Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 320

At the same time Lin Qinghan called Zhang Xuan, outside the convention center, Zhang Xuan stopped a cab with an anxious face, “Quick! People’s Hospital!”
Five minutes ago, Zhang Xuan received a call from Qiu Yu, the girl on the phone, crying heartbreakingly, her father, drank pesticides ……
Zhang Xuan arrived at the hospital, Qiu Yu’s father had already entered the resuscitation room, Qiu Yu alone, sitting on the seat outside the resuscitation room, hugging his legs, buried his head in his arms, some dim light shining on the corridor, Qiu Yu’s shadow stretched long, looking extra lonely.
Zhang Xuan looked at the resuscitation room lit up red light, slowly walked to Qiu Yu, he gently put his hand on Qiu Yu’s shoulder, “girl ……”
Qiu Yu heard Zhang Xuan’s voice, slowly raised her head, her eyes were red and swollen, and let out a whimper, “Zhang …… brother Zhang.”
Zhang Xuan looked at Qiu Yu’s appearance, for a while did not know how to comfort, why Qiu Yu’s father took pesticides, Zhang Xuan can probably think.
Qiu Yu family matters, put on any person, are not so well accepted.
The father of Qiu Yu gambled in his early years, his wife ran away with someone, the remaining relatives, in addition to his own daughter, is those siblings, but now, and his brothers from a mother’s womb, but the family united to cheat him of money, such a thing, will make any person, feel desperate.
Zhang Xuan sighed, he opened his mouth for half a day, but could only say, “Uncle will be fine.”
The moment he said these words, Zhang Xuan felt a softness flutter into his arms, and the emotions that Qiu Yu had just adjusted, because of Zhang Xuan’s appearance, broke out again.
Her cries echoed within the corridor, tears wetting the lapel on Zhang Xuan’s chest.
“Go ahead and cry, it’s much better to cry out.” Zhang Xuan reached out his hand and patted Qiu Yu’s back.
Zhang Xuan’s arrival may be the last port of call for Qiu Yu, she shrank in Zhang Xuan’s arms and kept sobbing.
The door of the resuscitation room opened and President Ma, who was wearing a surgical gown, came out from inside and saw Zhang Xuan at a glance.
“Mr. Zhang, you’re here too?”
“How is the situation?” Zhang Xuan asked, pointing to the resuscitation room.
A touch of despondency appeared on President Ma’s face, “The patient’s life is not in danger, it’s just ……”
“Just what?” President Ma’s expression made Zhang Xuan have some bad premonition.
“It’s just that the virus has eroded the brain nerve, the patient is in a coma, when can wake up, we do not dare to guarantee.” President Ma shook his head helplessly, “Mr. Zhang, is the patient your friend?”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “An elder.”
“Ai.” Ma would let out a long sigh, “Mr. Zhang, take the patient’s daughter inside and take a look.”
Qiu Yu wiped a tear from her face and followed Zhang Xuan, walking into the operating room.
When the doctors in the operating room saw Zhang Xuan, they all said hello to Mr. Zhang.
Zhang Xuan saw that Qiu Yu’s father, who was lying quietly on the operating table, had two catheters inserted into his abdomen, and should have just finished washing his stomach.
The moment Qiu Yu saw his father in this state, his eyes could not stop again, lying on his back to the side of the operating table, looking at the man lying there with tears in his eyes.
Zhang Xuan walked to the side of the apparatus, picked up the instrument to observe, as President Ma just said, Qiu Yu’s father’s brain nerve, has been completely spread by the toxicity, such spread, it is difficult to expel, can only rely on the patient’s own immunity to eliminate these toxic.
For such a coma, in medical terms, collectively known as vegetative, life cells beating, brain cells necrosis.
“Dad …… why are you so stupid? Why ah? Those people want to cheat you, they don’t even treat you as a relative anymore, why do you have to do such a stupid thing ah!” Qiu Yu’s sobbing voice rang out, tears kept slipping down from his face.
Zhang Xuan stood aside, looking at Qiu Yu’s pitiful appearance, his eyes were filled with heartache.
“Girl, let the doctor send uncle to the ward first.” Zhang Xuan patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder.
Because of Zhang Xuan’s relationship, Qiu Yu’s father was sent to a separate ward.
As Qiu Yu and Zhang Xuan sat by the hospital bed, Zhang Xuan tried his best to comfort him, “Don’t worry too much, uncle’s life is no longer in danger now, people’s own immune function is very strong, the virus will disappear sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time before uncle wakes up.”
“Mm.” Qiu Yu nodded, looking at his father’s eyes, all worried.
The door of the ward was knocked on, and President Ma’s voice sounded outside the ward, “Mr. Zhang, I have something that I need to talk to you alone.”
“Good.” Zhang Xuan answered from inside the ward, “Girl, you sit down first, I’ll talk to Chairman Ma.”
Walking out of the ward, Zhang Xuan saw that President Ma was standing here with a test report.
“Mr. Zhang, take a look at this, about the patient.” President Ma handed this test report to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan looked at what President Ma handed over and frowned closer and closer, “Immunity is almost zero?”
“Yes.” President Ma nodded, “The patient has been drinking heavily for many years, and his own liver function is severely damaged, as far as the conclusion reached now, the virus in the patient’s brain, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.”
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and tore off this report in his hand, “This matter, do not tell her first, I will think of a way.”
President Ma nodded, “Good.”
Zhang Xuan reentered the ward and squeezed out a smile on his face, “Girl, it’s good news.”
“Good news!” Upon hearing this, a hopeful look grew on Qiu Yu’s face, “It’s about my dad?”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan answered, “Let’s go, it’s already time, let’s go out and find a place to talk while eating.”
Zhang Xuan took Qiu Yu out of the hospital.
“I’ve long wanted to eat a spicy explosive small rooster, come with me to that one.” Zhang Xuan deliberately made such a request and took Qiu Yu farther away from the hospital.
Naturally, Qiu Yu would not refuse Zhang Xuan and nodded.
The two of them walked on the road.
Lin’s Group.
Lin Qinghan came to the company lobby and kept calling Zhang Xuan’s phone, which turned off from no answer at the beginning.
“Mr. Lin, that demolition approval came down, so you can go see those old houses today.” Li Na also appeared in the lobby of Lin’s company and handed a document to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan looked at the document and put away her phone, “OK, contact the person in charge of the street office there, let’s settle the matter today.”
The plot of land marked on the document in Lin Qinghan’s hand now is the one where Qiu Yu lives now, which is already in a dilapidated state.
In a restaurant not far from Qiu Yu’s house, Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu sat here.
As soon as they sat down, Qiu Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Zhang, the good news you just said, what is it?”

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