whatever, handcuffs for me to untie, I do not go.” Zhang Xuan said indifferently.
“Thank you, thank you sir for understanding.” The police chief had a grateful face and hurriedly uncuffed the handcuffs.
Han tenderly ran out of the police station in anger, got into the police car and went straight to the place of the crime, she didn’t know why the chief wanted to protect that scoundrel, she only had one thought in her mind now, to find as much evidence as possible and then convict that scoundrel according to the law!
Now the six strong men who were beaten are still unconscious, it is impossible to make a statement, Han gentle had to look for evidence from the place of the incident.
The alleyway where the incident occurred is the closest to a bus stop, and many bus stops now have surveillance, which substantially inhibits thieves from committing crimes, and with Han’s identity authority, it was easy to pull out the bus stop’s surveillance video.
Han tenderness from the monitoring of Zhang Xuan’s figure, the corners of the mouth hooked up a smile, “Hum, the monitoring saw you, I want to know how you can still deny!”
According to Han gentle thought, Zhang Xuan must have gathered manpower at the bus station, and then armed fighting with others, but when seeing six strong men appear in the surveillance, and the initiative to rack Zhang Xuan away, Han gentle felt that something was wrong.
This should …… not this bastard initiative and people armed fight!
On the surveillance, Han gentle can clearly see the six strong men’s faces carnal smile, it is clear that they are the party who deliberately looking for trouble.
“Difficult to say, I misunderstood him?” Han tender that beautiful face instantly floated on a touch of red, a small heart also poof poof beating powerfully, if really misunderstood him, then their own today, really embarrassed big ah.
No! Even if he was racked away, then how to explain the six people with broken arms and internal cranial bleeding? This thing must be his doing, must interrogate clearly!
Thinking of this, Han tender directly drove back to the police station, rushed into the interrogation room, but found that the original interrogation room where Zhang Xuan was held has been empty, only an incandescent lamp shining on the empty interrogation chair.
Seeing this scene, the fire in Han’s heart instantly came up and he roared, “Where is everyone! Who let the people go!”
“Team …… captain.” A police officer trembling to answer Han gentle, “people did not go, is, is outside.”
The police officer pointed to the office of the criminal investigation team, eyes are afraid to look at Han gentle.
“Well?” Han tenderness looked at the direction of the criminal investigation office, then stride over, just push open the office door, Han tenderness saw let her anger burning scene.
That scoundrel, now surprisingly, sitting in the criminal investigation office, but also right in front of his own desk, comfortable crossing his legs, eating cold noodles!
“Pah!” Han gentle slap on the table, so that the books placed on the desktop trembled, “You! You! You! Stand up! Who let him out, give me shut in the interrogation room!”
“Deputy …… vice squad, it was the chief who told Mr. Zhang to come out to make a statement.” An officer from the criminal investigation team whispered.
“A transcript? The transcript is made this way? Who allowed him to eat here!” Han’s gentle chest kept heaving with anger.
“I let him eat.” A middle-aged male in a police uniform walked in from outside the office.
As soon as they saw the middle-aged male, all the officers of the criminal investigation team stood up straight, “Captain.”
“Hmm.” The middle-aged male nodded, “Gentle ah, you now simply do not have evidence to charge Mr. Zhang, in my opinion, let the person go.”
Han tenderly looked at Zhang Xuan, found this scoundrel is sitting there full of care, continue to eat cold noodles, as if this side of the matter does not affect him at all.
“No release! I said very clearly, who wants to release him without permission, do not blame me to turn my face!” Han tenderness feel that they can not stay here for a second, see that scoundrel, can not help but want to beat him, “twenty-four hours, twenty-four hours after I can not find the evidence, you guys feel free to let people go!”
After saying that, Han gentle slammed the door and rushed out of the office.
The officers in the office all looked at each other and smiled bitterly.
Yinzhou Seaside Water Township.
Lin Qinghan and Milan returned home in company, found no Zhang Xuan’s figure in the house, Lin Qinghan slightly strange, she and Zhang Xuan have been married for a year, this is the first time off work to see Zhang Xuan not at home, the tea on the table has been cold.
The first time I saw Zhang Xuan not at home, the tea on the table was already cold. Milan swept around the villa, “Qing Han, where is your husband? Today’s classmate party, you have such an excellent husband, how also have to pull out a show it, quickly give him a call.”
“Forget it, I guess he’s still busy with his work, let’s go first.” Lin Qinghan breathed a sigh of relief, after learning about the class reunion today, she has been worried, in case Zhang Xuan went today, exposed how to do, after all, he is not a real artist, the mouth said those things are online now check, to the class reunion, did not give him the opportunity to now check.
“Ah?” Milan’s face showed some loss, she was ready to ask Zhang Xuan a few questions at the class reunion, to expose his hypocritical face, this is not going to go, their own plans that will fall short ah.
“Aiya, quickly change clothes, let’s go!” Lin Qinghan hurriedly pulled Milan, urging.
“By the way Qing Han, that Song is also here today, you think he won’t still pursue you, right, giggle.” Milan let out a silver bell-like laugh.
Yinzhou Xin Kai Hotel, located in the center of Yinzhou, a seven-story building, each floor is decorated with grandeur and gold, and seventy percent of the huge parking lot is parked with luxury cars over half a million.
A fiery red Mercedes GT parked here, the moment the car door opened, attracting the eyes of countless people.

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