Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 35

Soon, a middle-aged male in a suit trotted over, and obviously, this middle-aged male knew Fang Zhou.
“Hello, Mr. Fang, I am the person in charge of this exhibition, Zhang Qiang.” Zhang Qiang took the initiative to extend his hand to Fang Zhou.
“Hello, I would like to ask about this painting, is it a real painting, or a high imitation?” Fang Zhou pointed at the winter plum in front of him. On the painting, there was only one cold plum, which fell alone in the middle of the paper, giving people a lonely and proud mood.
“The real one.” Zhang Qiang did not even think to give a reply, “this winter plum, is the masterpiece of the Tang Dynasty Yan, passed down to this day, we got the official identification results before taking out the display, is indeed the real thing, Mr. Fang if interested, later there will be a charity auction about this painting.”
“A real painting?” Fang Zhou’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed.
At this moment, a clear voice sounded behind Fang Zhou.
“Mr. Fang.”
Fang Zhou followed the voice and looked, “General Lin, what a coincidence, you also came to see the painting exhibition?”
As Fang Zhou spoke, he deliberately took a glance at the professional suit Lin Qinghan was wearing.
“Came to talk to Mr. Fang about cooperation.” Lin Qinghan stood in front of Fang Zhou and said straightforwardly.
Fang Zhou laughed lightly and said: “Mr. Lin, according to reason, I don’t talk about work at such times, but because your grandfather was kind to me, I’ll make an exception, to be honest, the cooperation plan given by your Lin’s is not the best among all. Unless you can come up with a better cooperation plan, I think we will have to cooperate next time.”
Lin Qinghan willow brows wrinkled, “Mr. Fang, our Lin’s situation, I believe you also know, this program, although in the short term can not bring you the maximum profit, but in the long run ……”
“Stop.” Fang Zhou gestured a gesture, “General Lin, you know, I do venture capital, a are short term investment, long-term interests, I never look at.”
“Mr. Fang, I ……” Lin Qinghan was about to say something else when he felt someone pull himself behind him, turned around and saw that it was his best friend Milan, and beside Milan, Zhang Xuan ran over at some point.
“Mr. Fang, we’ll talk later.” Lin Qinghan hurriedly greeted Fang Zhou, then walked to Zhang Xuan and whispered, “Why are you here?”
“I called him here, I say Qing Han, you know that Fang Zhou likes Chinese painting, and your husband specializes in this area, why don’t you throw yourself at him?” Milan had a reproachful face.
“I!” Lin Qinghan wanted to say something but stopped, she looked at Zhang Xuan, and then looked at Milan, not knowing how to explain, she couldn’t tell Milan the girl the truth, right?
“Okay, I see, just let Zhang Xuan go and deal with Ark first, if he can talk to Ark, then you can tell him with love and reason and forget about it.” Milan advised.
Lin Qinghan subconsciously looked at Zhang Xuan, but saw that Zhang Xuan had already walked towards the Ark, Lin Qinghan sighed, whether Zhang Xuan knew how to paint or not, she was clear, what use could he come?
Zhang Xuan walked to the side of the ark, eyes narrowed, looking at the painting in front of him, “the winter plum of master Yan in the Tang Dynasty? The ink color is a little light ah.”
“You know how to paint?” Fang Zhou heard Zhang Xuan’s voice and looked at it quite unexpectedly, in this exhibition, many famous paintings did not indicate their provenance, those who could see the source of the painting at a glance were those who knew the painting.
“Of course I understand, haha!” A loud laugh rang out, but not from Zhang Xuan, but from another person.
Song Tao walked with big steps, and said aloud while walking, “Mr. Fang, this Mr. Zhang Xuan Zhang, is none other than Mr. Lin’s husband, who is also an artist, specializing in Chinese painting, I think you two should have a lot of common language ah.”
Song Tao finished, a subtle dark smile flashed in his eyes, artist? Really can blow, if Wang Shao did not tell me, I really did not know that this is a door-to-door son-in-law for money!
“Oh?” Fang Zhou looked at Zhang Xuan with great interest, appreciation appeared in his eyes, because nowadays there are fewer and fewer people who are still keen on Chinese painting, “Mr. Zhang, you are engaged in Chinese painting?”
“Slightly understand some.” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hung a smile and nodded.
“In that case, Mr. Zhang, can you tell if this painting, is it Master Yan’s real work?” Fang Zhou pointed at the winter plum in front of him and asked.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze swept a few eyes over the painting in front of him, before speaking, “Mr. Fang, what answer do you want? Do you want to hear if it’s real, or fake? Hahahaha!”
Zhang Xuan laughed and turned to leave, leaving such an ambiguous answer.
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan’s performance, helplessly shook his head, and did not blame Zhang Xuan, Chinese painting this thing, itself is profound and profound, unlike the Western food etiquette those, only need simple training to understand a little, it is to rely on the accumulation of years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.
Milan is also surprised, what is the situation? Does he not understand? It shouldn’t be!
During this period of time, Milan has been thinking about how to break down Zhang Xuan, this emotional liar, but today, she is how much she hopes that this liar can understand a little more, and talk to Mr. Fang, because Milan knows how much crisis Lin Qinghan’s company, now facing, there are internal and external problems.
Fang Zhou frowned and watched Zhang Xuan’s back as he left without speaking.
“Mr. Fang, it seems that this Mr. Zhang Xuan, is also just a name in vain, how to say, Lin Qinghan this person, too commercial, some things fictionalized is normal, for example, she told me that her husband is engaged in Chinese painting.” Song Tao came to Fang Zhou, “Mr. Fang, introduce yourself, I am Song Tao, entrusted by others, to let Mr. Fang see the true face of some people, do not be confused by what benefactor’s offspring.”
In the lounge of the exhibition, Zhang Xuan sat in front of a small round table holding a glass of ice-cold cola.
Milan and Lin Qinghan sat across from him respectively.
“Zhang Xuan, aren’t you in Chinese painting, do you know anything about it or not? Milan looked at Zhang Xuan who was still in the mood to drink Coke here, and was anxious.
On the contrary, Lin Qinghan, looked calm, because she clearly knew that Zhang Xuan did not know Chinese painting, if her proposal was not seen by Ark, then this cooperation was out of the question.
“Ah hiccup.”
A large mouthful of iced cola went down, and only then did Zhang Xuan open his mouth, “That painting, how can I say it, is a real painting and not a real painting.”
“What do you mean?” Milan was confused.
“You can’t understand it even if you say it.” Zhang Xuan took another large sip of cola, and when he saw that Milan was anxious again, he hurriedly said, “Right, wait, there is a charity auction, right? Let’s go and take a look.”
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

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