Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 4

Thirty seconds remained before Zhang Xuan gave Zhou Xu thirty seconds to consider, and thirty seconds remained before Zhou Xu gave Zhang Xuan thirty seconds to consider.
“Twenty seconds, kid, I’d like to see how long you can pretend with me!” Zhou Xu lit himself a cigarette, took a beautiful puff, and lifted his left wrist, looking at the Omega on his hand, “Ten seconds left.”
Zhang Xuan leisurely walked to the office reception sofa and sat down, quietly watching where Zhou Xu counted down.
“Five seconds.” Zhou Xu had a cold smile on his face.
Zhang Xuan crossed his legs, put his hands behind his head, and lazily half lay on the sofa.
Zhou Xu took a look at his watch, “Time’s up, kid, it’s your own choice to find death, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”
Zhou Xu was just about to pick up his cell phone on his desktop and call his bodyguard to teach this ungrateful kid a lesson when his cell phone rang early.
The caller was Mr. Zhao, the biggest partner of the Zhou Group, and it could be said that if Zhou’s line was missing Mr. Zhao, the revenue would shrink by two-thirds!
Zhou Xu weighed the pros and cons and decided to take Mr. Zhao’s call first, after all, dealing with a bold, lawless kid was far less important than Mr. Zhao’s business.
Zhou Xu just picked up the phone, before he could say the word hello, he heard the voice of Mr. Zhao in the phone full of anger, “Zhou! You messed with people, do not implicate me, our cooperation, terminated! Dududududu ……”
Zhou Xu listened to the busy tone in the phone, a time a little froze, what situation? Zhou’s and Zhao’s cooperation has been six years, has always been mutually beneficial, how to suddenly make such a scene today, and Zhao said he had messed with the big man, implicating him?
Before Zhou Xu had time to think about it, the landline on his desk rang frantically again, Zhou Xu had a bad feeling in his heart and picked up the landline.
“Mr. Zhou, it’s not good! The company’s official website was attacked by a large number of hackers, now completely paralyzed, all the prices of goods sold online have all become one piece, thousands of orders were placed in a few seconds, our loss reached at least 100 million!”
Before Zhou Xu had time to reply, the office door was pushed open by the secretary, only to see the female secretary full of panic report: “Mr. Zhou, three companies that were about to negotiate successfully suddenly refused to cooperate with us, saying that there is no need to cooperate with a company that is about to go bankrupt!”
“Ding Ding Ring!” The old-fashioned phone ringing piercingly in Zhou Xu’s ears, this phone, only a few people can call in, every time you use this phone, none of the important things.
Zhou Xu’s face was ugly as he picked up the phone.
“Mr. Zhou, it’s not good, the company’s stock is vigorously suppressed by the mysterious consortium, the other party has strong capital, and would rather lose money, but also smashed our stock price by eleven points, this is deliberately screwing us ah, according to preliminary estimates, the loss now reaches two point seven billion, and every second is increasing!”
“What!” One by one, the phone calls, as well as the secretary’s report, made Zhou Xu completely panic.
Zhou Xu’s cell phone rang again, it was Zhou Xu’s father calling, Zhou Xu’s father roared on the phone, “Son of a bitch, what the hell have you done, several of my old brothers all called and advised me to run away, saying that you have messed with the wrong people!”
“I ……” Zhou Xu opened his mouth, his eyes suddenly swept to Zhang Xuan sitting on the sofa.
Looking at the young man wearing a white tank top beach pants, Zhou Xu suddenly realized something.
“It’s you! It’s all your doing! It’s all you!” Zhou Xu pointed at Zhang Xuan, his fingers were shaking, the playful smile on the other party’s face made him feel afraid.
“How can you say it’s me?” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “I gave you two paths, it was your own choice.”
In the office, the phone rang frantically, making Zhou Xu feel extraordinarily harsh, and he questioned like crazy, “What the hell did you do! Ah!”
“Didn’t I even let you make a choice?” Zhang Xuan stretched out his right little thumb and pulled out his ear.
The ringing of the phone, the news brought by the managers of various departments, made Zhou Xu about to collapse, he completely understood that this person in front of him, is not at all able to resist himself, he did not joke with himself when he said that he destroyed Zhou’s! If you do not give in, Zhou’s will really be gone! The ability to do these things in a short period of time, his energy, far beyond his own imagination!
Zhou Xu looked at the man half lying on the sofa, at this moment in his eyes, this young man, like the devil from hell, can easily destroy himself!
The incessant ringing of the phone broke Zhou Xu’s heart, he stumbled and ran to Zhang Xuan, kneeling on the ground with a “poof”, with a plea in his eyes: “I agree! I agree to everything, please, please give me a higher hand!”
Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, “If you had been so good, it would have been better.”
In Zhou Xu’s expectant gaze, Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone, made a call out, and said enough on the phone.
Ten seconds later, Zhou Xu picked up the phone again, and got a report that the hackers who attacked the company’s official website had left on their own, and the mysterious consortium that suppressed the company’s stock had stopped doing so, and in a short time, the company lost a total of nearly eight hundred million, not counting those partners who had terminated their cooperation with Zhou, and if all of them were counted, Zhou’s loss this time, exceeded two hundred million!
Zhou Xu’s back has been wet with cold sweat, his eyes frightened looking at the man in front of him, this is a word, can destroy the Zhou’s big man, what is his identity? Such a person, in the country, and how many can be found? Lin’s group, even found such a person to help!
“Mr. Zhou, you disgusted Lin’s hand, also can not be so forgettable, tomorrow morning, I want to know the news that you went to Lin’s to admit your mistake, the necessary compensation, also can not be less, if by noon you did not admit your mistake properly with Mr. Lin, I believe that the result is what you do not want to see.”
Zhang Xuan got up, patted his pants, and looked at Zhou Xu as if he was looking at a mole cricket.
Zhou Xu hastily nodded his head in fear and replied, “Yes, definitely! Definitely!”
“Good, to know your mistakes and be able to change is a good boy.” Zhang Xuan reached out his hand and patted Zhou Xu’s face.
Such a highly insulting action made Zhou Xu not dare to be a bit displeased, and instead tried to squeeze out a smile.
After settling this matter, Zhang Xuan left Zhou’s building, got on his bike, hummed a little song and returned to the villa, saw Lin Qinghan still asleep on the sofa, looked at the woman’s serene appearance, a touch of doting in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, went forward, held the woman in his arms in a princess hug position, and slowly walked upstairs to the bedroom.
The next day, Lin Qinghan was awakened by the blinding sunlight, she stretched her back, for the first time, she felt that she slept so sweetly.
The clock hanging on the wall, the hour hand pointed at the position of ten, making Lin Qinghan exclaimed in shock.

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