Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 38

With a smile on his face, Zhang Xuan watched Lin Qinghan drive away until the tail lights disappeared from Zhang Xuan’s sight, and the smile on Zhang Xuan’s face was gone.
Zhang Xuan stood in front of the villa compound and questioned into the void, “Did you find out who sent that Song Tao?”
From the day of the concert, Zhang Xuan could see that Song Tao was not right. With his experience and experience, what that Song Tao did in front of him was like a childish child.
“It’s the Lord Mother’s cousin, Lin Wei.” In the void, such a low voice resounded, and if someone deliberately observed, they would find that it was impossible to lock the source of this voice.
“So it’s him.” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hooked up a smile, “Don’t bother, just a bunch of jumping clowns, my wife is completely able to handle it, you guys continue to observe, after the failure of Dark Night, it is estimated that there will be other organizations sending people to Yinzhou City.”
“Understood.” The low voice sounded and fell, as if it had never appeared.
Zhang Xuan looked at the time and walked towards the outside of the district, his account with that association organization, has not been settled yet.
The people who are familiar with Zhang Xuan know that he is not a person who likes to cause trouble, but is definitely a person who is bound to retaliate for flaws, but anyone who messes with Zhang Xuan, either has the ability to make Zhang Xuan afraid, or pay a painful price, the former so far, have not appeared.
Who would have thought that a son-in-law of the Lin family, his ears and eyes, is able to cover the globe.
Zhang Xuan first sent a positioning to Han gentle, told this cynical police girl that he was staying well at home, and then headed to the Night Bar.
The night bar, it is now 3:00 p.m., not yet open for business, but the bar hall is full of people.
The Green Leaf Society, in Yinzhou City, can be said to be the largest underground society, with thousands of members.
The entire night bar smoky, in the center of the bar hall on the card seat, sitting three middle-aged men, these three, is the three leaders of the Green Leaf Society.
The boss of the Green Leaf Society, nicknamed Lei Gong, this nickname is related to his thunderous style of action.
The second leopard head, but also the green leaf society double flower red stick, it can be said that the green leaf society one-third of the power, all rely on the leopard head with two fists to fight down.
The third viper, the most vicious, his degree of viciousness, even let the people on the road usually chatting about him, will be a cold shiver.
At this moment, Lei Gong is tightly frowning, not saying a word, smoking a cigarette, the ashtray in front of him has been stuffed with cigarette butts.
“Brother, what’s there to worry about, if that kid dares to come again, I’ll waste him!” The head of the leopard stretched out his sturdy arm and patted his chest.
“Second brother, it’s not as simple as you think.” Viper leaned back on the sofa, he had a dirty braid, “Big brother and I received news that the ones who have been inquiring about our Green Leaf Society in the past two days are not simple goods, among them is the shadow of Black Thunder.”
“Black Thunder?” The panther head’s face changed, “You mean, the leading underground society in the whole Ning Province?”
“Not bad.” Lei Gong nodded and put out the cigarette in his hand, “This time we moved, it’s the Lin family, with the Lin family’s identity, it’s not impossible to invite Black Thunder, if that’s the case, we must be prepared to fight a hard battle.”
The head of the leopard took a deep breath, and then slapped the glass table in front of him, this slap down, so that the table cracked from his palm, “Damn, come on, it’s just a black thunder, this Yinzhou City, is the territory of our green leaves, not their black thunder can spread wild places.”
The head of the leopard’s voice just fell, heard a heavy bang, the night bar locked door, was kicked open from the outside.
In this instant, almost all eyes, looked toward the bar door, which in the bar hall of the Green Leaf Society members, at least a hundred and fifty people.
At the entrance of the bar, Zhang Xuan, wearing a white undershirt, beach pants, and flip-flops, had his hands in his pockets, with a random roadside dog-tail grass in his mouth, and his eyes were frivolously surveying everyone in the bar, “Yo, so many people, where’s the meeting?”
“Big brother, that’s him.” Viper gazed at Zhang Xuan and lowered his voice in Lei Gong’s ear, “The commission we received this time is to solve this kid, Black Thunder’s people, it should be this kid who found it too.”
Lei Gong narrowed his eyes and looked behind Zhang Xuan, when he realized that Zhang Xuan had only come alone, he let out a cold snort, “Kid, I don’t know who gave you the courage to dare to come alone!”
While Lei Gong was speaking, the hundred or so Greenleaf’s associations in the hall all stared at Zhang Xuan with unkind faces.
“Who gave me the courage?” Zhang Xuan spat out the dog’s tail grass in his mouth, “Of course it’s myself.”
“Arrogance!” Lei Gong shouted angrily, this feeling of being belittled made him extremely uncomfortable, “Since you sent yourself to the door, it saves us from looking for you again, abolish him!”
As soon as the word “he” fell out of Lei Gong’s mouth, he saw Leopard Head leap towards the door, although he had reached middle age, Leopard Head’s body was still athletic.
Those members of the association saw the head of the leopard make a move, all stood aside as if watching a show, no one made a move, in their eyes, as if they had already seen the scene of Zhang Xuan being scrapped limbs.
“Kid, I admire your courage, you have the style of my youth, but courage is one thing, ability is another, today, let me give you a good lesson!” The leopard head roared, reached out into a claw, towards Zhang Xuan shoulder.
Zhang Xuan hands in his trouser pockets, quietly standing here, did not move a bit, just when the leopard head’s hand is less than half a meter away from him, Zhang Xuan mouth grin, while taking a step forward.
The next second, the originally aggressive leopard head, like a cannonball backwards out, smashed on a few members of the association, along with a few people, together with lying on the ground.
Another look, the leopard head just to grab Zhang Xuan’s hand, at this time is powerless drooping, in his face, written full of panic.
“How …… how is it possible!” The head of the leopard looked at Zhang Xuan incredulously, he has been involved in the community for more than twenty years, fought countless fights, vicious opponents have seen too many, but never felt as powerless as now, just now, he did not even see how this young man struck, he was seriously injured.
“You’re right.” Zhang Xuan took two steps forward and crossed into the door of the Night Bar, closing the door with his hands behind his back while saying, “Courage is one thing, ability is another, I admire your courage in daring to strike at me, but your ability, I really don’t dare to compliment you.”
“Take him down!” Lei Gong yelled, now he was angry and frightened, he knew his brother very well, that was an absolute expert, but was not a match for this youth in front of him.

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