Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 277

“It’s her! It must be her!” Another researcher nodded with conviction, “Who else but her would be able to make Professor Ming Jiayi address his teacher?”
The scientific research team that originally dared to put up a fight in the face of Ming Jiayi and the others, after knowing the identity of the future, none of them, could still raise their confidence.
“Mr. Yang, this time, I’m afraid we can’t help you.” The leading scientific researcher said to Yang Xiong, “I didn’t expect that they could get this one here, I’m sure that with this one here, at the latest tonight, they will break through the last technical port.”
Yang Xiong’s face was gloomy, he had recently engaged in research projects on energy, and had inquired a lot about the research community, and had some impressions of the name Fifty Years Later.
At that time, someone told Yang Xiong that if he could find the genius called fifty years later to help himself, it would not take that much trouble at all, it could be easily solved.
At that time, Yang Xiong also laughed at himself and said, if he had that ability, why would he start a new project ah.
Now, it turns out that he does not have that ability, but Xiao Shan has!
The original Yang Xiong, to his own arrangement this time, can be said to be satisfied to the extreme, but now a series of things happened, are out of his expectation.
In Yang Xiong’s opinion, Xiao was nothing but a dowry for himself, and now, it became that he did the dowry for Xiao.
Zhang Xuan smiled at Yang Xiong, “Mr. Yang, I think your research, now you can start.”
Yang Xiong coldly snorted and said with an unhappy face, “Then start, but make it clear, we have an aspect that will be overcome soon, you can participate in it, but the core technology cannot be shared for the time being.”
Yang Xiong this sentence, is cheeky to say out, as far as the power of the various teams, Xiao’s side, is completely crushed Yongfeng industry, Yang Xiong said Xiao’s participation, in the end, who is to assist who, it is not certain, but no matter how much effort, Xiao’s a participation, so he can not take advantage of the big head.
And not involved? Yang Xiong momentarily and unwilling to take out the core technology, he also has control of the previous Xiao’s custody of the information, hard to drag on, the Xiao’s very unfavorable.
Yang Xiong this hand, is considered a complete rogue tactics.
Xiao Shan frowned, “Mr. Yang, I’m afraid that you do not comply with the rules.”
“Mr. Xiao, I’m obviously just following the rules.”
“Cut, what bullshit core technology ah, on these scraps can research what core, is not just hydration energy, such a simple thing, make it still complicated.” The future glanced at the mouth, interrupting the conversation between Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong, “Well, quickly take me to the laboratory, finish the mess early, I have a date at night.”
The future words, Yang Xiong have a feeling of power can not be used, their last capital, as precious as the core technology, in front of others, just a garbage!
As the saying goes, one power down ten meetings, in front of absolute power, any trick, is like a joke.
With the appearance of the future, these researchers, also do not care to eat lunch, all a brain into the laboratory.
Xiao Shan’s heart was completely put down.
“Xiao Xuan, it’s really thanks to you this time!” Xiao Shan patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, sighing, this child, has grown to the point that he could not see through.
Originally, Xiao Shan was still prepared to lining Zhang Xuan a hand, but now it seems that there is no need for that.
“Godfather, you say this is too foreign, really want to thank me, the two of us secretly open the bottle of wine Godmother hid at night, a good meal.”
“Okay!” Xiao Shan made a face like death, “Tonight, I’ll steal it!”
After solving the matter here, Zhang Xuan temporarily did not need to continue to stay here, looked at the time, it was just noon, so he thought to accompany Lin Qinghan to go around again in the afternoon.
As a result, just before he was about to call, Lin Qinghan’s phone call came first.
“Husband, you first help Uncle Xiao in Hangzhou, I have something in my company, I have to go back first.” Lin Qinghan’s voice on the phone carried a strong apology.
“Where are you now?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Already on the plane, the plane will take off soon, I don’t dare to tell you, just stay at ease until Hangcheng, I’ll come to you when I’m done first.”
Zhang Xuan listened to Lin Qinghan’s words, actually had a feeling of not knowing how to answer, the woman was afraid to affect himself on this side, until the plane was about to take off.
“Then ……” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth, never knowing what to say.
“Okay, husband, you busy first, the plane is going to take off, not to say, take care of yourself ah, beep ……”
A busy tone came over the phone.
Zhang Xuan knew that Lin Qinghan did not want to give birth to the rest of his intentions more, so so hastily ended the conversation.
With the slow contact, Lin Qinghan saw a different side of Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan also saw a different side of Lin Qinghan, this surface ice cold female president, in fact, is the kind of person who does not want to bother others.
Once Lin Qinghan left, Zhang Xuan had nothing to do this afternoon, so he just had a casual lunch and waited at the entrance of the lab.
At about five o’clock in the afternoon, Zhang Xuan saw the future jumping out of the laboratory.
“Finished with your research?” Zhang Xuan asked as he walked up to him.
“Wow, boss, you’ve been staying here all this time?” Future looked at Zhang Xuan unexpectedly, “You didn’t accompany your sister-in-law?”
Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly, “Your sister-in-law went back to Yinzhou.”
“Hee hee, boss, it’s the first time I’ve seen you so lost in thought over a woman, no, I have to take a picture of it.” The future in their own hanbok collar lightly press, “na, well, I have to leave this lost look of yours, later to laugh!”
Zhang Xuan rushed to the future clean forehead a light slap, “you girl know what, when you meet someone you like, you do not blame me to laugh at you ah!”
The future of the beautiful face, swish a red.
This look, immediately let Zhang Xuan interest, he raised his eyebrows, looked at the future, “girl, you will not be I was right, have a sweetheart?”
“Aiya!” The future waved his hand, “What sweetheart, just a good relationship.”
“Okay, you.” Zhang Xuan can not see the future of the mind, “when to bring out, also let me help you gatekeeper?”
“He asked me to dinner tonight, or boss, you go with me?” The future blushed shyly and asked tentatively.
“Tonight ah ……” Zhang Xuan revealed a difficult face, he still said with Xiao Shan at noon to drink together in the evening.
While Zhang Xuan was having a hard time, Xiao Shan’s phone call came.
The phone just picked up and Xiao Shan’s excited voice rang out, “Xiao Xuan! Godfather may not be able to drink with you tonight, you’ve really helped me this time, I’m going to stay at the lab tonight.”

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