Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 248

Entering the talent market, Lin Pleasehan realized that the layout inside this administrative building was like a commercial plaza, with an unobstructed view from the first floor to the top floor.
There were also very many people inside the talent market, but it didn’t look cluttered.
There is a special aisle for recruiting people, and people who are looking for a job, stand aside, posing their best spirits, and beside them, there is a sign, each of which looks the same, stamped with the same seal, and on the sign, the basic information of the job seeker is written, as well as the price.
Here, there is no kind of noise, and the job seekers are not in a hurry to sell themselves, the sign beside them, is the best introduction to them.
This is the first time Lin Qinghan has seen this kind of job market, and looked very curious.
Milan explained to Lin please Han, this talent market, in fact, is similar to a kind of intermediary center, but they have a kind of their own assessment means, people who come to seek employment, will go through this intermediary center’s assessment, according to their personal ability, to get a comprehensive annual salary price.
Hearing Milan say this, Lin Qinghan probably understood how Milan wanted to give Zhang Xuan a valuation.
This talent market, in Hangzhou is very famous, and they only do high-end, can see, come here to seek employment, the minimum annual salary of 200,000 to start, and each person has a professional specialty areas, some people, is proficient in several specialties.
When the boss will be recruited from here, will pay a certain intermediary fee to the talent center, and job seekers, in the identification of their own skills level, will also pay a certain fee to the talent center, and pay a certain deposit, can be returned after a year of practice.
The talent center’s identification results are very authoritative, and when the boss finds that the people he recruited from the talent center simply do not meet the talent center’s identification level, the talent center will double the brokerage fee back, and the job seeker’s deposit will also be withheld, and in general, it is very difficult to engage in foul play in this talent center.
Lin Qinghan, led by Milan, went around, and many of those who were earning 200,000 to 300,000 a year were the talents Lin Qinghan needed. However, Lin Qinghan’s mind was not on recruiting right now, she also wanted to hurry up and give Zhang Xuan a price assessment, and the matter of Zhang Xuan made Lin please Han feel very interesting.
For this price assessment, Zhang Xuan himself refused, but could not carry the two women’s soft and hard, Zhang Xuan finally had to choose to compromise.
Talent Center, there are seven layers.
On the first floor, the annual salary for job seekers was between two hundred thousand and five hundred thousand.
On the second level, it was between five hundred thousand and eight hundred thousand.
The third layer, between eight hundred thousand and one and a half million.
The fourth tier, one and a half million to three million.
The fifth tier, three million to five million.
The sixth tier, five million to eight million.
The seventh layer, eight million upwards.
People who can seek employment in the fourth layer, many of them are worth more than the average boss, this talent, they pick the boss, rather than the boss pick them.
For vocational skills assessment, in this identification center can be done directly.
Milan is still somewhat familiar with this place.
She led Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan to the assessment hall on the first floor, and looking at one assessment office in front of her, Milan fell into a tangle.
“Qinghan, which area do you think would be better to have Zhang Xuan, assessed first?”
At this moment, in front of Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, there are many, many categories, such as finance, investment, design, architecture, security ……
All fields, almost all covered.
Normal people, have their own areas of proficiency.
But Zhang Xuan is different, just what Milan and Lin Qinghan know, Zhang Xuan is proficient in several fields.
Lin Qinghan took a look, “Then let’s start with the first one and let him try them one by one.”
Milan patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder and gave Zhang Xuan a wink, “Go ahead, Pikachu!”
Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan’s excited look, helplessly sighed, went to pay the fee for the test and went towards the first identification room that said security.
Milan and Lin Qinghan, on the other hand, bought a cup of milk tea in the lobby, did massage chairs, comfortably waiting for Zhang Xuan.
When Zhang Xuan arrived at the security appraisal room, he found that there were many people inside and there was a special person in charge of the arrangement. When Zhang Xuan walked into the security room, the first thing he did was to punch on a strength testing machine, Zhang Xuan used about three points of force, and the test results he got were arranged by a special person and taken to another room for a private test.
Then, Zhang Xuan came to the room about the financial test, after a few short words, Zhang Xuan was again arranged by a special person, to a small room for a separate test.
Investment, music, painting, engineering, medical, IT, language …… major majors, the list is endless.
Zhang Xuan’s test results, each time he will let the special person in charge to test him individually. Many people who tested before Zhang Xuan were still waiting in line for the next test, Zhang Xuan had already finished all the tests of one item under the arrangement of the special person and went to the next one.
A person who is also looking for a job, watching Zhang Xuan kept going in and out of room after room, and each time stay for a very short time, can not help but show a snicker, for this kind of people, he has seen a lot, this kind of people simply do not know their own position, in school to learn a little bit of fur, think they can do everything, only to find themselves, simply can not do anything!
An hour’s time, said long, said short, Zhang Xuan also ran ten professional test hall, looked at the remaining professional, Zhang Xuan thought about it and did not go, really want to run again, do not know how long it will take.
Zhang Xuan found the staff, the staff left Zhang Xuan’s phone number, let Zhang Xuan first go around casually, wait for the identification results, will contact him.
Zhang Xuan nodded his head, indicating that he understood.
In the lounge, he found the two women, Lin Qinghan, who were lying on a massage chair enjoying themselves.
“What? Finished with the appraisal? Have the results come out?” As soon as Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan, she couldn’t wait to ask, she also wanted to know how much her cheap husband, who was 20,000 a month, should be paid annually under the appraisal of the professional center.
Lin Qinghan has a predicted price in her own mind, at least ranking in the fourth tier, with an annual salary of between one and a half million and three million.
As for the higher, Lin Qinghan did not think, now the entire Lin Group, the highest paid employees, the annual salary of eight hundred thousand.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “The results still have to wait, people said to contact me later.”
“An la, people always have to have a comprehensive assessment of the well, go, Qinghan, take you to meet excellent men, by the way, let Zhang Xuan a little sense of crisis.” Milan sat up from the massage chair, took Lin Pleasehan’s hand and walked towards the escalator.

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