Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 276

Just a moment ago, Xiao Shan called these two researchers, still thinking how to make Zhang Xuan shouted to the team of thirty people to cooperate with themselves, hoping that they are not too stupid, but now, their two attitudes have changed radically.
What do you mean people cooperate with themselves, on this team of thirty people, pull out a random one, can let themselves play, for themselves, are a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity!
Although Yang Xiong does not know this thirty-person team that Zhang Xuan found, but according to the reaction of those behind himself, he can probably guess what.
“Mr. Yang, the situation is a bit bad.” Secretary Zhao took out his cell phone and placed it in front of Yang Xiong’s eyes. On Secretary Zhao’s cell phone, there was clearly the information of those people appearing in front of him.
Yang Xiong looked at that one honorary chief, the title of national chief scientific research engineer, and the cover of international scientific research magazines, the honor of various awards, his face was extremely ugly.
The arrival of this team of thirty people, it can be said that some people are happy and some people are worried.
Where would Xiao Shan have thought that the team called by Zhang Xuan would each be a top person.
“Professor Ming, hello hello.” Xiao Shan walked up quickly and shook hands with the leader, Ming Jiayi.
“This is my godfather, Xiao Shan.” Zhang Xuan gave an introduction.
Once Ming Jiayi heard this, he couldn’t take a little gesture at all and shook Xiao Shan’s hand with both hands, “Hello Mr. Xiao, I hope we have a good cooperation this time.”
“Sure sure.” Xiao Shan nodded his head repeatedly.
In terms of status, this research professor, who is known as a milestone in China, is much higher than Xiao Shan’s status.
Yang Xiong sneered, “Mr. Xiao, what a good tactic, when did you meet so many big shots and didn’t say that you would introduce them to me, Yang?”
In the face of Yang Xiong’s words, Xiao Shan just smiled and didn’t answer anything.
Yang Xiong turned around with a gloomy face and asked in a low voice: “What to do, do you have confidence?”
Yang Xiong side of the scientific research leader took a deep breath and nodded, “Yang, we have been working on this project for a long time, even they, not to say a day or two to catch up with our progress, as long as we speed up, not necessarily worse than them, after all, in them, only a few are specializing in energy, while we twenty, all specializing in energy The three stinkers are also the best, right?”
“That’s true, in other projects, we think we are inferior to them, but in this project, we are not necessarily inferior to where.”
“That’s right!”
The words of a group of researchers kind of appeased Yang Xiong’s heart.
Yang Xiong nodded, “This is best, then I’ll trouble everyone.”
After Yang Xiong finished speaking, he said to Xiao Shan, “Mr. Xiao, your people are all here, so let’s get started.”
Xiao Shan was just about to nod his head in response when he was interrupted by Zhang Xuan’s words.
“There is no hurry, I still have a friend who is not here.” Zhang Xuan turned his head to Xiao Shan and said, “Godfather, your research is an energy project, there are not many people who study energy in this team, I’ll call someone to come, so I can lead them to do it.”
Bring them to work?
Zhang Xuan’s words, in the ears of Xiao Shan and the two researchers, even suspected that they heard wrong, looking for a person to lead these researchers who are called the top in the world field to do it?
“I say young man, who did you find here?” The two scientific researchers that Xiao Shan had found could not help but ask.
Zhang Xuan returned: “Just one of my sisters, she likes to work on these things, and she will also be here soon.”
“Your sister?” The man looked Zhang Xuan up and down a few times, “Young man, this research, is not a child’s play, how old is your sister.”
“Well ……” Zhang Xuan thought about it, “should be nineteen years old.”
“Nineteen years old!” The researcher’s eyes widened at hearing this, “Young man, don’t joke with me, a nineteen-year-old girl, what do you know.”
When the people on Yang Xiong’s side heard Zhang Xuan’s words, they couldn’t help but reveal their laughter.
If this kid really found a little girl to come over and stir up trouble, that would simply be doing himself a favor!
This thought had only just popped up when they heard a silver bell-like voice ring out from the side.
“Boss, I’m coming! What a research!”
The future is wearing a white Chinese costume, holding a light fan, with a cheerful pace, this silhouette, giving people a beautiful feeling.
Yang Xiong those who see the future, eyes showing disdain, just a girl, but also engaged in scientific research? Let this little girl involved, that boy, really put a good chess, play a thin ah!
Xiao Shan found the two researchers face is not good, if you say that the professor level of people like Jiayi to lead their own work, then say out, twice as dignified, but to say to such a girl to play, God, will not be laughed to death?
They are thinking so, but Ming Jiayi and others see the future instantly, it is not calm.
“Teacher, why are you here?” Ming Jiayi took a big step forward and asked with a surprised face.
Ming Jiayi’s address to the future made those people, Yang Xiong, have a sense of dismay.
Did not hear wrong! Professor Ming Jiayi called this little girl, called teacher?
“Little Ming ah, you’re here too?” Future looked at Ming Jiayi and casually asked.
This two words Xiao Ming, called the rest of the people a burst of confusion!
Whoever saw Professor Ming Jiayi, that is not polite and respectful, now this Xiao Ming is what is going on ah!
By the future so called, did not see Ming Jiayi angry, “Teacher, this is the one who called us.”
Ming Jiayi pointed to Zhang Xuan.
“Oh, the old big shouted you guys to come ah, no wonder to call me, just you guys scum, will do what research ah.” Future glanced at his mouth.
The future called scum, Ming Jiayi also just smiled, because he knows very well, in front of this young girl, he is indeed like a scum, this girl’s research ideas, has been at least fifty years ahead of the entire world! Her research results, any one of them, will make the whole world go crazy, but the research results that will make the world go crazy are just some of the things that people pound out.
On Yang Xiong’s side, a researcher looked at the future, with a thoughtful look on his face, and suddenly, his pupils snapped shut and he said loudly, “She! She can’t be the one! The one who claims to be fifty years later, right!”
“Fifty years later!”
This name, which sounded like a nonsensical feeling, made all the scientific researchers present, widen their eyes.
In the scientific research community, there has always been a legendary figure, called fifty years later, simply because, a world-renowned top scientists once said, give yourself another fifty years, and then let the world develop for another fifty years, by then the latest technology that everyone is studying, is just something left over from other people’s play!
In today’s increasingly changing times, can let people praise with such words, enough to show, fifty years later this title, how gold!

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