Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 351

“Grandpa, come on, collect these, and we’ll have money to eat.” The little boy picked up a ground of rose petals and waved his hand behind him.
A stooped old man, also dressed in rags, dirty, and holding a snakeskin sack, walked out of the crowd.
The little boy filled the ground with rose petals, and kept filling it towards the snakeskin sack.
In the blink of an eye, a ground of rose petals, completely disappeared.
“Uncle, can I receive money now?” The little boy opened his eyes wide and looked at Zhang Xuan with anticipation.
“Go!” Zhang Xuan rubbed the little boy’s head, “Receive 100,000, I said!”
“Yeah!” The little boy once again cheered, took his grandfather’s hand and ran to the Lin’s group to collect the money.
Ke Bin stood aside, looking at his carefully prepared confession, so destroyed by someone, his face gloomy as if it could drip water.
“Do you know who I am? Do you know that you have angered me!” Ke Bin glared at Zhang Xuan.
“Huh? You haven’t left yet?” Zhang Xuan looked at Ke Bin curiously, “Why are you standing here, waiting for me to keep you for lunch?”
Zhang Xuan’s words made Ke Bin’s face even more ugly, in front of so many people, to make himself so embarrassed!
Ke Bin reached out and pointed at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, good, you’re good, I’ll make you mad! There’s time for you to cry, let’s go!”
With a wave of his hand, Ke Bin turned around and left.
“Wait! Wait before you leave!” Zhang Xuan suddenly spoke out, calling out to stop Ke Bin.
Ke Bin stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked at Zhang Xuan, “What, did you think about it?”
“No, I just want to show you some love.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth and smiled, then wrapped his arms around Lin Qinghan, Lin Qinghan had not yet reacted to what was going on, the cherry mouth, was blocked by a large mouth.
Zhang Xuan’s strong kiss caused a scream to ring out from the Lin’s building.
Ke Bin’s face, already cloudy black.
“Kid, you fucking wait to die!” Ke Bin shouted, turned around, and walked away without looking back.
Zhang Xuan did not pay attention to Ke Bin, now his mind, all on the woman in front of him, Zhang Xuan this kiss, is not that slapdash, but full of deep love.
The woman’s face is red with shame because of the screams around her.
Under Zhang Xuan’s slow attack, Lin Qinghan’s hands, slowly wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s tiger waist.
The screams kept ringing out, and when Zhang Xuan felt the woman’s breathing was a little shortness, he moved his mouth away fondly, and then looked, the woman’s stunning face, at this time like a ripe apple, so that people could not help but want to bite.
“It looks like I came back just in time.” Zhang Xuan smiled at the woman and winked.
“It’s better if you die outside!” The woman’s pink fist hammered on Zhang Xuan’s chest.
“Haha!” Zhang Xuan laughed twice, “I have to die outside, who will help you chase away these pesky flies.”
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face was so red that she didn’t dare to raise her head.
“One more kiss, one more kiss!” A coaxing voice rang out from the crowd of onlookers.
As soon as Lin Qinghan heard this voice, he pushed Zhang Xuan away and ran into the company door as if he was running away.
In the crowd, a burst of laughter rang out.
Zhang Xuan, like a movie star walking on the red carpet, waved at the crowd and then chased into the company.
The scene just now, Lin’s employees also all saw in the eyes, when Lin Qinghan ran in, everyone intentionally or unintentionally averted their eyes, as if they did not see anything.
“Wife, you wait for me, wait for me ah.” Zhang Xuan shouted while chasing, he did not shout it was okay, this shout, Lin Qinghan walked faster.
The good thing is that the elevator did not stop at the first floor, Zhang Xuan caught up with Lin Qinghan in front of the elevator entrance.
“Wife, I am not in these days you miss me?” Zhang Xuan bared his yah, with a playful look.
Lin Qinghan still blushing face white Zhang Xuan a glance, “did not think.”
“Ding” sound, the elevator door opened, Lin Qinghan first into the elevator, Zhang Xuan also licked his face and followed.
The original plan to take this class of elevator upstairs, all have the sense to wait outside.
“Go, why don’t you go?” Lin Qinghan looked at the employee standing at the elevator door and asked strangely.
The employee made an excuse, “That Mr. Lin, you guys go first, I’m waiting for customers on the first floor.”
The elevator went smoothly all the way to the top floor.
Lin Qinghan took a big step towards the office, Zhang Xuan followed behind Lin Qinghan.
Outside the president’s office was the secretary’s office.
When Zhang Xuan passed by Li Na’s office, he deliberately said loudly, “Secretary Li, help me throw this divorce agreement into the shredder and stir it for three hours.”
Lin Qinghan, who was originally walking in large strides, subconsciously slowed down her steps when she heard the four words of divorce agreement, and then walked quickly into the office.
Lin Qinghan such a small action, naturally did not escape Zhang Xuan’s line of sight, he smiled heatedly, followed the office, and locked the office door.
“What’s the point of unlocking the door?” Back in this space where no one else was, Lin Qinghan looked much more normal and the redness on her pretty face had receded.
“I don’t want our two-person world to be disturbed.”
“Who has a two-person world with you!” Lin Qinghan snapped, “Please go out, I want to work!”
“Let’s clear up the misunderstanding first and then work.” Zhang Xuan came to his desk, “Honey, is there something between us that we haven’t understood?”
“No.” Lin Qinghan changed her expression and shook her head.
Lin Qinghan had to admit that Zhang Xuan’s sudden appearance today made her happy, but what happened that day would still make her feel angry.
“Really?” Zhang Xuan looked unconvinced.
“No, go away.” Lin Qinghan shook her head decisively.
“Ai, okay.” Zhang Xuan sighed, “Then I’ll go buy food and make something you like to eat.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he walked towards the office door.
When Zhang Xuan’s hand was about to touch the door handle, Lin Qinghan’s voice rang out, “Wait, I suddenly thought of something that you might know.”
Zhang Xuan turned around, “Wife, you say.”
“The business department that Qiu Yu, not always and you have a good relationship, she suddenly disappeared this time, no one can contact, the company looked for people to go to her home, there is no one at home, do you know where she went?” Lin Qinghan deliberately showed a casual look of asking.
Zhang Xuan sighed, really angry because of this matter ah.
He waved his hand and said to Lin Qinghan: “That girl Qiu Yu has left and will not come back.”
“Gone? Where to?”
Zhang Xuan face regret, “to take her father to see a doctor, I did not say the other day to the hospital, is to see Uncle Qiu, the last time Qiu Yu home, you know, Uncle Qiu he drank pesticides ……”

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