Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 292

“Qin Rou, how are you.” Zhang Xuan reached out to touch Qin Rou’s forehead.
“Get away!” The confused Qin Rou didn’t even see who was coming and pushed towards Zhang Xuan with all her strength.
Qin Rou did not push Zhang Xuan, but made himself an unstable, rolling towards the edge of the desk, looking to fall, Zhang Xuan hurriedly reached out and embraced Qin Rou.
The fragrance is soft in the arms, with the fragrance.
Zhang Xuan frowned, although he just did not see the scene of those people spraying potions, but can clearly, Qin Rou was drugged.
“Zhang …… Zhang Xuan?” Qin Rou, whose eyes were dazed, saw the face of the person in front of her and was a bit incredulous.
“It’s me, how do you feel.” Zhang Xuan asked with some anxiety.
“I …… I’m not dreaming, right?” Qin Rou shook her head hard, just now she, are feeling desperate, Zhang Xuan’s appearance, like the dawn of the dawn in the darkness.
Qin Rou put down the guard in his heart, the whole person hanging limp on Zhang Xuan, occurred squeeze.
Zhang Xuan could not think of anything else right now, allowing Qin Rou to hang on his body, he reached out and grabbed Qin Rou’s arm and took Qin Rou’s pulse.
“The pulse is disordered.”
Then he felt Qin Rou’s forehead.
“The front of the forehead is hot.”
A gasp with a fresh fragrance blew into Zhang Xuan’s earlobe with a tingle.
“To …… take me …… help me …… please ……,” Qin Rou’s waist twisted, with a touch of pleading in her eyes.
Zhang Xuan carried Qin Rou to the desk, walked to the side and received a cup of water to splash on Qin Rou’s face.
Clear water wet Qin Rou’s clothes, wet her shirt, white shirt once soaked in water, it became wonderful.
Such a beautiful scenery, is a man can not turn a blind eye.
Zhang Xuan tried to move his gaze away, just ready to catch the water again, but Qin Rou grabbed the hem of his shirt.
Qin Rou’s long legs like water snakes wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s waist, eyes like spring water, forehead emerged dense beads of sweat.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, wiped away the beads of sweat on Qin Rou’s forehead, and slowly unbuttoned Qin Rou’s clothes.
The moonlight is like water, sprinkled on the edge of the office window, a figure imprinted in the moonlight, trembling slightly.
When the moonlight moved away, the office, there is still the sound of Qin Rou gasping for air.
Qin Rou was sitting weakly on her own boss chair, straightening her frilly black wrap-around skirt, her beautiful eyes with shyness and a sultry look.
“Go wash your hands!”
Qin Rou’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhang Xuan’s fingers, and then quickly turned to the side, her face red as if it could drip out water.
“You drink more water, the effect of the medicine has not yet completely dissipated.” Zhang Xuan walked out of the office and went to the bathroom.
The sound of clattering water rang out, Zhang Xuan forcefully cleaned his face, just now, not only for Qin Rou is a torture, for him, is also a torture.
The actual situation of Qin Rou, Zhang Xuan has no ability to stop the drug effect continues to spread, the human body’s own immune system will not reject the kind of drugs that promote blood flow, he can do, is to help Qin Rou unblock.
A such a beauty in front of Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan in the end also used only one hand, to his determination, is also a considerable test.
More than once, Zhang Xuan wanted to do something impulsive, but reason made him stop.
Now, he is not the kind of living in the past, there is no tomorrow today, he has a home, with a beloved wife, just a Han gentle, let Zhang Xuan a little do not know how to solve, if the impulse to do something today, it is absolutely a head two big.
When Zhang Xuan came out of the bathroom, Qin Rou had already organized her makeup and was standing in front of the office waiting for him.
The first time he saw Qin Rou, Zhang Xuan felt a little awkward, but Qin Rou, of her own accord, smiled at Zhang Xuan and said, “Are you afraid of your wife?”
“What?” Zhang Xuan was asked by Qin Rou this somewhat jumpy topic.
“I said, are you very afraid of your wife?” Qin Rou repeated the question once.
“Just kidding, how could I be afraid of my wife!” Zhang Xuan puffed out his chest.
“Then you feel that I am not attractive?” Qin Rou stared at Zhang Xuan’s eyes.
Being looked at so openly by Qin Rou, Zhang Xuan himself felt a little shy, “You are very charming.”
Qin Rou’s gaze with a hidden sorrow, “In fact, ah, women are really a very contradictory creature, what you just did, obviously respect me, but then again I seem to wonder if I am not charming enough.”
Where Zhang Xuan did not know what Qin Rou was referring to, awkwardly smiled and hurriedly changed the subject, “Do you know who sent those people?”
“Of course.” Qin Rou nodded, “Zheng!”
“Zheng’s ……”
Late at night, Lin Qinghan left Lin’s building, Jiang Jing followed behind Lin Qinghan.
The moment he exited the building, Jiang Jing’s face changed.
“General Lin, be careful!”
As soon as Jiang Jing’s words fell, a bright shining blade came towards Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan was unable to dodge quickly and a wound was cut on her jade arm.
Jiang Jing dragged Lin Qinghan behind her and took a defensive stance.
Five figures appeared out of the darkness, also masked, with sharp blades in their hands, forcing their way towards Lin Qinghan.
“Get rid of them both!”
The visitor shouted lowly and waved the dagger in his hand, stabbing towards Lin Qinghan.
Jiang Jing’s literacy showed at this time, as she protected Lin Qinghan while still fighting the other five without losing ground.
After three minutes, these five people seemed to realize that today’s action had failed and did not stay much longer, retreating in unison.
“Mr. Lin, how are you doing.” As soon as the five people left, Jiang Jing looked at Lin Qinghan with an anxious face.
“It’s fine.” Lin Qinghan waved her hand, “Go back first.”
Jiang Jing nodded, not daring to relax, drove the car and took Lin Qinghan home.
A BMW, too, drove toward Seaside Water Township.
Qin Rou sat on the main driver, eyes flicked to Zhang Xuan from time to time, “You really are not afraid of the wife?”
Zhang Xuan is full of helplessness, “You have asked me several times this night, I’m really not afraid!”
“Then why do not you dare to move me?”
Zhang Xuan slapped his head, “I’m not married?”
Qin Rou’s words are not surprising: “Then how about I give you a mistress?”
Hearing these words, Zhang Xuan choked on his own saliva and coughed repeatedly.
“I’m serious with you.” A serious look appeared on Qin Rou’s face, “I’ll be your mistress, I won’t let your wife know, and it won’t affect your family.”
“Okay, no more jokes, here we are, stop the car.” Zhang Xuan did not bother to look at Qin Rou, reached out in front of a finger.
The BMW that was moving slowly stopped, Zhang Xuan opened the door and was just about to get off when Qin Rou’s voice rang out again.
“Or I will give you as a mistress, do not affect your family, you do not agree, I can be in front of your wife, chasing you, when your family that jealous, do not blame me for not reminding you oh.”
Qin Rou smiling face sweetly.

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