Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 297

“Little bitch! Don’t you spit in your blood, I even said it was your damn father who poisoned my husband!” When the middle-aged woman was torn down, she exploded like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.
Only then did the little beauty notice the middle-aged man lying on the hospital bed.
“Retribution! This is the retribution for you two! Evil people like you will be punished by God sooner or later!”
After listening to the little beauty’s words, Zhang Xuan went to the hospital bed and lifted the middle-aged man’s clothes and found that the middle-aged man also had some wounds at the small of his abdomen.
“What are you doing!” The middle-aged woman screamed and pushed Zhang Xuan away, “Who told you to touch my husband! Get out of the way.”
Zhang Xuan ignored the middle-aged woman, but his face was much ugly, his brow was furrowed, “Corpse poison ……”
President Ma heard Zhang Xuan’s words, his heart astonished, “corpse poison? Little master, there is really corpse poison exists in this world?”
“Of course there is.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “the so-called corpse poison, does not refer to a single toxin, but the molecules in the human body mutated to form a mutant virus, and depending on the composition of the DNA of the corpse, the corpse poison will also be divided into strong and weak, there is no fixed treatment method, President Ma, you prepare me some instruments, I want to analyze this virus, the poison in their bodies, should be from that artifact .”
After Zhang Xuan finished, he asked the little beauty, “Where is that artifact? Show it to me.”
“In, in the car, I’ll go get it.” The pretty girl hurriedly ran out of the ward and quickly brought over a small censer that was only palm-sized.
Zhang Xuan took this small tripod and found that the tripod body was covered with green moss all around.
Zhang Xuan carefully snapped off a small piece of it, and used a silver needle to put some blood on the wheelchair man and carefully collected it.
President Ma made a phone call, the hospital has set aside a laboratory for Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan went into the laboratory and fiddled with some precision instruments.
Soon, Zhang Xuan came to a conclusion that the poison in the wheelchair man, and the moss scraped off the tripod, there is an 80 percent similarity!
Understanding this, Zhang Xuan sent the resulting data to the future, so that the future to give a solution.
Zhang Xuan was not a curmudgeon, he had studied Chinese medicine, but when there was a more convenient method, he would not just use the Chinese medicine method.
Soon, the future returned a set of data to Zhang Xuan, this kind of data type of thing, for the future, is more than simple.
Zhang Xuan looked at the data sent back by the future and breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like this corpse poison, was not that particularly powerful.
Zhang Xuan in accordance with the answer given by the future, dispensed some medicine.
At this time, the middle-aged woman and her husband, as well as the little beauty, father and daughter, were in the same ward.
When President Ma learned that both of them were poisoned with corpse poison, he isolated this ward.
Zhang Xuan took the boiled herbs, came to the ward, and said to the little beauty, “Wait I will bleed on your father’s body, all the places where I have stabbed with needles, you will smear these ointments, and the places where your father was injured, also smear the ointments, remember, must be applied evenly, understand.”
“Mm-hmm.” The little beauty nodded vigorously, “Doctor, can my father be cured?”
“Yes, it’s not a big disease.” Zhang Xuan revealed a confident smile.
Infected by Zhang Xuan’s smile, the little beauty also became much more cheerful, took the medicine jar in Zhang Xuan’s hand, and applied it to her father’s wound as Zhang Xuan had just said.
Zhang Xuan, holding a silver needle, moved not too fast and not too slow to help the little beauty’s father bleed.
The first time Zhang Xuan released the blood, it was pure black, as the ointment was applied, the black in the blood became less and less, Zhang Xuan did not release much blood each time, just a few drops, in the end, the blood had completely turned red, and the purple on the little beauty’s father’s body, also faded as much as possible, only weakness made his face look pale, but also than the previous blue and purple do not know how much better, the breath are much smoother.
“Well, remember, the moss on that small tripod, to clean off earlier, the tripod also need to do sterilization, this buried in the ground, God knows how many bacteria contained.” Zhang Xuan cautioned, and gave the little beauty some precautions.
“Thank you, doctor.” The little beauty said with a grateful face to Zhang Xuan.
“No need to thank, wait and pay the registration fee and medical fee normally.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly and got up to prepare to leave.
President Ma had been standing in the ward, when he saw Zhang Xuan successfully cured the little beauty’s father, his heart had been raised gas also put down a large part, “lady, I’m not wrong, right, this little miracle doctor, can cure.”
The middle-aged woman nodded and barked at Zhang Xuan, “What are you waiting for, why don’t you come and heal my husband!”
“Healing?” Zhang Xuan looked at the middle-aged woman with a puzzled face, “Didn’t you just say that I can’t cure?”
The middle-aged woman gave a cold snort.
“Since someone said I can’t cure, why would I want to cure.” Zhang Xuan stretched, “President Ma, remember what I told you, just this week, you notify all the people and give me a time.”
Zhang Xuan finished speaking and walked towards the outside of the ward.
“President Ma, this is how your hospital does it? Do you believe that I will make this hospital of yours unable to open?” The middle-aged woman looked at President Ma with an unhappy face.
President Ma smiled bitterly, “Madam, this little miracle doctor, does not belong to our hospital, ah, if he said not to save, then really not to save, for the sake of your husband, you just apologize to the little miracle doctor.”
“Let me apologize to him?” The middle-aged woman seemed to have heard a big joke, “Do you know what my status is? Let me apologize to him? Can he afford it?”
Seeing the middle-aged woman like this, President Ma can only helplessly shook his head, did not say anything else, now the top then blame down, President Ma can also get out of it, they found the doctor, it is this woman’s own high-minded and arrogant, the doctor pissed off people, when the health bureau hand can not say anything about themselves.
The little beauty asked President Ma for Zhang Xuan’s contact information, in the case of Zhang Xuan did not agree, President Ma did not dare to give Zhang Xuan’s contact information to just anyone, so that the little beauty looked very sorry, and wanted to wait for his father to be discharged from the hospital, thank this benefactor properly.
After Zhang Xuan left, looked at the time and gave Qin Rou a call.
“Are you free at noon, let’s eat together.”
“The sun has come out of the west, Zhang Da Busy Man took the initiative to ask me to eat?” On the phone, came Qin Rou’s delicate laughter, “What, is it that you figured out the proposal I gave you last night?”
Zhang Xuan felt his forehead a little sweaty, this woman, once familiar with the conversation, really more spontaneous than men.
“Then at noon, let’s eat together, I’ll wait for you at your company.” Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, not daring to continue chatting with Qin Rou, afraid that this woman will say something amazing again.
Last night, Wang Congfeng instructed people to give Qin Rou compulsion at noon today.

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