Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 247

Lin Qinghan’s heart was puffing and puffing, and in the silent darkness, she could clearly hear her heartbeat.
Zhang Xuan’s arm was slightly bent.
This one simple action made Lin Please Han’s entire body tense up.
What to do? Is he going to hug me? But he hasn’t officially chased me yet!
Lin Qinghan was in the middle of her thoughts when a tearing cry came into her ears.
This cry brought the thoughts in Lin Qinghan’s head to an abrupt halt.
She slightly turned her head and saw that the man beside her, had closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
Zhang Xuan’s state made Lin Chen Han breathe a sigh of relief while her beautiful eyes still had a bit of resignation in them.
The dead Zhang Xuan, stinking Zhang Xuan! I am so useless and unattractive, you just fell asleep?
Lin Shenhan turned around in anger, facing Zhang Xuan, puffing out her mouth, her little leg slightly hard, as if to vent her anger, a kick on Zhang Xuan’s ankle.
This kicked out, Lin please Han useless to hold back, “poof” a laugh out loud, she carefully measured the man’s face in front of her, this is the first time she looked so carefully.
The rough skin allowed Lin Shenhan to imagine what kind of suffering this man had suffered before.
Lin Shenhan’s face blushed with shame, gently shrunk his head, autonomously burrowed towards Zhang Xuan’s arms, closed his eyes, lying in Zhang Xuan’s arms, she felt an unprecedented peace of mind.
When the sleepiness came, Lin Pleasehan just leaned on Zhang Xuan’s chest, the corners of her mouth hooked up a seductive arc, and slept.
After Lin invites Han to fall asleep, Zhang Xuan slowly opened his eyes, he looked at the woman in his arms, stretched out his other hand, wrapped around the woman’s thin waist.
The next day, the sunlight sprinkled in the early morning.
Lin Please Han opened his eyes in a daze and found that the person beside him was gone, this empty feeling made a touch of loss appear in Lin Please Han’s heart.
Rubbing her drowsy eyes, Lin Pleasehan got up from bed and just went out of the guest bedroom door, she saw Milan sitting on the sofa in the living room, looking at herself with a smiling face.
As soon as Milan saw Lin Qinghan come out of the bedroom, she teased, “Yo, damn girl, you’re up early, no, you haven’t changed much in your walk, you didn’t become a saint again last night, did you?”
“What are you talking about!” Lin Qinghan gave Milan a white glance, “Where is Uncle and Aunt?”
“The company has been very busy lately, they both went out early in the morning and didn’t even eat breakfast.”
“Oh.” Lin Qinghan nodded, did not ask anything more, a pair of eyes kept looking in the house.
“What are you looking for? Looking for a man?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. I’m not saying that I despise him!”
“Hey! It’s not good to talk bad about people behind their backs!” The door of Milan’s house was opened from the outside, and Zhang Xuan was seen walking in through the door.
“Shit, how do you have the key to my house?” Milan gave Zhang Xuan a middle finger.
“Hehehe.” Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Last night Uncle Xiao has recognized me as his godson, the key naturally gave me one.”
Zhang Xuan raised his hand, hanging in his hand, it was clearly Milan’s house key.
“Come on you, even if you enter my house, you are still my boss.” Milan rolled his eyes and urged, “Hurry up and let your wife pack up, the exhibition will start soon, if you don’t go, you can’t even find a parking spot!”
As soon as Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan, she thought of what happened last night, she even took the initiative to get into this man’s arms, she felt her face burning, and without saying a word, she went to the bathroom and started washing up.
Master Finger’s painting exhibition started at ten in the morning at the art center in Hangzhou.
As a world-famous painting master, Master Figel is good at several styles of painting, and the meanings expressed in his paintings are worthy of deep consideration.
This time, the exhibition attracted too many people, Zhang Xuan three people arrived an hour before the start of the exhibition, but only managed to find a parking space, or far from the art center.
Just walking to the entrance of the exhibition, Zhang Xuan three people, and saw an annoying figure.
Yang Haifeng was standing in front of the exhibition, and beside him, followed by a middle-aged man.
At the same time that Zhang Xuan’s three saw Yang Haifeng, Yang Haifeng also saw the three of them.
“Heh, kid, I quite admire your courage, I thought that you had already left Hangzhou overnight!” As soon as Yang Haifeng saw Zhang Xuan, he spoke nonchalantly.
Zhang Xuan likewise laughed, “I also admire your courage, are you face does not hurt anymore, and still dare to talk to me like this?”
Zhang Xuan raised his palm, this one action made Yang Haifeng subconsciously take two steps back, followed by a chest, “Kid, I don’t want to make this fearless argument with you, look at your outfit, if you don’t know how to paint, don’t come here and pretend.”
Zhang Xuan did not say anything, this kind of mockery, he had heard a little too much of it during this period of time.
Yang Haifeng looked at Zhang Xuan’s look that did not put himself in his eyes, coldly snorted, “We’ll see!”
From the start of the exhibition, there is still an hour’s time, the art center entrance has been lined up, Milan calculated, this to check the tickets to enter one by one, just in front of these long lines, but also have to wait an hour, after all, this is the Philadelphia master’s traveling exhibition, each painting is worth a thousand dollars, security is naturally to do quite in place to do.
The first thing you need to do is to wait here, so Milan’s eyes turned around and finally put them on Zhang Xuan’s body and kept looking. She snapped her fingers and took Lin Qinghan’s arm, “Come on, Qinghan, take you to an interesting place!”
After Milan finished, without waiting for Lin Qinghan’s reply, she pulled Lin Qinghan towards the other side.
Lin Qinghan followed Milan with a foggy head, not knowing what Milan was going to do.
Zhang Xuan was indifferent, where Lin Qinghan went, he went and that was it.
At a place about fifteen minutes away from the art center, Lin Qinghan saw the four big words of the talent market.
The signboard of this talent market is printed on top of an administrative building.
Lin Qinghan was a bit puzzled, “Milan, what are you doing here, are you looking for a job?”
“No, give you this 20,000 yuan a month old male valuation, see how much you really earned!” Milan narrowed her eyes and smiled, pulling Lin please Han, and walked inside the talent market.
Zhang Xuan followed behind the two women, a little speechless, give him an estimate? What kind of price is this estimate!
This is the first time I’ve heard of this statement, and I’m curious about it.

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I have noticed that the author now and then refers Lin Qinghan as Lin Please Han. Is this just a error , or is there a reason ?

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