Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 31

“Ai.” The youth sighed, then turned around and shouted to the people in the bar, “Did you hear the words of the Han team? Now everyone, all consciously go to the police station squatting, no one is allowed to leave without the words of team Han, go!”
When the young man’s voice fell, a group of people came out of the bar, everyone saw Han tender, all lowered their heads, honestly said good team Han, and then ran out of the bar door, there is a car, there is a taxi, all to the police station.
This scene angry Han gentle cross-eyed, just ready to speak again, the youth also fawning smile, “Han team, then I also go to the police station first.”
After saying that, the youth ran away in a flash.
In the face of this scene, Han gentle gasping, chest rising and falling, the summer thin police uniform can not cover the peaks rise.
Zhang Xuan stood at the entrance of the bar, watching this scene, the corners of his mouth could not help but grin, his heart was a little funny, he really did not expect that this little policewoman, in front of these association elements, have such a great deterrent effect.
“What are you laughing at!” Han’s gentle and somewhat icy voice rang out in front of Zhang Xuan, “Do you know what kind of trouble you’ve caused? One person came to people’s club armed fight, die without knowing how to die! From now on, you have to report to me every day of your actions, understand?”
“Why?” Zhang Xuan face hung a trace of doubt, “Beauty, I do not seem to be a prisoner, right?”
“You’re involved in a club fight, either do as I say and report to me honestly every day, or, go to the police station for tea with me again?” Han tenderly said while taking out the flashing cold handcuffs from his waist.
“OK! OK!” As soon as Zhang Xuan saw the woman’s stance, he immediately gestured, “Beauty, give me your phone, I will report to you every day, OK?”
After Han tenderly gave Zhang Xuan the phone number, he warned, “Remember, don’t play tricks!”
“I must, I’m a law-abiding and good citizen!” Zhang Xuan said with a righteous face.
Yinzhou City, Lin’s Group.
Lin Qinghan sat on his desk, looking at the documents brought by his secretary.
Secretary Li Na stood in front of Lin Qinghan’s desk and reported to Lin Qinghan, “General Lin, there are a lot of rumors out there, all saying something unfavorable to Lin’s, and a number of companies have explicitly said that they want to terminate cooperation with us.”
“Heh.” Lin Qinghan laughed lightly, “Unfavorable to Lin’s? I think it’s unfavorable to me.”
“This ……” Li Na opened her mouth, but could not say anything.
Lin Qinghan stretched out his right hand, tapping on the table, “Let me guess, the word out there is probably that my grandfather is dying, and the Lin’s will be passed to others, and I, Lin Qinghan, will be stepping down soon, right?”
Li Na lowered her head and did not say anything.
“Some people, they really can’t stand it for a while.” Lin Qinghan threw the documents in front of him towards the trash can, and leaned back in his office chair, “Go tell those who have stopped cooperating that from now on, no matter what kind of development Lin’s has become, they will not accept their cooperation anymore, and likewise, tell everyone who wants to clear their relationship with my Lin’s, as early as possible!”
“Yes.” Li Na nodded and exited the office.
In the large Lin’s president office, only Lin Qinghan was left alone, the woman’s delicate face, a self-deprecating smile surfaced, “The so-called family, will they use such insidious tactics?”
Zhang Xuan stood at the entrance of the Spring Vine orphanage, sent a positioning message to Han Gentle over, and then walked into the orphanage gate.
“Brother Zhang Xuan, you’re here.”
Just as Zhang Xuan entered the door, two little boys ran to Zhang Xuan and hugged his thighs, with happy smiles on their little faces.
“Miss me?” A sincere smile appeared on Zhang Xuan’s face as he hugged the two children upwards.
“You’re here, the kids were just chanting about you in their mouths.” Qin Rou walked up to Zhang Xuan with a smile on her face, the latter’s appearance in formal wear made Qin Rou’s eyes light up, “Not bad, you look quite handsome in formal wear.”
“Is that so?” Zhang Xuan cocked his head and thought, “Why do I feel that I am handsome in anything?”
“Pfft!” Qin Rou gently covered her mouth, her eyes narrowed like a crescent moon, “I didn’t see it before, you’re quite narcissistic.”
“How’s it going lately? After reading the news, the development here should be stopped, right?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Thanks to your blessing, the bombing of the mountain has received strong official support, and the demolition and construction of the orphanage has been officially delayed indefinitely.” A grateful look surfaced on Qin Rou’s pretty face, “Seriously, if it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what I would have done.”
“I am equally grateful to you, without good people like you, these children, could not have lived such a happy life.” Zhang Xuan’s gaze was far away, and he saw that almost every one of these orphanage children was holding a toy in their hands, with a happy smile on their faces.
“I’m just doing my best.” Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan, and a trace of intoxication appeared in her eyes.
“That’s easy to say, but how many people can do it?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically, placing the two children in his arms on the ground, “I’ll go see the dean first.”
“Mm.” Qin Rou wrapped her arms around the heads of the two children and nodded to Zhang Xuan.
Six o’clock in the afternoon.
Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou came out of the orphanage together, and the two stood in front of Qin Rou’s BMW 5 Series.
“I’ll treat you to a meal, but don’t refuse me.” Qin Rou smiled faintly at Zhang Xuan, “You should know that the benefits we got from blowing up the mountain this time can not only protect the orphanage, but our company also got unimaginable development prospects.”
“Place you choose or I choose?” Zhang Xuan pulled open the car door.
“I’ll choose, after all, ladies first.” Qin Rou’s face showed delight as she sat in the car.
The body reflects the beach gold BMW five series in the streets, and drove into an ordinary neighborhood.
Zhang Xuan sat in the car, watching the scenery by the roadside of the community flashed past him, looking slightly odd to Qin Rou said, “You are, planning to cook at home by yourself?”
“Mm.” The driving Qin Rou nodded slightly, a blush surfaced on her pretty face, “It’s to the teacher’s house, he said he wanted to meet you long ago.”
“See me?” Zhang Xuan touched his nose, slightly puzzled.
Qin Rou saw Zhang Xuan did not express opposition, heart relieved, explained to Zhang Xuan: “I met with my teacher four years ago, he is a professor of economics, at that time my company was facing bankruptcy, but also he pulled me at a critical time, the teacher is not for himself, he only wants me to stay in the charity business, this time after I applied from the official to blow up the mountain, the teacher always wanted to meet you.”
“So that’s how it is.” Zhang Xuan nodded.
The vehicle stopped in front of an old residential building, just by looking at the appearance of this residential building, you can conclude that there is a long sense of age.

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