Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 322

An irrational mind filled Zhang Xuan’s heart, and a pair of large hands probed forward.
Just when it was about to touch, Zhang Xuan’s movements suddenly stopped, and his somewhat reddened eyes regained their clarity.
“No, no, no.” Zhang Xuan looked at the tender and lovely in front of him, shook his head hard, he quickly climbed up and rushed into the bathroom, using only a little water left in the water pipe to wake himself up.
Zhang Xuan looked up, looking at himself in the mirror, what’s wrong? How can not even a little temptation can not stand?
Take a deep breath, out of the bathroom, Zhang Xuan saw Qiu Yu has redressed, sitting on the sofa, eyes also a little unnatural.
The behavior just now, the two were too impulsive in that moment.
Seeing Zhang Xuan out, Qiu Yu said in a somewhat stuttered tone, “Brother Zhang, we …… let’s go.”
For what just happened, the two did not mention a word, just the atmosphere between, obviously awkward a lot, all the way back to the hospital, even talk a lot less.
Zhang Xuan sent Qiu Yu to the hospital floor.
“Brother Zhang, you go back, I’ll just go up myself.” Qiu Yu stood in front of the hospital door and waved at Zhang Xuan.
“Good.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head, did not insist on sending Qiu Yu in, saw Qiu Yu enter the hospital gate and then turned to leave.
Qiu Yu walked into the hospital gate, and after ten seconds or so, she reappeared at the hospital entrance, looking at Zhang Xuan’s back, slightly opening her mouth, without making a sound, but through her mouth shape, she could still read the word thank you.
Zhang Xuan returned home, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Lin Qinghan sitting on the sofa, I don’t know why, Zhang Xuan always felt that the house was filled with an eerie atmosphere.
Hearing the door ring, Lin Qinghan sitting on the sofa said without looking back, “Why is the phone off?”
“There is no electricity.” Zhang Xuan took out the phone in his pocket and smiled bitterly, he had just let Qiu Yu pay for the meal.
“No electricity?” Lin Qinghan sneered, obviously did not believe Zhang Xuan’s statement, she asked again, “After you came out of the job fair, what did you go?”
Zhang Xuan replied, “To the hospital.”
Lin Qinghan asked, “Why did you go to the hospital?”
“I didn’t do anything, I went to see a friend.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, he thought that Qiu Yu’s father drank pesticides such things, or not to tell Lin Qinghan good, this woman is cold outside and hot inside, she knows, in her heart will only add worry.
Hearing Zhang Xuan’s answer, Lin Qinghan’s heart, filled with disappointment.
She turned around and looked at Zhang Xuan, in this man, Lin Qinghan saw an unprecedented complexity, what he did before, what he showed, are all false, he said good to me, are lies!
Zhang Xuan was stared at by Lin Qinghan, at this moment, there is a kind of panic, filled in Zhang Xuan’s heart, is the kind of bad premonition, “wife, what’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing.” Lin Qinghan shook her head, revealing a self-deprecating smile, “I’m going to rest.”
Lin Qinghan put on her slippers, not even looking at Zhang Xuan anymore, got up and walked upstairs.
The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.
Lin Qinghan returned to her bedroom, she pulled open the curtains, looking out the window some dim sky, a drop of crystal tears, sliding down her face, she thought she had found someone to rely on, but found that all of this, is just a bubble phantom, now all turned into nothingness.
Lin Qinghan took out her cell phone and dialed her secretary Li Na’s number, “Draw up a divorce contract for me, send it to me in the morning, and book a flight to Duhai by the way.”
Hanging up the phone, Lin Qinghan threw the phone in her hand and lay down on the bed as if she had lost all her strength.
At the same time, Zhang Xuan also lay on the bed in his room, turning his phone on, countless missed calls alert text messages flooded in, all from Lin Qinghan, and the most recent one unread message.
“Honey, where are you, to reward you, how about I treat you to a big meal today?”
Zhang Xuan looked at this message, a burst of self-condemnation rose in his heart, the scene at Qiu Yu’s house today, surfaced in his mind, what happened between himself and Qiu Yu today, is it right to say?
Although he came to his senses at the critical moment, but no matter from which side, or sorry Lin Qinghan, which does not have any external factors, all their own control.
Shake off the head, put aside those who have no thought, to Ou Ren called a phone, said under the matter of Qiu Yu, Ou Ren immediately should be down.
“This girl has a strong sense of self-esteem, do not give her too much help, not when you have to, let her work on her own.” Zhang Xuan said so to Ou Yan.
Lying on the bed, Zhang Xuan looked at the ceiling above him and couldn’t help but sigh a little.
A few minutes later, Zhang Xuan just hung up his cell phone rang, the caller was President Ma.
Zhang Xuan picked up the phone, “President Ma, what’s up?”
“Mr. Zhang, that friend of yours, just secretly took her father and left ……”
“Left? You wait for me, be right there.”
When Zhang Xuan heard the news, he got up from the bed with a carp and ran directly to the hospital.
Ten minutes later, Zhang Xuan was standing in the hospital’s surveillance room.
On the monitor, Zhang Xuan clearly saw that Qiu Yu’s young body, carrying her unconscious father, got into a cab, and the suitcase that Zhang Xuan packed with Qiu Yu today, was still placed in the ward.
Zhang Xuan came to the ward, under the pillow of the hospital bed, Zhang Xuan saw a note, on the note, the handwriting was beautiful, it was left by Qiu Yu.
“Brother Zhang, my father’s situation, I also count know some, what you and President Ma chatted about, I heard everything, thank you for your kind lies, and thank you for taking care of you, this time, I have troubled you too much, but also asked for too much, met you very happy, you are the only thing I left in this city, I wish you happiness, brother Zhang. ”
Zhang Xuan cupped the note in his hand, at the top of the note, there are a few dried tear marks, Zhang Xuan can even think of that girl Qiu Yu, while wiping tears, while writing the note scene.
I still remember the first time I met Qiu Yu, he was the head of security, she was the receptionist, a little teasing her, the girl blushed with shame, not even dare to raise his head.
That kind of scene, like a lifetime ago.
Zhang Xuan folded this note in his hand carefully and put it in his pocket.
“President Ma, get the discharge procedure done, she won’t come back.”
A cab driving away from Yinzhou, Qiu Yu took off his cell phone card, re-registered a social account, looked at his father lying in a coma at his side, tears kept slipping down from his face.
The screen saver on Qiu Yu’s phone was a photo she took with Zhang Xuan at the time.

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