Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 288

Zhang Xuan looked at the youth in front of him, at the moment the other party launched his force, Zhang Xuan was observing, observing the way the other party launched his force, observing the other party’s boxing routine, but all over the youth’s body, it gave Zhang Xuan an unfamiliar feeling.
Zhang Xuan did not dare to say how knowledgeable he was, but in terms of most of today’s boxing techniques, Zhang Xuan himself had some impressions, but in the youth’s starting stance, Zhang Xuan did not see the shadow of any of the boxing techniques.
When the youth rushed to Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan only raised his hand to return the blow.
In terms of Zhang Xuan and the youth personally, Zhang Xuan could have crushed his opponent with full firepower, but he didn’t do so, instead he kept resisting and cracking under his opponent’s attack, trying to discover something from it.
To the uninitiated, Zhang Xuan was pinned down by his opponent almost in a single glance, but to those who knew, what Zhang Xuan did was nothing less than very shocking.
Shangfa’s eyes were wide open as he looked at the stage, he had just finished his moves with the youth and knew very well how strong the youth’s set of consecutive moves were in terms of suppression, he himself could only meet the opponent with his fists and kicks, he could not do what Zhang Xuan did to see the moves.
“Awesome, Lord Hsing-tsu is worthy of being Lord Hsing-tsu!” Shang Fa was so excited that he didn’t even blink his eyes for fear of missing some crucial moment.
Jing Ruoxi wrinkled her willow brows and said strangely, “It’s not right, Zhang Xuan’s strength is definitely more than that, how could he be pressed into service.”
“Girl, so you are still too inexperienced, where is he being pressured, this young man named Zhang Xuan, he is breaking up moves! And look, he’s even learning his opponent’s power style, give him a little more time, he’ll probably be able to learn his opponent’s boxing style, this is really a scary person!” Teacher Jing Ruoxi looked at Zhang Xuan with a touch of scorn in her gaze.
“Split the moves!” Jing Ruoxi’s beautiful eyes with a few disbelieving color, can do on the spot to split moves of people, in addition to a strong confidence in themselves, but also to have a correspondingly strong strength, otherwise do not even mention splitting moves, can not resist the other party’s attack are two say.
Some insiders outside the field can see what Zhang Xuan is doing, as Zhang Xuan’s opponent of the youth, how can not feel, Zhang Xuan’s approach, so he felt like an unprecedented humiliation general.
“Kid, you seek death!” The youth slammed a fist towards Zhang Xuan’s face.
Zhang Xuan’s back hand made a move to hold the opponent’s fist, but in this instant he felt that something was wrong.
Normally, a person’s fist, the fist wind will bring up a forward force, can resist or not, are in a moment, but now, Zhang Xuan does not feel so, in the youth’s seemingly fierce fist wind, with a soft power, like a water snake, winding and entangled.
The youth’s fist, with this power, cut through Zhang Xuan’s palm, crossed Zhang Xuan’s two-handed defense, and smashed into Zhang Xuan’s shoulder.
A successful move, the youth’s face showed a smug smile, “Kid, just had a little fun with you.”
“This is ……” Zhang Xuan savored the power carried in that punch the youth had just made, and there was some shock in his eyes.
“You uncivilized monkeys, naturally do not understand, what is called the real ancient martial arts!” The young man’s eyes were shining brightly as he attacked Zhang Xuan again, and at this moment, each of his punches and kicks carried the power of rigidity and flexibility.
Zhang Xuan always felt that something was flashing in his mind, but he could never catch it, he simply let go of the momentum of defense, with his own strong quality, hard against each move of the youth, with the most intuitive way to feel.
The young man punched and kicked Zhang Xuan heavily, the onlookers all shook their heads, it seems that this big man named Zhang, only the mouth can say, the strength is also very ordinary well.
The more the youth fights, the more excited, let out a long whistle, body leap up, a kick towards Zhang Xuan’s head.
In this instant, Zhang Xuan brain flash, he caught something, the eyes of doubt into clarity, facing the youth kick, he took a big step forward, shoulder as the point of impact, before the youth kick, first hit the youth’s body.
The youth, who was in the air, could not withstand such a strong force, and was knocked out and fell on the ring.
The youth climbed up and was about to charge at Zhang Xuan again when he heard a loud bellow from under the ring.
“That’s enough!”
The sound of this drink stopped the youth in his tracks.
Zhang Xuan looked down towards the stage, and saw a middle-aged man with ordinary appearance, standing in front of the door of the other hall, while Zhang Xuan looked at the other party, the middle-aged man also looked at Zhang Xuan again.
After a few seconds, the middle-aged man placed his gaze on the youth on the stage and spoke, “Xiao Chen, you have crossed the line.”
“Third Uncle, I ……” The youth just wanted to say something, but was stopped by the middle-aged man with his eyes.
“Get off the stage and go!” The middle-aged man was brief and concise, and after he finished speaking, he put his hands behind his waist and turned around to leave.
The young man called Xiao Chen gave Zhang Xuan a reluctant glare, then jumped out of the ring and headed in the direction of the door of the other hall, raising his head and walking away.
To outsiders, this fight could only be described as a draw, but Shang Fa and Master Jing Ruoxi, two insiders, understood that Zhang Xuan had the upper hand in this fight.
Outside the other hall.
Xiao Chen followed the middle-aged man with puzzlement in his eyes, “Third Uncle, why don’t you let me teach him a good lesson!”
“Teach him a lesson? Just by you?” The middle-aged man glanced at Xiao Chen beside him, “If you keep fighting, your kung fu will all be learned by others! And don’t forget, what are our rules, these days, you are too open.”
“I ……” Xiao Chen opened his mouth, did not say anything, only his fists were tightly squeezed, and his eyes were full of hatred.
Xiao Chen’s departure also brought this party’s ring match to an end.
Shang Fa followed Zhang Xuan’s side, respectfully, looking at the rest of the people a moment of fear, such a big man who made Shang Gongzi treated carefully, where did he just get the courage to shout at others?
Zhang Xuan sat on a single sofa, Shang Fa stood right in front of him, not even daring to sit down.
“By the way, Yu Yuan Ventures is your family’s business?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Yes.” Shang Fa nodded his head repeatedly, “What do you want, sir, just say.”
“Xiao has an investment project, you guys will take it.”
“No problem!” Shang Fa didn’t even ask what project, he nodded his head and agreed to it, while calling over his assistant and telling him that Xiao would invest as much money as he wanted.
Milan sat next to Zhang Xuan, beautiful eyes flooded with a series of different colors, she can now see, Zhang Xuan’s identity, absolutely not their own has been and Lin Qinghan thought so simple, their own bosom friend, really picked up a treasure ah.
Yang Haifeng and Shan Zhuang, shrunken in a corner, face sinister look at Zhang Xuan, they very much want to do something, but no courage.

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