Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 37

Fang Zhou looked at the youth on the stage, at the moment when the other party tore off the scroll, he felt that he was like a drowning person, suddenly pulled to the shore, feeling that everything, suddenly became beautiful.
Also at this moment, Ark suddenly understood the other party’s intention, he stood up and looked at the stage, “You spend five million, buy an imitation, the purpose is to make me feel better in my heart, so that I can cooperate with you?”
Zhang Xuan held out a finger, “A total of two points, you are right about one point, I tear this painting, indeed, I want to make you feel better in your heart, a collector, how difficult it is when caught in the dilemma of authenticity, I know very well, I want to use this method, in exchange for a chance for our cooperation.”
A smile appeared on Fang Zhou’s face, “You said there were two points, I was right about the first point, what about the second point?”
The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hooked, his gaze was like a torch, staring at Fang Zhou, “Who told you that this painting is a fake?”
“What! You!” Fang Zhou’s face showed a look of shock.
Zhang Xuan walked off the stage and stood in front of Fang Zhou, “This painting in my hand, is the real one, and the one at your home, is equally real.”
“Hahahaha, what a big joke!” Song Tao, who was sitting not far from Ark, laughed out loud, “According to your meaning, Master Yan of the Tang Dynasty, painted a total of two winter plum, both passed down to the present?”
Zhang Xuan glared at Song Tao, “Do not take your ignorance, here condescending, let people laugh.”
Song Tao was stunned by Zhang Xuan’s words, and then his face was filled with anger, he, a son-in-law of the Lin family, dared to talk about me?
“I’m ignorant? Fine, I’d like to hear you say how I’m ignorant, you said both paintings are authentic, so you’re not ignorant?”
“Xuan paper.” Zhang Xuan raised the hands of the scrap of paper, “know Chinese painting people know, Xuan paper is divided into, raw Xuan, cooked Xuan, semi-cooked Xuan three, and there are sandwiched Xuan, two layers, three layers, if the sandwiched Xuan Qin water, slowly separated, can be a Xuan paper, divided into two, the Tang Dynasty painting master Yan master, the force through the back of the paper, he made the painting, even if the paper is divided into two, its brush power to do the The painting, can also be clearly printed on the second layer of rice paper, so, both are authentic, Mr. Fang, if I’m not mistaken, the winter plum at your home, the paper color yellowing serious, but the ink color is a few points heavier than this one, right?”
Fang Zhou pondered for two seconds and nodded, “Indeed, the winter plum at my home, the ink color is much darker than this one.”
“That’s because, the one you have at home, is a single layer, while this one, is laminated.”
“Pretending!” Song Tao snorted coldly, “There are so many famous paintings in the world, this is the first time I’ve heard this kind of statement!”
“That’s why you’re ignorant.” Zhang Xuan gave Song Tao a disdainful look, how could he not see that this man was a shit-stirrer.
“Bullshit! I see, this is just an excuse you made for yourself! Mr. Fang, don’t believe him!”
Fang Zhou’s face was puzzled, and he didn’t know if he should believe this Zhang Xuan.
“Mr. Fang, Mr. Fang, you’re really here, I hope I’m not too late!” A slightly aged voice suddenly sounded.
Looking at the voice, the owner of the voice was an old man with white hair.
“Master Sun?” When Fang Zhou saw the old man, his face was quite surprised, “Master Sun, aren’t you in the capital, why have you come to Yinzhou?”
“Hey, it’s all because of a painting, do you still remember the winter plum? Three years ago, I had appraised a painting that you bought, and some time ago, I appraised it again, and at that time I thought that you, Mr. Fang, wanted to sell it, but on second thought, there were some discrepancies between that painting and the one you bought, so I rushed here, wondering if I could meet the buyer and explain it to him.”
“Explain what?” Fang Zhou asked.
“Explain, the world, there are two winter plum, the winter plum painting paper, is the folder Xuan, can be divided into two through the water, ancient master Yan, force through the paper, when the paper is divided into two, the world, there are two winter plum, a color, a color light, but both are real!” What Master Sun said, and just Zhang Xuan said, exactly the same.
“This!” Fang Zhou opened his mouth wide and looked at Zhang Xuan.
“There is still a piece of winter plum in the world, and it is unique at Mr. Fang’s place.” Zhang Xuan unclenched his clenched fist.
That one piece of winter plum fragment, from Zhang Xuan’s hand, slowly floated down to the ground, and as these shreds of paper floated down, the smile on Fang Zhou’s face, became more and more obvious.
As for Song Tao, that face was as ugly as it could be, he felt that he had once again become a clown, a green leaf that set off the red flower.
“Hahahaha, Mr. Zhang, I have to say, your approach, indeed, makes my heart much smoother, for businessmen like me who only look at short term gains, don’t even have to look over the horizon to see the benefits.” Fang Zhou eyes approvingly patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, followed by looking at Lin Qinghan, “Mr. Lin, the short-term profit of this cooperation, your husband has already let me see, so next, let’s talk about the long-term profit.”
Lin Qinghan’s beautiful pupils revealed a refined aura, “Thank you, Mr. Fang.”
“Thank me for what, I can only say that you two, husband and wife, are really great, great, hahaha!” Fang Zhou gave a thumbs up.
Lin Qinghan appeared elated inside, this elation, a small part was because of the initial cooperation reached with Fang Zhou, and a bigger one was because, Zhang Xuan really solved this matter!
After coming out of the exhibition, Milan left first because he still had something to do, and there were only Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan on the way home.
Lin Qinghan drove and Zhang Xuan sat on the passenger side.
“How do you know all this stuff about Chinese painting?” Lin Qinghan gave Zhang Xuan a sidelong glance and continued driving.
“I ……” Zhang Xuan raised his phone and was about to speak.
“Don’t tell me you looked it up, the internet doesn’t have so many things for you to look up, and you dared to take the liberty of shooting it for five million and then tearing it up just based on the information you looked up online to conclude that the painting was authentic?” Lin Qinghan raised his eyebrows.
“Hehehe.” Zhang Xuan gave a dry laugh, “Mr. Lin, you found out, indeed I didn’t check it out, it was when I came here before, I overheard that Master Sun mention a mouthful, saying that there are two winter plums in the world, so I wrote it down.”
“So that’s how it is.” Lin Qinghan nodded and gave Zhang Xuan an approving glance, “It looks like your observation and memory are not bad.”
“Thank you, Mr. Lin, for the compliment.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head, his heart was happy, a man, will do things even better, just want to get his woman’s approval.
The vehicle drove to Seaside Water Township, this is the first time Lin Qinghan deliberately sent Zhang Xuan home, and after Zhang Xuan got off, Lin Qinghan rushed towards the company in the wind and began to draw up the cooperation plan with Ark.

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