Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 34

“No.” Secretary Li’s voice rang out over the phone, “She said that it was her personal friend, not an expert hired by the industry, and she wouldn’t give us the contact information without permission unless that person agreed, but she said she could help us ask that person what they meant.”
“I’ll go pour water.” Zhang Xuan dried Lin Qinghan’s pair of jade feet and walked away with the water basin.
Lin Qinghan’s long legs curled up on the sofa, willow frown tighter, “Qin Rou this person, although I have not dealt with her too much, but her person in the industry is still a point of view, since she said to help us ask, should be no problem, really want to know ah, in the end, what kind of person, to help her come up with a bombing mountain such a road, so that a third-rate enterprises, all of a sudden across the Yinzhou City The biggest potential stock!”
When Zhang Xuan finished pouring water and came, Lin Qinghan had already hung up the phone.
“Mr. Lin, is there anything I can do to help? In fact, I know a little bit about business matters, so I might be able to help you with your advice.” Zhang Xuan said to Lin Qinghan as he poured the tea.
“No need.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, “There are some favors that you can’t help.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan helplessly responded, “Then I’ll go to bed first, you also rest early.”
The night passed, the next morning, Zhang Xuan was pouting, skillfully wiping the floor when he saw Lin Qinghan rushed out of the room, casually washing up, and went out to drive away.
“What’s so urgent?” Zhang Xuan gave a puzzled cry, heard the phone ringing in his pocket, took out his phone and saw that it was Qin Rou sending himself a WeChat.
“Zhang Xuan, are you awake?” Qin Rou brought a questioning expression.
“Well, what’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan replied while scrubbing the floor.
“There is a business friend, her company has some difficulties, want me to help ask you, would you like to show her a clear path, she will also pay you a considerable amount of compensation.” Qin Rou straightforwardly said the matter out.
“No.” Zhang Xuan refused without even thinking about it.
An ordinary residential building, wearing a white bathrobe Qin Rou, is sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, enjoying the early morning sunlight, the sunlight sprinkled on her body, like a holy angel, Qin Rou looked at the phone, when she saw Zhang Xuan did not even think about sending the three words unwilling, heart surprisingly some snickers, this feeling as if, Zhang Xuan only for her to do one thing.
This kind of thought, let Qin Rou’s pretty face emerged a red sweet, long time to fade away.
Lin’s Group, the red Mercedes GT drove directly to the company gate, Lin Qinghan opened the door and walked towards the company in a breeze.
Secretary Li Na had long been waiting here, her face covered with anxiety, “General Lin, you’re here.”
“Is there any news?” Lin Qinghan swept past Li Na with an anxious face, walked into the elevator, and pressed the number for the top floor.
Li Na hurriedly followed, shaking her head, “There’s news from Mr. Qin’s side, she said that the man doesn’t want to help us.”
“Phew!” Lin Qinghan took a long breath, “Okay, tell us about General Fang, what does he mean?”
“According to reliable information, now together with us, there are at least seven companies wanting to reach cooperation with Mr. Fang, and the proposals put forward have all been approved by Mr. Fang, so far Mr. Fang has not yet completely decided which one to cooperate with.” Lina flipped through the documents in her hand.
The elevator rose to the seventh floor, Lin Qinghan directly lit up the icon of the eighth floor, the elevator stopped running in the next second, and the door opened with a “ding” sound.
“Mr. Lin, what’s this?” Li Na looked at Lin Qinghan with a puzzled face.
“Where is Mr. Fang, I’ll go find him.” Lin Qinghan walked out of the elevator and then pressed the elevator next to her, her gaze firm.
“The painting exhibition.”
Yinzhou City, in the past two years, has received strong official support, and its economic development has also been promoted by leaps and bounds, just from various exhibitions every year, one after another.
Today, Yinzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, parked countless luxury cars, nearly a thousand security personnel distributed here, each with a grim expression, because they know that today they are protecting things, each of them is worth a fortune, those famous paintings passed down from ancient times to the present, some of them are usually stored in museums.
Fang Zhou, the largest investor in the entire Ning Province, he has made his fortune, to now famous, the only thing he has done is one, investment, rumor has it that behind him there is an official shadow, any enterprise that can reach cooperation with him, will earn a lot of money, who wants to be able to cooperate with Fang Zhou, that in the business circle, the status of the boat is also rising.
It is not exaggerated to say that in Yinzhou, only two people can influence the business circle, one is Lin Zhengnan, the leading brother who led the entrepreneurs in Yinzhou to fight a world, and the other is Fang Zhou.
Fang Zhou age fifty, 1.7 meters tall, the whole person looks very spiritual, he loves the exhibition, the reason why so many luxury cars can be parked outside the Convention and Exhibition Center today, it is all for Fang Zhou.
Milan was wearing a red and white sportswear standing at the entrance of the convention center looking out, Lin Qinghan’s figure was gradually enlarged in Milan’s pupils.
“I say Qing Han, you wear this professional clothes to come, is a person can see your purpose ah, more or less also pretend a little, and then cast a good thing to do, today that Fang Zhou surrounded by people.” Milan looked at his best friend, a trace of helplessness in his eyes.
“It doesn’t matter.” Lin Qinghan full of care shook his head, with a hand will be a hair in the back of the head up, “I do things like this, cooperation is cooperation, the program in front of his eyes, go.”
Lin Qinghan took the invitation from Milan’s hand and walked directly into the convention center.
Milan looked at Lin Qinghan’s back, anxiously stomped his feet, thought for two seconds, heart a ruthless, called Zhang Xuan to go, “Zhang Xuan, quickly come to the exhibition center!”
This Yinzhou Exhibition, a collection of famous paintings from all generations of Chinese people, as well as some emerging painters, famous Chinese painters, the scene is huge.
“This one is good, ask how much it costs and frame it.” Fang Zhou, dressed in dark blue casual regular clothes, carefully surveyed each painting, praise and regret appeared in his eyes from time to time.
Fang Zhou’s female secretary followed him, not saying a word all the way, carefully recording every word that Fang Zhou said.
“Hey, this one ……” Ark paused in front of an ancient painting and examined it carefully, “This one, I remember seeing it once, three years ago.”
“Indeed.” Fang Zhou’s secretary spoke for the first time since entering the museum, “This winter plum, three years ago, appeared in the Duhai Exhibition Hall, when it was auctioned off by us for four million seven hundred thousand.”
“Strange, then what about this one?” Fang Zhou looked at the painting carefully, the paper used was Xuan paper, due to time, the paper was already a bit yellowed, and the ink color was also lighter, but with Fang Zhou’s experience, he could still tell that this painting, was the real one.
“Go contact the organizer.” Fang Zhou waved his hand at the secretary.
The secretary nodded.

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