Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 305

“I said what are you doing?” Qiu Yu’s third aunt was also discontented, “What does it have to do with you if we talk to our own family? What do you mean by flowery words, what do you mean by deluded? You make it clear to me today!”
Qiushen’s face darkened, “Uncle, if you don’t want this land, there are plenty of people who do, my father left this good thing to you for the sake of the family! It’s not like we’re begging you to buy this land!”
Qiu Yu’s father glanced at Zhang Xuan with some difficulty, “That little Zhang, this is our own family business, you should not get involved, okay?”
Zhang Xuan ignored their words, said: “A parking space, indeed, only eight to nine square meters is enough, but this is only a simple parking space, counting the ramp, driveway, load-bearing, lift down, a three-dimensional parking lot, the average area of each parking space, in thirty-five to fifty square feet, if you want to have a hundred parking spaces, at least 3,500 to 5,000 square feet of Land area, moreover, the annual maintenance fee, is a significant figure, these things, can be considered ah.”
Zhang Xuan’s words made Qiu Yu’s father suddenly startled, “A parking space of thirty-five square feet? Then a thousand square feet, is not only thirty parking spaces, a year’s profit shrinks several times ah!”
“Note, I’m only talking about the basic spending.” Zhang Xuan reminded a sentence.
“Qiu Yu, what exactly does your friend mean, it’s hard to say that he, a salesman, knows more than us!” Qiu Shuang stood up directly, obviously on the verge of fury.
“Brother, you have not done business, so some things do not understand, I do not blame you, but do not know how to pretend to understand, there is little meaning.” Sun Liang opened his mouth, “parking lot, my family has several, the budget, all the face base, can be stolen out of the building, of course, the specific how to steal, I give you say, you do not understand.”
“Really can’t figure out their own position, our family’s party is not welcome, you go away!” Qiu Yu third aunt said, out to shoo people.
“Yes, you are not welcome, please leave!” Qiu Shuang also shouted.
Qiu Yu’s second uncle gave Qiu Yu a reproachful look, “Xiao Yu ah, not I say you, you usually make friends, but be more cautious, do not make all friends, look at you, what kind of goods are these acquaintances?”
The face of Qiu Yu’s family to drive away, Zhang Xuan is not moved, still sitting there, “I just said, only the parking lot foundation base allocation, and based on, really can one million to take the land, if I remember correctly, the land, should belong to the Zhou Group, right, how to become this Mr. Qiu’s?”
Zhang Xuan face with a questioning look at Qiu Yu second uncle.
“Zhou’s land?” Qiu Yu’s father was also shocked, this Zhou’s group, he is very clear, last time is in the Zhou’s field almost did not go out, or thanks to Zhang Xuan to safe and sound.
Qiu Yu second uncle’s complexion changed slightly, “I personally am working with Zhou’s.”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan nodded, took out his cell phone, sent a message out, and then asked, “I wonder which aspect of Mr. Qiu’s cooperation with Zhou’s?”
“Said you know what!” Qiu Frost discontent asked, “You a salesman, the management is quite a lot, this is what you should ask!”
“Fine, then I’ll ask something else.” Zhang Xuan looked at Sun Liang, “just that Mercedes-Benz G, more than three million, is yours?”
“Of course it’s mine.” Sun Liang’s face grew a burst of arrogance.
Zhang Xuan showed a face of confusion, “No, I just saw the words of Yingze Car Rental on the footrest of that car?”
Zhang Xuan’s words, so Sun Liang’s face changed violently, for a moment do not know how to answer.
Qiu Shuang neck, “How about the car rental agency, that Yingze car rental agency, is our Sun Liang family opened!”
“Right.” Sun Liang nodded vigorously, “It is my family opened.”
“Is that so.” Zhang Xuan snapped his nails, “Qiu Yu, do you know whose family owns that Yingze car rental agency? Before I remember you also participated in the design of the advertisement, right?”
Qiu Yu nodded and said somewhat hesitantly, “Yes …… is our company, Yingze Car Rental, which is a Lin’s enterprise.”
“This Mr. Sun, you said Yingze Car Rental is owned by your family, so you have a relationship with our old boss too?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Nonsense!” Before Sun Liang could answer, Qiu Shuang spoke first and drank, “Our family, Sun Liang, is the godbrother of Lin’s General Manager Lin, you are just an ordinary salesman, how can you know so much!”
“Uh.” Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose and looked at Qiu Yu with some embarrassment.
There was also an indefinable taste in Qiu Yu’s eyes.
“What? Can’t say anything anymore? Go ask your General Manager Lin if he recognizes Sun Liang!” Qiu Shuang clasped her hands to her chest, with a high and mighty look.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Alright then, I’ll ask.”
With that, Zhang Xuan took out his phone and dialed Lin Qinghan’s number, “Hey, wife, do you know a Sun Liang, said he is your godbrother, oh, I know.”
After Zhang Xuan said a few words, he hung up the phone and made a regretful expression at Qiu Frost, “Sorry, ah, our President Lin, doesn’t know any Sun Liang.”
“Joke!” Qiu Frost sneered, “You casually make a phone call, is to your General Manager Lin? The wife you called on the phone, it’s hard to say, Lin’s General Manager, is the wife of this salesman of yours?”
“Kid, I think you’ve deliberately come to provoke our family’s relationship!” Qiu Yu’s third aunt also said in a cold voice.
At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the compartment, and outside the door of the compartment, a voice full of respect came, “Mr. Zhang, can I come in now?”
“Enter.” Zhang Xuan answered.
The door of the box was pushed open from the outside, and he saw Zhou Xu of the Zhou Group, standing at the door of the box with a respectful face.
Qiu Yu’s father recognized at a glance, standing at the door, this is the young master of the Zhou Group.
Zhou Xu looked at Zhang Xuan with respectful face, just received news that this gentleman looking for himself, he rushed here at the first time.
Zhang Xuan nudged at Qiu Yu’s second uncle and said to Zhou Xu, “Take a look, this says that this is your partner of Zhou’s group, to sell your piece of land in the city center, you make sure.”
Zhou Xu was full of doubts and sized up the second uncle of Qiu Yu, then shook his head at Zhang Xuan, “Mr. Zhang, I don’t know him, our Zhou’s land in the city center, never intended to buy, I was trying to personally build a private house there, if you want it, Mr. Zhang, I will gift it to you right now.”
“No need, I just came to you to make sure, you go.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand.
Zhou Xu nodded, Zhang Xuan brought him here just for this, and he was not at all dissatisfied, turned around and left.

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