Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 29

Zhang Xuan wrapped his arms around Lin Qinghan and whispered in her ear, “Mr. Lin, how about it, my performance this time is not bad, right? I’ve been practicing since last night, and it took a lot of effort for people to let me go on stage today.”
“Humph!” Lin Qinghan instantly reacted and pushed Zhang Xuan away, just in time to see Zhang Xuan keep blinking at himself, and said in no good humor, “Okay, sit down and listen to the concert, the tickets are all bought for you, and you keep not coming.”
“Hehehe.” Zhang Xuan flattered a smile, heart a big sigh of relief, it looks like, he is this time is considered to have a frightening ah.
Milan watched Zhang Xuan’s performance from the side, the fire in his heart came up, this person, really can act! But his attainments in music, really deep, it seems that ordinary questions can no longer be difficult to him, we have to find some offshoot to demolish him to do!
Song Tao sat not far from Lin Qinghan, a face rose into a pig liver color, how ugly it is, today, he specially prepared this bureau, but did not expect to be ruined by someone, that is Lin Qinghan’s husband right! If it wasn’t for him, tomorrow’s headlines in Yinzhou would definitely be about Lin’s president’s private life relationship! Lin’s stock will also be hit because of this, but because of him! All for nothing!
“Yo Yo, just look at you, I thought it was a prince charming, it turns out that people have husbands, you third party interfering, really out of your depth, look at the way people’s husbands show their love, and then look at your disgusting confession, really enough!” A girl sitting in the back seat of Song Tao with a face of contempt.
Song Tao glared at this girl, but could not say anything, today’s own, is completely left people behind.
After waiting for Zhang Xuan, Master Pajif finally put his heart on the performance, and in order to better express himself in front of Zhang Xuan, Pajif can be said to have used all his strengths, just to leave a good impression on the god of music in his heart.
The beautiful melody, fancy show-off, listening to the crowd is very enjoyable.
In the midst of the crowd’s reluctance, Maestro Pajif’s concert came to an end, and the two women, Lin Qinghan and Milan, were still immersed in the elegant piano music from before and could not extricate themselves.
“Hey, Qinghan, I want to own a vinyl record signed by Master Pajif so badly.” Milan’s gaze lingered on the performance stage that had already dimmed its lights, her eyes full of intent.
“Forget it.” Lin Qinghan shook her head gently, her eyes were filled with excitement but more disappointment, “I’ve never heard of anyone owning a record autographed by Grandmaster Pajif.”
Just when the two women were looking at the back of the stage, Zhang Xuan heatedly smiled and took out two black discs from the inner pocket of his suit jacket, “For you, I just met Master Pajif backstage, he gave me two, which are signed by him personally, yo.”
“Really …… really?” Lin Qinghan eyes popped up with intense surprise, she but from many years ago, she hoped to have such a record.
“Of course, do you want it?” Zhang Xuan shook the record in his hand with force.
“Yes, of course I want it.” Lin Qinghan couldn’t wait to take the record from Zhang Xuan’s hand, put it in her own hand, slowly stroked it, looked at the English signature on it, her eyes were full of joy, and subconsciously said, “Zhang Xuan, this is even if I buy it, how much do you say.”
“This itself is a gift to you, talk about what money or not, take it.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand carelessly.
Lin Qinghan also immediately realized the problem in her words and gave Zhang Xuan an apologetic look.
Milan, on the other hand, did not think so much, and took the record with joy, looking at it with the same eyes as her lover, humming under her breath, “Zhang Xuan, not bad, how did you get it, you didn’t ask Master Pajif for it and he gave it to you, did you?”
The speaker has no intention, but the listener has an intention, Milan’s words, so Lin please Han is rejoicing heart suddenly tightened!
How did he get them? Master Pajif wouldn’t give away his signed records so easily, he must have gone through a lot of trouble to get these two records, and the performance he just gave, although he didn’t say so, how many people did he have to beg to give him time to play a song at Master Pajif’s concert? That song just now, the tone is round and full, he practiced for himself, the whole night?
When I thought of this, Lin Qinghan’s heart was even more apologetic, she only wanted to have a quick laugh, but she made him go through so much trouble.
Lin Qinghan looked at the man in front of her, she saw that Zhang Xuan was blinking at himself, in such a moment, Lin Qinghan suddenly had a feeling, this man, it seems …… not bad?
At the same time, the back of the music hall performance stage.
Wearing a tuxedo, Pajeev was looking at the handsome youth with bated breath, his tone full of tentative, cautiously asked: “Sir, can I still see that lord again? If my teacher knew, he would be happy for me.”
“What are you thinking about?” The handsome young man rolled his eyes, “The fact that the boss was able to accept two records from you today is enough to make you proud for the rest of your life, so go back and report to your teacher.”
“Yes! Yes!” He understood that in this world, many people want to give gifts to that lord, but almost no one has this honor to make that lord accept it, today, he really cultivated eight lifetimes of good fortune for good luck!
The three of them walked out of the concert hall, probably because Lin Qinghan felt some debt to Zhang Xuan, or because of the two records, Lin Qinghan formally proposed to have a meal with Zhang Xuan for the first time, which made Zhang Xuan very happy, nodded repeatedly, fearing that Lin please Han regretted the general.
After the trio drove away, a gloomy Song Tao was standing at the entrance of the music hall, his eyes staring deadly at the vehicle leaving in front of him.
After seeing with his own eyes Zhang Xuan three people left, Song Tao walked towards the parking lot and drove away at speed.
Silver State Swan Lake Town, this is the residential area of the same name as the Seaside Water Town, can buy a house here, the family must have a few million.
Song Tao’s car into the community, in front of a villa stopped, Song Tao looked out the window of the villa, a full five minutes in the car, before opening the car door to get off, knocked on the villa door.
A young and beautiful female nanny opened the door, and after seeing Song Tao, the female nanny whispered in a low voice, “Young Song, Young Wang wants you to go straight upstairs.”
“Thank you.” Song Tao nodded and walked into the living room before heading towards the second floor of the villa.

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