Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 323

The next morning, Zhang Xuan got up from bed, looked at the time, 6:30 am, the sky was already bright.
Zhang Xuan sighed, himself this time, a bit lazy ah, in the past this time boxing are finished, stretched a lazy back, walked out from the room, but unexpectedly found Lin please Han is sitting in the living room.
“Wife, you’re up so early?” Zhang Xuan asked, somewhat surprised.
Lin Invitation Han picked up the still-hot cup of tea on the table and spoke, “There’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“Well, go ahead.” Zhang Xuan sat down across from Lin Linghan.
Lin Please Han looked calm and took out a divorce agreement from behind, “This you sign, we had an agreement at the time, you as our Lin family son-in-law, I can propose a divorce at any time, and you have no right to refuse, I will give you a million to make compensation.”
“Divorce …… divorce?” Zhang Xuan looked at the divorce agreement that was put on the table by Lin Please Han, a bit overwhelmed by the reaction.
“Is there any problem?” Lin Please Han looked at Zhang Xuan, “This is within the agreement, you just do as you are told.”
“This ……” Zhang Xuan picked up the divorce agreement and casually threw it aside, “Wife, is there something wrong, why do you want a divorce?”
“Nothing has happened, just I want to, can’t I?” Lin Please Han stood up and looked at Zhang Xuan, “I will go out for a few days, the agreement you sign, when I come back from outside to do the formalities, these days, you are ready to move out from here.”
Lin Please Han finished speaking, walked to the door of the house and opened the door.
With a roar of the motor, Lin Pleasehan drove away in her red GT.
Not long ago, there was a man sitting on the passenger side of her car, and after that, this man had nothing to do with her anymore.
A kind of indescribable distress spread in the heart of Lin Please Han, she did not shed tears, last night, she has cried enough.
Zhang Xuan sat on the sofa with a foggy head, watching Jiang Jing pass by in front of him, also towards the outside of the house, he hurriedly called Jiang Jing to stop.
“Jiang Jing, do you know what happened to Qing Han her?”
Jiang Jing shook her head, “Not sure, but Lin has been out of sorts since she returned from that old housing area yesterday.”
“The old housing area? Which old housing area?” Zhang Xuan puzzled, could it be that Qing Han met something?
Jiang Jing thought for a moment and replied, “Not far from the Xin Kai Hotel that piece.”
“That piece!” Zhang Xuan immediately realized that it was the place where Qiu Yu’s family lived, “What time did you go?”
Jiang Jing estimated, “About seven o’clock in the afternoon.”
“Seven o’clock ……” Zhang Xuan murmured this time, that is not when he just happened to accompany Qiu Yu to pack things, crap, it can not be a misunderstanding!
Zhang Xuan hastily took out his phone and called Lin Please Han, but there was no answer all the time, and sent a message to Lin Please Han on the social software, but was greeted with a red exclamation mark, he had been deleted by the other party’s friends.
“Mr. Zhang, I’m going out first, ah.” Jiang Jing said hello to Zhang Xuan and drove the car towards the airport, she knew that today Lin Qinghan was going to Duhai.
Zhang Xuan was alone in the house, pacing back and forth, he was sure that when he accompanied Qiu Yu home yesterday, he was definitely seen by Lin Qinghan, she must have misunderstood something.
“No, this has to be explained clearly!” Zhang Xuan quickly dressed, only just opened the door to his home, his anxious face changed violently.
For danger, Zhang Xuan has a sense of foresight far beyond normal people, this is his experience between life and death, in that instant, Zhang Xuan violently a forward roll.
With “tada” two sounds, just where Zhang Xuan just standing, two gunshot holes.
The word “killer” instantly appeared in Zhang Xuan’s mind.
He did not need to distinguish the direction, know where the bullets came from, his eyes skimmed upwards, outside this villa area, is a residential building, at the moment a small high-rise eighth floor, is Zhang Xuan’s target.
That room with curtains drawn, can not see the situation inside.
“Go, get the person out!” Zhang Xuan, who was already in a somewhat bad mood, was easily angered by the killer.
In the third minute after Zhang Xuan said to arrest the person, a figure dressed in black and wearing a ghost-faced mask appeared in front of Zhang Xuan carrying a sturdy man.
It could be seen that this sturdy man’s limbs had been abolished, and blood kept spreading from the corners of his mouth.
The man looked at Zhang Xuan with a resigned look in his eyes, “Heh, heh, I’ve long heard that that woman has an expert protecting her, but in the end, I still underestimated you.”
Zhang Xuan face step forward, a heavy kick in the abdomen of this man, the other side of the face immediately rose into pig liver color, Zhang Xuan this kick, the other side of the internal organs are completely rotten.
A kick down, Zhang Xuan as if a lot of relief, expressionless look at this stout man, “pick a place to bury.”
The figure dressed in black and wearing a ghost face mask nodded, lifted the waist of the sturdy man’s pants with one hand and quickly left.
Zhang Xuan stood at the entrance of the courtyard and called Bai Chi, “I need to know now, the specifics of that family in Yanjing surnamed Su.”
“Boss, are you going to do it?”
“Well, book that recent flight.” Zhang Xuan’s tone was firm.
“Boss, I think it’s better if you don’t take the plane.” Bai Chi suggested on the phone, “According to the news, those people have noticed your existence, just not clear about your real identity, you have to go directly to the past, nothing can be found out, act covertly, the plane control is very strict in China, not good to do tampering, I will arrange it.”
“Okay, wait for your news.” For Bai Chi’s suggestion, Zhang Xuan is still very much adopted, he is not a person who is bent on having his own way.
The reason why the Island of Light is strong is not because of a person’s strength, but the strength of the team, is a small thing, through the team to operate, the effect achieved, is completely two concepts.
What Bai Chi arranged for Zhang Xuan was to leave Ning Province through a bus and then take a train from An City.
Now Zhang Xuan’s every move, are being watched, Bai Chi they know, but can not do anything, once they will be the other party’s eyes out, it will alarm the snake.
Zhang Xuan’s departure time, set in the evening.
After determining this matter, Zhang Xuan rushed to Lin’s first time, to find Lin Qinghan to explain yesterday’s matter, the results learned that Lin Qinghan has embarked on a plane to Duhai, when to return, Li Na is not sure.
Zhang Xuan, who learned this news, stood powerlessly in front of the company door, looking very lost.
In the afternoon, Wang Congfeng took the initiative to come to Lin’s Group, found Zhang Xuan, and took out a contract of gratuitous gift of equity.

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