Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 321

“Oh, the president said that he found a way to revive your father, but our medical level here is not up to it, and so on after dinner, you go home to pack your things, there for you to contact a new hospital, then you take your uncle to that treatment.” Zhang Xuan said.
This is the best excuse Zhang Xuan can find right now.
In the current state of Qiu Yu’s father, staying at the Yinzhou Hospital for treatment, it is almost impossible to improve, to tell the girl the truth, it is estimated that the girl can not bear, Zhang Xuan can only tell a good-faith lie.
As for where to go, Zhang Xuan also helped Qiu Yu think of a good.
Entire country!
Considering going there, Zhang Xuan also thought of a few points, the first is the problem of Qiu Yu’s father’s treatment costs, in the country of enamel, Oren has a good impression of Qiu Yu, Zhang Xuan was also able to let Oren arrange a suitable job for Qiu Yu, will not give her money for nothing, and will not let the girl meet the wall everywhere.
The second point, technical issues, in Ou Ren that, Zhang Xuan can rest assured that boldly let the future to provide some technical treatment, while in China, it is difficult to do this, the future to engage in any technical treatment, will attract the attention of Chinese officials, but also easy to expose Zhang Xuan himself.
The third point, Zhang Xuan also want to let Qiu Yu to go outside, she is in Yinzhou, maybe one day will encounter their relatives, then this girl can not control their emotions, Zhang Xuan also dare not guarantee.
As soon as Qiu Yu heard that her father could wake up, she was overjoyed.
“Brother Zhang, thank you so much, I don’t even know how to repay you.”
Zhang Xuan laughed: “Well, you take good care of yourself, even if you repay your brother Zhang me, wait I will accompany you to pack your things, you will do the passport tomorrow, try to take uncle to treatment as early as possible.”
“Do the passport? To go abroad?” Qiu Yu’s big eyes were full of doubts.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Well, go to Ou Ren, during the treatment of uncle, Ou Ren will provide you with a job, as well as a place to live, when uncle wakes up, you have to live there to get used to, stay a little longer, I think uncle also do not want to come back to this city.”
Zhang Xuan did not find that after he said this, Qiu Yu’s eyes, filled with a kind of despondency.
After eating, Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu, together walked towards that old house.
Lin Qinghan, accompanied by Li Na, came to this demolition area, the head of the street office is full of excitement accompanied by a side, he has a house here, once the demolition, then their good days will come, before this Lin’s president, is their god of wealth ah!
Lin Qinghan looked at this old housing area and did some planning in his heart.
Suddenly, a familiar figure, printed into Lin Qinghan’s eyes, is Zhang Xuan.
Lin Qinghan just wanted to make a sound, and Zhang Xuan to say hello, then saw, Zhang Xuan is and Qiu Yu, walking side by side, in front of a unit door turned, walked in ……
Such a scene, let Lin please Han feel a heartbreak, she took out the phone, again called Zhang Xuan, the display is off.
Listening to the beep coming from the phone, the expression on Lin Pleasehan’s face became dull.
“General Lin, what’s wrong with you?” Li Na sensed that something was wrong with Lin Pleasehan and asked worriedly.
“Nothing.” Lin Pleasehan forced out a smile, “You guys continue talking.”
After Lin Please Han said this, her beautiful eyes once again looked at the unit that Zhang Xuan had just walked into, he must have accompanied someone to get something or something, he would come out later, he would ask him to have a meal and watch a movie or something.
This idea of Lin Pleasehan was still present in his mind after Li Na and the head of the office finished explaining the entirety of this area, only that half an hour had passed.
“Mr. Lin, look, can this be settled?” After Lina finished, she asked Lin Qinghan what he meant.
“I’ll think about it again.” Lin Qinghan looked at the door of the unit where no one ever appeared, an indescribable feeling rose up from her heart, twisted her head and turned around, “Let’s go.”
Lin Qinghan’s sudden change of mood made Li Na also a bit puzzled, driving the car, taking Lin Qinghan, leaving this old housing area.
In the car, Lin Qinghan looked out the window, the scene of Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu walking side by side into the unit, kept surfacing in her mind, her eyes gradually reddened.
Why? Lin Qinghan asked herself, is it because, she did not give him, so he went to find someone else?
Qiu Yu’s home.
Zhang Xuan looked at the large bags piled up in the living room, some speechless, “girl, you do not need to take so many things, right?”
Qiu Yu some embarrassment, “Brother Zhang, it is not afraid to go there and still have to buy it again.”
Zhang Xuan a slap on the head, “consignment does not cost ah? Bedding or something, you do not take, take some change of clothes, the rest to that then set on the line.”
“Okay.” Qiu Yu playfully spit out her little tongue, after knowing that her father is saved, her mood is also much more cheerful.
After the final selection, Qiu Yu only brought a suitcase and prepared to go out after disconnecting the water and electricity of the house.
“Brother Zhang, you said, many people can’t come back after leaving the country, why ah?” Qiu Yu asked curiously.
Zhang Xuan touched his nose, “habit, people are such creatures, used to a place, unless forced by the situation, otherwise are reluctant to move, a place to live for a long time, it became home.”
Qiu Yu pursed his lips, pulled the hem of Zhang Xuan’s coat and called out, “Brother Zhang ……”
“Hmm?” Zhang Xuan turned around and looked at Qiu Yu, he always felt that something was wrong with this girl.
Qiu Yu tilted her head and looked at Zhang Xuan’s face, her playful face surfaced a red sweet, she abruptly a little toe, arms wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s neck, that cherry small mouth, towards Zhang Xuan’s big mouth printed up.
Qiu Yu’s action seems very raw, can be seen, her eyes are full of urgency, the whole person very hard, deadly embrace Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan subconsciously froze, and when he reacted, a fragrant entrance.
Qiu Yu’s pretty face is red, let go of Zhang Xuan’s neck, looking at Zhang Xuan, “Zhang brother, you want me, I …… I am afraid that I really get used to it and will not come back, I want to let my heart stay here, I want a person who is most important to me to stay here, so that I am over there, or have a thought. ”
Qiu Yu’s face was red, but firm.
Zhang Xuan’s mouth, there is still the fragrance of Qiu Yu’s lips, Zhang Xuan was just about to speak, Qiu Yu once again took the initiative to pounce, she was even hotter than just now, more active.
The scent belonging to a young girl spreads all over Zhang Xuan’s body, and that seductive and lovely look seems to be a deadly poison that hits one’s brain nerves.
The sweet red skin is enough to make a person engorged with blood.
Qiu Yu’s eyes were bewildered, and the look of being at the mercy of the king would drive one crazy as she took the initiative to claim it.
“Brother Zhang, take me ……”

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