Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 33

“Don’t give me garlic!” Kong Shu opened the stock software on the tablet, “I’d like to see, what makes you pretend to be here, the stock I said ……”
The voice of Kong Shu speaking, at this moment, abruptly stopped.
At this moment, the tablet computer in front of him, the stock number 08752X, from the previous scarlet red, into a blinding green, which is a symbol of the drop, that is, all the money invested into this stock, will be firmly trapped in it, can not be taken out.
“This ……” Kong Shu took a deep breath, his eyes were filled with disbelief, “Impossible! Impossible!”
“There is nothing impossible.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, his phone rang at this time, picked up the phone, clicked the amplifier, and the voice on the phone rang out.
“Boss, this stock is even worse than I thought, I thought I could buy a million, but the result to 700,000 each other could not resist, directly hedge, this kind of guts, I reckon it is those rookies who just came out of school, cheating money means so low.”
Kong Shu sat there body, a gentle tremor occurred, the voice on the phone, like a thorn in his heart, he was proud of the theoretical knowledge, in the eyes of others, is a rookie, not worth mentioning?
“Well, that’s it, you arrange for someone to recover the money, and uncover the person behind it, how to dispose of it at your own discretion.” Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, and did not bother to let Kong Shu do anything, as if the bet just now, does not exist.
The atmosphere in the room, suddenly fell into an eerie silence, Kong Shu sat aside, his face was all embarrassed look.
Qin Rou looked left and right, and did not know what to say.
At this moment, the door of the room was opened from outside.
“Teacher is back!” Qin Rou fiercely got up from the sofa and looked towards the door.
Outside the door, a middle-aged male, who looked to be in his fifties, was walking into the house carrying a pocketful of vegetables. The male had a slender figure and his whole person was filled with an indescribable aura.
Qin Rou happily walked up and took the dish in the middle-aged male’s hand, “Teacher, you’re back, this is the man I told you about, Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan, this is my old ……”
“Hello, hello again.” Zhang Xuan smiled at the other side.
“It’s you …… surprisingly it’s you ……” The middle-aged male looked at Zhang Xuan with a dull face and muttered under his breath.
Qin Rou looked at the two men’s appearance and was greatly puzzled, “Teacher, you and Zhang Xuan know each other?”
“Don’t know each other.” The middle-aged man shook his head, “I don’t know that his name is Zhang Xuan, I only know, his other name.”
“Another name?” Qin Rou subconsciously looked at Zhang Xuan, and heard the teacher’s voice ringing next to her ears.
“The God of Wall Street, who came out of nowhere when the international financial stock market was ushering in a crash, used one million three hundred thousand magnesium to complete eighteen stock trades in just two months, and two months later, he raised one point five billion magnesium to build a position for the first fund used to short CDOs. He devised a complex fund operation model, shorting dangerous CDOs while acquiring cheap CDS, and when everyone thought he would lose all his money, he managed to turn the situation around, allowing his gains to rise by fifty percent! It was then that he became a legend on Wall Street and established his own macro hedge fund, which to this day is the world’s number one position, untouchable, at that time, he was only nineteen years old, I had the privilege of meeting him once, he told me that the reason I met me was because I had been in the charity business and did not ask for anything in return, and to this day I know his real name, Zhang Xuan.”
“Wall Street …… God of ……” Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan, her eyes were full of shock, she did not doubt the teacher’s words, because the teacher, there was no need to lie to her.
“Yes.” The middle-aged man sighed, “He was a legend throughout Wall Street, only, at his most dazzling time, disappeared from everyone’s sight, he donated his entire fortune, free of charge, to the Red Cross, to aid the children of those poor mountainous areas.”
The middle-aged man’s gaze on Zhang Xuan, eyes full of relief, this is he used an older senior, to look at the eyes of the younger generation, he is very fortunate, in China, in his homeland, there is such a Zhang Xuan in the charity, and do not ask for return.
“All donations ……” Qin Rou is now completely speechless, all along, she thought, she has been very enthusiastic about charity, but now realized, compared with Zhang Xuan, she did this, can only be said to be nine cows and a hair.
“Xiaorou, I really didn’t expect that you and Zhang Xuan could run into each other, if I’m not wrong, you two met in the orphanage, right?” The middle-aged man looked at Qin Rou with a smile.
“Hmm.” Qin Rou nodded as she placed her hands in front of the small of her back.
“Well, don’t even stand there, I bought some stuffing today, let’s make dumplings, Zhang Xuan, I’ve quit the financial world now, I’m also older than you, Xiao Rou is just like my daughter, from now on we’re a family, I’ll call you by your name, if you don’t mind, just call me Uncle Kong.” The middle-aged man raised the dish in his hand and smiled.
“Good, Uncle Kong.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “I’ll roll the skin quickly, you guys wrap it.”
“Okay!” The middle-aged man responded cheerfully, “Xiaorou, come and help.”
“Oh.” Qin Rou lowered her head, her small face flushed, followed behind the teacher, and when she entered the kitchen, Qin Rou stretched out her small hand and pulled the teacher’s sleeve, “Teacher, what are you talking about, what family ah.”
“Haha, it’s not sooner or later.”
Zhang Xuan finished his meal at teacher Qin Rou’s house, and then returned home, it was already eight o’clock in the evening, and the clouds in the sky were burning red.
As soon as he entered the house, Zhang Xuan saw Lin Qinghan was sitting on the sofa with a sad face, and Milan’s figure was not seen in the living room.
“Mr. Lin, what’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan walked over and asked with a concerned face.
“The company’s business, you don’t understand even if I talk about it.” Lin Qinghan’s small hand covered her forehead.
“Mood can affect one’s body, try to relax a little, I’ll go pour you some footwash, you look tired these days.” Zhang Xuan comforted, ran to the bathroom and brought a basin of warm water, then squatted in front of Lin Qinghan, cupped the pair of jade feet and placed them in the water.
A few days down the road, Lin Qinghan are somewhat accustomed to Zhang Xuan for their own feet, and have to admit that Zhang Xuan’s massage technique is indeed very good, every time he massaged, they will feel relaxed, sleep very well.
The evening news was playing on the TV, Lin Qinghan’s cell phone rang, the caller was Secretary Li.
Lin Qinghan looked at the phone first, then at Zhang Xuan, and picked up the phone, “Secretary Li, how is the communication with her?”

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