Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 250

Zhang Xuan is right, in Wang Lun’s heart, indeed some pride, and even he came here, not at all a job search, but simply to show off, his own company, on the market value of billions.
Every time he meets someone who comes to recruit, Wang Lun will tone impatient, dislike the other party, and then finally lift his own company, so that the other party has nothing to say.
Wang Lun, very enjoy this feeling, every time he saw the shocked eyes of others, will make him feel a wave of relief from the inside out.
But now, Wang Lun was reprimanded so much, let him very uncomfortable, especially still in the crowd of so many people, since the childhood achievement over, he has not felt so humiliated time.
Wang Lun looked at Zhang Xuan, who was directly across from him, “In that case, you think that you are stronger than me?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I never think that I am necessarily better than others, everyone is good at different areas, I just want to say that you are standing in this place, you are a job seeker, don’t give me a stink, this is what I say to you from the perspective of a spectator, and on the other hand, I tell you as her husband.”
When Zhang Xuan said this, he reached out and wrapped his arm around Lin Qinghan’s fragrant shoulders, wrapped the woman in his arms, and continued, “I hate the way you greet my wife, and if you dare to talk to my wife like that again, believe me, I will tear your mouth apart!”
Once the word “mouth” fell, Zhang Xuan’s other hand swung out violently, hitting heavily on the introduction sign in front of Wang Lun, which was five centimeters thick and made of solid wood, and was punched through by Zhang Xuan.
This action scared Wang Lun unconsciously shivered.
On the other hand, the gold-medal bodyguard, who was also seeking employment on the seventh floor, had his pupils shrink fiercely and looked at Zhang Xuan in a completely different way.
Also a practitioner, he knew very well that the person who could so single-handedly power through the introduction plate, the power of that punch, how terrifying, at least the current him, could not do it.
“Aigoo, when did any random cat or dog get to throw a tantrum on the seventh floor?” On the side, a delicate voice came, and in the words, expressed dissatisfaction with Zhang Xuan.
Lin Qinghan and Milan turned their heads to look, and saw a young woman with heavy makeup, slowly walking towards this side.
With a condescending look on her face, the woman’s eyes gave Zhang Xuan a disdainful glance, then rushed Wang Lun and said, “How about it, handsome, have you thought about it, I’ll offer you fifteen million a year, and you’ll do it with me?”
The appearance of this young woman caused a murmur to ring out from the side.
“Isn’t this the princess of Yongfeng Industry.”
“That’s right.”
“I’ve long heard that she has her eyes on this Wang Lun, and it seems to be true.”
“The comprehensive annual salary offered by the center is only eleven million, she offered fifteen million, this is a drunken man’s intention!”
One voice after another rang out.
When Milan saw this woman, her face also changed and she whispered to Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, “This woman is Yang Yuan, Yang Haifeng’s sister.”
Yang Yuan walked up to Wang Lun, “How about it, have you thought about it?”
“Sorry about that lady.” Wang Lun fawned a little, he dared to put on a proud attitude to others, but to Yang Yuan, he didn’t dare, Yong Feng Industry as one of the top companies in Hangzhou, not something that people like him could compare to.
Yang Yuan hummed, “Proud! Men who are capable, are proud, I like your proud look, but, some people have the capital to be proud, but some people, should not, right?”
Yang Yuan said at the end of the day, his gaze back on Zhang Xuan, “You just said that if you were the boss, you would be the first to fire Wang Lun, so I want to ask, which business are you the boss, let me hear? Let’s see if we, Yongfeng Industry, have the opportunity and the honor to cooperate with you for a while?”
When Yang Yuan spoke, she deliberately bit the word Yongfeng Industry very heavily, because she knew very well how influential her own family’s business, was.
Zhang Xuan smiled, “As you said, I said if, right now under my name, I don’t have any businesses.”
Before the Twilight War, when Zhang Xuan went to the European King’s Council, he transferred all the businesses under his name, all of them, originally he was rich, now he could be said to have nothing.
“If? Then to compare, I also say, if you stand here, I believe, you will not even have the courage to look up at Wang Lun, you counted Wang Lun, and what capital do you have? Is it in terms of finance, better than Wang Lun? Or in terms of education, higher than Wang Lun? Or is it your personal achievement that far surpasses Wang Lun?” Yang Yuan’s words were sharp and several notches stronger than her brother Yang Haifeng.
Wang Lun, who was originally somewhat subdued because of Zhang Xuan’s aura, now seemed to have a lot more courage as if he had raised his chest and faced Zhang Xuan squarely, “Not bad, mouth talking big and reasoning, who wouldn’t, if you can come up with something that surpasses me, I have nothing to say.”
“I’m afraid it’s hard to cackle.” At this time, another voice sounded, speaking, it was Zhang Xuan in the assessment test, that watched Zhang Xuan back and forth in different professional hall, he spoke, “I just, see this gentleman, with an assessment report, almost ran through each professional hall, each inside for no more than five minutes.”
Once she heard him say this, Yang Yuan did not hold back and burst out laughing.
Including Wang Lun, also a snort of laughter.
Yang Yuan raised her hand and stretched an orchid finger at Zhang Xuan’s posture, “I thought it was some kind of role, it turned out to be a job search, each inside for no more than five minutes, was in and was blown out, right? Handsome Wang, tell him how long it took when you first evaluated?”
Wang Lun smiled confidently and replied, “Two hours for each one.”
Wang Lun’s words caused an uproar from the onlookers.
“Two hours! I was in to try and came out in ten minutes.”
“Yes, the only way to remain inside is to pass one round of the test, so to speak, the longer one stays, the greater one’s ability is proven and the more questions one answers up, two hours, definitely a genius!”
“That less than five minutes is what?”
“Do you still need to ask? Stupid!”
A burst of snickers rang out.
Wang Lun disdainfully looked at Zhang Xuan, “I thought what role, it turns out is a valuation, five minutes, you will not even answer a question, and come out, right?”
“No ability, but also a temper is not small, this life, destined for little achievement, I can now give you a chance to turn around, apologize to handsome brother Wang, I can send a kindness, give you an annual salary of 100,000, how about it?” Yang Yuan deliberately rushed Zhang Xuan said.

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