Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 32

There was no elevator in the building, so the two walked upstairs. During the time they were going upstairs, Qin Rou was still telling Zhang Xuan about her teacher’s deeds, for example, there were once entrepreneurs who came from the capital specifically to ask her teacher for some advice on business development, including the academic remarks published by her teacher in many domestic magazines.
The two of them stopped at the sixth floor of this residential building.
Qin Rou knocked on the old-fashioned blue security door in front of her.
“Here you are, who is it?” A young male voice came from inside the door.
“Brother, it’s me.” Qin Rou replied with a smile on her face, but her eyes were embarrassed to look at Zhang Xuan, this feeling, as if she had brought her other half to meet her parents.
Zhang Xuan obviously heard, after Qin Rou spoke out, the people in the room obviously footsteps accelerated, when the security door was opened, Zhang Xuan saw a handsome looking youth is looking at Qin Rou with a happy face, eyes filled with excitement, as well as adoration, but when the youth saw himself, the excitement in his eyes immediately disappeared without a trace, even his face also became much worse.
“Xiaorou, this is ……?” The first thing the youth did was to ask Qin Rou about Zhang Xuan’s identity, and there was hostility in his gaze.
“It’s my friend, Zhang Xuan.” Qin Rou blushed slightly as she introduced, “Zhang Xuan, this is my senior brother and teacher’s son, Kong Shu.”
“Hello.” Zhang Xuan took the initiative to extend his hand to Kong Shu.
“Oh.” Kong Shu rolled his eyes, did not even look at Zhang Xuan’s extended hand, uninterested in turning [新笔趣阁] around and walking into the door, “Okay, come in.”
Zhang Xuan speechless looking at the youth in front of him, he did not seem to provoke him, right?
Qin Rou gave Zhang Xuan an apologetic smile, then took Zhang Xuan’s wrist and walked into the house.
Zhang Xuan saw that the house was not big, just over sixty square feet, the furniture was old, and there was no one else in the house except Kong Shu.
“Senior brother, where is the teacher?” Qin Rou looked around the house and wondered.
“He went out to buy vegetables and came back later.” Kong Shu ran a cup of tea to Qin Rou, as for Zhang Xuan, he was directly ignored by Kong Shu.
Qin Rou motionlessly handed the cup of tea in front of herself to Zhang Xuan.
“By the way, Xiaorou, do you remember the property we saw last time? I’ve studied a lot of material recently, and I can almost conclude that that property will definitely be developed again, and the stores around it are good options for purchase.” Kong Shu took a tablet computer, sat next to Qin Rou, fingers on the computer kept scratching, “and 08752X this stock, also worth buying, the recent momentum are going very well, will usher in a wave of bull market.”
“Let me take a look.” Qin Rou took the tablet and scanned her gaze over the screen, her eyes becoming pleased at times and somewhat puzzled at others.
After looking for a while, Qin Rou put her gaze on Zhang Xuan, “Zhang Xuan, what do you think, this rotten building has not moved for a year, and recently there are many rumors of redevelopment, and this stock.”
Zhang Xuan glanced at the tablet, the door recorded dense news, as well as a variety of information and speculation, all written up by Kong.
Zhang Xuan just took a look, shook his head, “No, I’ve seen this bad building twice, to redevelop it should be true, but even if the development is completed, the surrounding stores will not have development prospects, you buy it, at least three to five years to wait for the appreciation, this time, the money to buy stores in the bank to eat the interest earned more than this, as for this stock, is completely As for this stock, it’s a joke, your money will be trapped as long as you put it in for more than two days.”
“Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand!” Kong Shu face unpleasant cold snort, “the developer of that property is nationally famous, and that stock, I have seen countless such cases when I was studying in investment management, eighty percent of the possible increase in value.”
Zhang Xuan smiled, “If the investment in this world, can all go according to the theory and cases in the book, everyone is a multi-millionaire.”
“What do you mean?” Kong Shu glared at Zhang Xuan.
“What I mean is that the person who published the book, have you seen him invest and get rich?” Zhang Xuan smiled contemptuously, “Theory, just theory, real practice, and theory are two completely different concepts, you first complete a successful investment, you will find that the theoretical knowledge you learned, is complete bullshit, the rise of the stock, pinch in the hands of the capitalist.”
“Joke!” Kong Shu slammed the table, “What can the capitalist do, investment itself is a gamble, the capitalist, but also in this game of luck.”
“Sure enough, you have not made a single investment.” Zhang Xuan’s mouth held a smile, “otherwise you would not say such naive words, why don’t we take a gamble?”
“Just bet, bet on what!” Kong Shu stared deadly at Zhang Xuan, his gaze was full of anger, he now felt that this man in front of him, throwing his years of academic knowledge on the ground, viciously stomping and insulting.
“How about betting that the stock you said would drop in fifteen minutes?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows.
“Where’s the bet!”
Zhang Xuan indifferently rested his hand, “Whatever you want.”
“Good!” Kong Shu nodded heavily, “If I win, I want you to never see Xiaorou again in your life!”
“Senior brother, you!” Qin Rou’s pupils shrank and she was about to speak, but was stopped by Zhang Xuan.
“Yes, but what if you lose?”
“At your disposal!”
“OK!” Zhang Xuan gestured at Kong Shu, then took out his phone and dialed out.
The phone was picked up in a flash, and Zhang Xuan specifically put amplification so that both Qin and Kong Shu could hear the voice on the phone.
“Boss, what’s up.”
“Buy a stock for me, the code is 08752X, just buy three million.”
“Okay.” The person on the other end of the phone replied, and then, all three could hear the sound of tapping the keyboard from the phone’s amplifier, after about ten seconds, the person on the other end of the phone spoke again, “Boss, you’re not mistaken, this stock is completely a trap, I guarantee, we can’t buy three million, at most one million, this stock will drop, and then put our money All trapped.”
Hearing this voice on the phone, Kong Shu disdainful a mouth, “pretend, continue to pretend.”
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly and said to the phone, “Just buy.”
The phone hung up, and Zhang Xuan leaned back on the sofa.
“This is the end of the act?” A snicker filled Kong Shu’s eyes, “Do you know how much this stock is worth, three million? To this stock, it’s just a drop in the bucket!”
“How did you conclude the value of the stock? Learned from books?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow, “the book, will only teach you knowledge, will not teach you the insidiousness of people, but also will not teach you too much in the field of economic deception, all the things that can be on the books, are well known, and much use, you have to know, this aspect of investment, experience is far more important than theory.”

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