Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 331

Two days of travel, not long, not short, and so it passed.
In the past two days, Zhang Xuan has been calling Lin Please Han, but Zhang Xuan found that Lin Please Han seems to have blacked out his number, whenever he called, his phone was turned off, and on the social networking software, Zhang Xuan also sent out numerous friend requests, but none of them passed.
Zhang Xuan sighed and turned off his phone, his number, when he arrived in Yanjing, could not be used, it was easy to be found out.
For those big families, a little wind and grass can enter their eyes, although Zhang Xuan is powerful, but the opponent is not stupid, if Zhang Xuan uses Yinzhou’s number again, at this time, the opponent can easily associate him.
The train arrived at Yanjing Station at 7:00 pm.
During these two days of travel, Zhu Ling pulled Zhang Xuan to chat every day and got along quite well.
“Little brother, let’s go, treat you to a nice meal, and by the way, introduce a beautiful sister to you, I’ll tell you, I’m quite righteous.” Zhu Ling patted his small chest and made a bolder expression.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
After encountering the killer on the train, Zhang Xuan thought about contacting the Zhu family’s people and asking them to protect the little princess in the family, what identity the killer was, Zhang Xuan didn’t know, he couldn’t possibly watch this old friend’s jewel in the palm of his hand be in danger.
Zhu Ling jumped ahead of Zhang Xuan, went out of the train station and called a car.
“Master, go to the third road.”
Road number three?
As soon as Zhang Xuan heard this address, he could think of who was the sister Zhu Ling said he had introduced to him.
Nangong Yu!
The eldest lady of the Nangong family.
When Zhu Ling came to Yanjing, she was the one he could look for.
Unlike a small third-tier city like Yinzhou, a place like Yanjing can be called a crouching tiger hiding a dragon, whether it’s the Su family, or the Nangong family, both have the background of ancient martial arts families.
The third road is in the center of Yanjing, the cab stopped in front of a neighborhood named Fu Cheng.
Zhang Xuan looked at the door of this community, the word atmosphere unconsciously sprang up in the bottom of his heart.
The arch stone gate can accommodate ten people walking side by side, on both sides of the gate, there is a stone lion, lifelike.
Government City in the whole Yanjing, are quite famous neighborhood, the house here, the average price per square meter are around 95,000, let people deter, live here, the people are rich or noble.
Zhu Ling, carrying her small bag, stood in front of the community and waited.
Not long after, a tall and beautiful woman appeared in Zhang Xuan’s sight.
A black hair draped behind the head, with each step she took, hair will be gently jumping, she wore a long white dress with Chinese style, hair temples with a silver and white jade hairpin, such a style, if others spread out, will certainly attract a peculiar eyes, but in her body, but let people do not feel a little twisted, but rather feel that such a woman, should be so dressed, she carries the aura, giving people the feeling of only one word, immortal.
The woman walked up to Zhu Ling and spoke softly, her voice like an empty valley orchid, like water like a song, “Zhu girl, you ran out again without your grandfather’s knowledge, right?”
The woman’s clear and bright pupils, brilliant as stars, smiled slightly, her eyes narrowed into a crescent shape, as if the spiritual rhythm in that moon were flowing out.
Zhu Ling cute pout, little face is full of aggression, “the old man and not let me out to play, I can only sneak out by myself, sister Yu, you can not tell my grandfather ah.”
“You ah.” Nangong Yu stretched out his jade finger and gently nodded Zhu Ling’s forehead, “When will you not let your grandfather worry about it.”
Zhu Ling playfully spat out her little tongue, “Right sister Yu, this is little brother Zhang Xuan.”
Nangong Yu stretched his hand at Zhang Xuan, “Hello, I’m Nangong Yu.”
“Hello.” Zhang Xuan gently hold Nangong Yu’s catkins, looking at the other party’s impeccable face, counting, nearly three years have not seen her ah.
Zhang Xuan can still clearly remember the last time he saw Nangong Yu, she did not have a little Miss Nangong look, dead set on lifting his mask, and even to death, in the end Zhang Xuan did not take off the mask, but also asked her a sentence, see the hell walkers have to die, do you want to die?
Zhang Xuan can even recall Nangong Yu’s scared expression at that time.
“Little brother Zhang Xuan, what are you snickering about?” Zhu Ling cocked his head and looked at Zhang Xuan with a curious face.
“Did I?” Zhang Xuan hurriedly collected the smile on his face, just thinking about the previous events, unconsciously laughed out.
“Of course there is, the smile can be obvious, you are not fascinated by sister Yu, tell you, sister Yu does not have a boyfriend oh.” Zhu Ling kept giving Zhang Xuan a wink.
Nangong Yu reached out and slapped Zhu Ling’s forehead, “You girl, you like to make fun of me, say it, want to eat which meal.”
Zhu Ling’s head shook like a rattle, “I do not eat a big meal, I want to go to see the fight.”
Nangong Yu heard this, helplessly sighed, “girl, you do not eat, your friends always have to eat it, and after eating, or let your friends go to rest early, we go to see the fight, how?”
Zhu Ling looked at Zhang Xuan, just wanted to say yes, but Zhang Xuan took the lead, “It’s okay, I happen to be not hungry, let’s go watch the fight first, and eat afterwards.”
When Zhang Xuan finished this sentence, it was obvious to see that Nangong Yu’s face became somewhat unattractive.
Just now Nangong Yu said that sentence means that this so-called fight, do not want to take Zhang Xuan to.
The things of the ancient martial family are something that ordinary people do not understand, and people from the ancient martial family will not bring ordinary people to participate in it.
If Zhang Xuan did not encounter the two killers before, he did not bother to go with these two girls to see what the fight, that ancient martial arts family disciples, although the fight was intense, but in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, or just like children playing house.
But now know Zhu Ling is in danger, Zhang Xuan naturally can not just leave, and when Zhu family people came, when he left.
Zhu Ling looked at Nangong Yu with some difficulty, “Sister Yu, why don’t we just go together?”
“Ai.” Nangong Yu sighed, “really convinced you, then let’s go.”
The place where Zhu Ling said to watch the fight was not some hidden place, but a fight club.
The members of this fight club, almost all of them are disciples of ancient martial arts families.
Like a normal consortium, to see if the younger generation has a future, are to look at the younger generation’s business acumen, political acumen, etc., but the ancient martial family, strength determines everything, every disciple of the ancient martial family, their biggest goal, is to make themselves strong.

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