Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 30

Song Tao was still walking on the stairs when he heard a voice coming from the second floor.
“How did things go?”
The first second Song Tao heard the voice, he was subconsciously stunned, then replied, “There’s a situation.”
Along with the word waste, a glass was smashed to pieces at Song Tao’s feet, followed by the sight of Wang Wei in his pajamas standing at the entrance of the stairs, his still bruised face full of resentment, with anger in his eyes, “Waste thing, you can’t even get such a small thing done?”
“Young Wang, listen to my explanation.” Song Tao’s face was anxious, “This really can’t be blamed on me, originally everything went smoothly, to blame, only Lin Qinghan his that husband.”
“That Zhang Xuan?” Wang Wei had resentment in his eyes, “What can that punk do?”
“Wang Shao, yesterday at the classmate party I heard that Lin Qinghan’s husband is engaged in art, today everything is developing according to my plan, it is her husband suddenly appeared, disrupting all the plans.”
“Bullshit!” Wang Wei walked forward and kicked Song Tao with a big foot.
Song Tao faced Wang Wei’s kick, wanted to dodge and did not dare to dodge, was kicked in the chest, rolled down the stairs, just feel the internal organs are about to be displaced by the fall.
“Artist? You’re fucking brainy? That is a scum! A dog who joined our Lin family! An inferior bitch! What kind of bullshit artist!” Wang Wei’s body was shaking, what happened yesterday had become his nightmare, lingering, and now he wanted to tear Zhang Xuan apart!
“Song, I’ll give you one last week, I don’t care what you use to stink up Lin’s reputation, or else you’ll have to think about the consequences, that gambling debt in Ao Cheng, I don’t think you’ll be able to pay it off in your lifetime with yourself! Get out!” Wang Wei waved his hand, did not even look at Song Tao, disappeared at the entrance of the stairs.
Song Tao trembled and climbed up, respectfully said he understood and left the villa.
After Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan ate lunch together, Lin Qinghan took Milan to Lin’s group.
As soon as the two women left, Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone and made a call.
“Did you find out? Who sent the person?”
“I found out.” A female voice rang out on the other end of the line, “It’s a local association organization, do you want us to take action to destroy it?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan’s tone was light, “Your every move will attract the attention of the world, send me the information, I will go myself.”
“Good.” The person on the other end of the phone did not have a bit of nonsense and did things extremely efficiently, and when he said the word good, a text message alert tone rang on Zhang Xuan’s phone.
After hearing this beep, Zhang Xuan directly hung up the phone, the information he received on his phone was exactly the association information of the five strong men who wanted to make a move on him yesterday, which included the name of the association, the number of members.
Zhang Xuan took a glance at it, and then locked his target on a bar named Night.
The time now is 3:00 pm, it is not yet time for the bar to open, the door of the night bar is hidden, can not see what is inside.
Zhang Xuan walked to the door of the bar, raised his right hand, and pushed hard on the door.
The bar door slowly opened, a heavy smell of tobacco came to the surface, Zhang Xuan frowned, his eyes scanned around the bar.
The bar lobby was about seven hundred square feet, with a stage, as well as countless card seats, underneath the card seats, there were countless bottles of alcohol scattered about, evaporating choking alcohol into the air.
Zhang Xuan a foot into the hall, before you have time to take the next step, the dimly lit bar hall will sound a voice.
“Yesterday, there was news on the road that someone was checking us out, I thought who was it, but it was you.”
This is a male voice, with a cold smile in the voice.
Zhang Xuan’s face also showed a smile, “Why, should not check?”
Zhang Xuan was not surprised that the other party knew that his men were investigating them, Zhang Xuan’s people, when they do things, there is always no taboo, investigating a club organization, naturally it is impossible to be sneaky, even if the people of these clubs know about it, it does not matter, because this kind of club, is not even taken into account by Zhang Xuan and his people, just like an elephant, treating ants.
“Oh, check us out, who gave you the courage, originally wanted to clean you up tonight, since you sent yourself to the door, this big gift, I’ll take it!” The male voice inside the bar suddenly became stern.
More than ten youths with steel pipes and machetes appeared in the hall, all looking at Zhang Xuan with bad faces.
At the same time, behind Zhang Xuan, outside the door of the bar, more than ten youths also appeared, all with cold smiles at the corners of their mouths, and they looked at Zhang Xuan like a hunter looking at his prey, with a gaze full of excitement.
Looking at the sudden appearance of these twenty people, Zhang Xuan face is still full of calm, “It looks like, only first crippled you, then ask questions, hands!”
Zhang Xuan mouth, the word “hand” a fall, a black shadow from the roof of the bar quickly fall, just when the black shadow ready to make a move, a siren sounded.
Zhang Xuan flashed a look at the black shadow, the black shadow a few flash fall, and disappeared here, as if never appeared in general.
A police car with a siren sounding stopped in front of the night bar, the youths with steel pipes and machetes all scattered the moment they saw the police car.
The main driver of the police car opened, the outstanding police flower Han gentle from the car came down, Han gentle gaze swept the bar door, the gaze is full of disgust.
“Zhang, you have a lot of guts, the news on the road is spreading like wildfire, everyone is guessing that there is an armed fight, and you dare to come alone?” Han gentle mouth hung a contemptuous smile, swept past Zhang Xuan, striding into the middle of the bar, and said aloud, “Who is in charge, get out!”
“I, I, it’s me, Team Han.” Just now the youth with sinister eyes and machete in hand, now replaced with a humble flattering smile, bending down and trotting to Han tender.
Han tender did not even look at this person, directly opened his mouth and asked: “confess, why did you lay hands on this surnamed Zhang, who told you to do it?”
“This ……” youth face showed a trace of difficult look, “Han team, you know, this road rules can not be broken.”
“Rules? Your so-called bullshit road, there are rules? I give you ten seconds, do not say it, or all go to the police station!”
“Han team ……” the youth face pitiful.
“There are five seconds!” Han gentle look at the phone.

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