Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 28

“Qing Han, do you know?” Song Tao’s voice rang out clearly throughout the music hall, he had long brought his headset so that everyone could hear his low magnetic voice, “You and I have known each other now for five years, from the first time I saw you, you have lived in my heart and never left, you are as holy as an angel, bringing me light, I have fantasized countless times about the time I spent with you, I know that What I did today was very rude, but I couldn’t help myself, I desperately wanted to express my love for you, and today, in the presence of everyone, I want to tell everyone that I love you!”
As soon as Song Tao’s words fell, a crisp female voice, impatient, rang out.
“Marry him!”
This female voice, as if it was a fuse, instantly ignited the atmosphere of the entire music hall.
“Marry him!”
“Marry him!”
The woman who first shouted the words “marry him” also sneered and shrank into the crowd, never to speak again.
Lin Qinghan face ugly stare around, she really did not expect Song Tao will make such a show, the crowd of voices, let her extra uncomfortable.
Song Tao looked at the perfect woman in front of him, today, is his own specially prepared confession, he invited the disciple of master Pajif to play for himself, invited countless to help himself to shout the three words married to him, today, he is bound to make his own perfect confession, occupy the headlines tomorrow in Yinzhou City, he can even think of what will be written on the news tomorrow.
Lin’s president, married, but at the concert with a man in an ambiguous relationship, the man held a grand confession for the president of the Lin Group.
Once this news came out, Song Tao was sure that Lin’s would be affected by such lacy news, and he, himself, would be able to take advantage of the opportunity to get what he wanted.
Just when Song Tao was winning, Lin Qinghan was furious and ready to leave, a sound of jingoism, suddenly rang out, loud and high, it was the guzheng! It completely suppressed the soft piano sound, and the spotlight that was hitting on Song Tao, also at this moment, completely darkened.
“What’s going on!” The sudden change, let Song Tao’s heart alarm, he designed the confession, there is no guzheng, and listen to the guzheng ruffled resistance sound, completely crushed their just created a beautiful mood!
The sound of the guzheng, the sudden darkness, made Song Tao greatly alarmed, but let Lin please Han breathe a sigh of relief.
If the soft sound of the zither just now was to bring everyone into a peaceful village, then this high-pitched sound of the zither now was to bring people to the battlefield, as if there were a thousand armies galloping and shouting in front of them!
This full of Chinese style filled the whole music hall.
Just when the zheng sound was high and reached a kind of height, it came to an abrupt end.
“No more?”
“That’s it?”
The sudden stop of the zheng sound made the people in the music hall feel unfulfilled, they were only attracted by the sound of the zheng, and this sudden cut off made them feel extra hard in their hearts.
Also at this moment, the piano sounded again, obviously not an instrument with the zheng, but let the tone perfectly combined together, the piano sound was full, mellow, filled with a strong love.
“This is the echo of …… love?” Lin Qinghan listened to this later sound of the zither, surprise appeared in her eyes, there is also reminiscence, she once, extraordinarily like this song, also like this song recording.
In the music hall, behind the huge performance stage, Master Pajif, who was wearing a tuxedo, was full of excitement.
“God! The God of music! Only he, in this world, can combine the Chinese guzheng and piano pieces so perfectly together!”
The original dim spotlight came back on, and at this moment, the light hit the stage, and there was a white piano, and the beautiful sound of the piano was resounding from here.
In front of the piano, sitting in front of a person, he wore a black suit, his face is firm, his features are like knives and axes, deep eyes, like the vast sea of stars, he sat in front of the white piano, ten fingers flying on the keys.
The appearance of this person attracted the attention of everyone in the music hall, and as for Song Tao, who had just made that grand confession, had been chosen to be forgotten and hung out to dry, like a clown in the dark.
“Oh my God, Qinghan!” The moment she saw that person in front of the piano, Milan subconsciously covered her small mouth with her hand, her eyes were full of surprise, “It’s Zhang Xuan! It’s him!”
“How …… possible ……” Lin Qinghan eyes a little dull looking at the man sitting in front of the piano, this moment of Zhang Xuan, dressed in a neat suit, in this concert, playing a love echo.
Zhang Xuan bowed his head, hoarse voice with a hint of celebration rang out: “In the poor countryside, in the gloomy life of captivity, my years just quietly faded away, no divinity, no inspiration, no tears, no life, and no love, and now the soul has begun to awaken, when in front of me reappeared you, like a fleeting phantom, and like the pure beauty of a spirit.”
The sound of the zither was melodious, speaking of Zhang Xuan’s mood at this moment, an elegant melody that was intoxicating, and the music began to become joyful as he spoke once more.
“My heart leaps with ecstasy, because of you, everything reawakens again, with divinity, with inspiration, with life, with hope, and with love, wife, thank you for appearing and bringing me the future.”
The elegant sound of the piano haunts everyone’s heart.
Another spotlight came on, shining on Lin Qinghan, not as harsh as just now, but instead, there was more orange glow, making people feel soft and warm.
The entire music hall, a white spotlight, shining on Zhang Xuan, another, shining on Lin Qinghan, the rest of the place, a dark.
The same expression of love, but two completely different levels, compared with Zhang Xuan, Song Tao’s previous actions, as if it was a childish game, or rather, just a green leaf to set off the red flower.
Ten security guards in suits walked into the crowd and dragged Song Tao, who was standing in front of Lin Qinghan, away, and the flowers Song Tao was holding spilled on the ground.
Zhang Xuan got up from the piano, at the same time, the sound of the piano fell, the whole music hall, again into a silence, only a spotlight, with Zhang Xuan’s footsteps moved.
Zhang Xuan stepped on the flowers spilled by Song Tao’s hands, slowly walked to a meter in front of Lin Qinghan, standing right here, four eyes met, Zhang Xuan showed a smile, “wife, thank you for appearing, now I can hug you?”
Lin Qinghan looked at the man in front of her, her wish back then, was fulfilled by him, in this mood, Lin Qinghan subconsciously nodded, immediately after, she felt a burst of warmth surrounded herself.

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