Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 370

Professor Liu reluctantly returned the ring made of mantechnum gold to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan took the ring in her hand, but hesitated to put it on.
“Honey, why don’t you wear it?”
“It’s a bit too expensive.” Lin Qinghan looked at the ring in her hand, it was worth ten billion magnesium gold ah, it was more expensive than the entire Lin’s!
Zhang Xuan took the initiative to bring the ring over, then grabbed Lin Qinghan’s catkin and put this ring on Lin Qinghan’s ring finger, “Wife, this is my gift to you, don’t care if it’s expensive or not, you just need to treat it as an ordinary ring.”
Lin Qinghan looked at her ring finger, “That’s what I said, but how can I treat it as an ordinary ring.”
“Haha, that’s your business.” Zhang Xuan gently knocked Lin Qinghan’s little head.
Lin Qinghan reached out and stroked the words “Accompany you to old age” on the surface of the ring, and her heart was filled with sweetness.
Ke Bin, with his people, quietly walked to the side, continue to stay here, but also just shame.
Soon, it came to the theme of this dinner, or bidding, many companies, have come up with their own bottom card.
Where there is an official background, with the word pilot two projects, since ancient times, there is a profit without loss, and earn that is full of money, for this project, everyone is full of energy.
However, those small businesses can give support, and Lin’s such a large enterprise, compared to too far away.
Lin Qinghan promised that she could take out one billion as a separate research fund, all the research laboratories, scientific research materials, are provided by Lin’s single-handedly.
Lin’s figure of one billion said, so that 99% of the people present beat a retreat.
One billion ah! Lin’s handwriting this time, big scary.
Professor Liu listened and nodded, Lin gave the conditions, she was very satisfied, this time the scientific research, need a large amount of money to support, of course, the more the better.
Many people who came to bid silently thought in their hearts, this bid, it is estimated that Lin did not run, this project, in the end, how much money can be earned? One billion? 1.2 billion? Even may even be less than one billion, Lin’s approach, is to take a huge risk, investing one billion, earn then earn not much, lose then, that is really blood money.
“This woman, indeed, has the courage ah.”
“If I were to be in charge of Lin’s, I wouldn’t dare to say the figure of one billion today.”
Some people were discussing in private.
Lin Qinghan looked at Professor Liu, said one billion this figure, she is also thinking for a long time, according to Lin’s professional team assessment, this time the project, full calculation, including the surrounding land price, official subsidies, etc., is only eight hundred million profit, one billion, is in a big gamble.
Lin Qinghan this time, not only to make money, more importantly, is to consolidate the Lin’s name, Zhao’s appearance, for the Lin’s brought enormous pressure, in this way, the Lin’s prestige, will slowly disappear.
Lin Qinghan is right, she one billion this figure, many people look at Lin’s eyes have changed, Zhao’s sudden rise, the suppression of Lin’s, so that most of the people present in the heart, have an image of Lin’s will collapse at any time, but now, Lin Qinghan’s approach to tell everyone, Lin’s will not collapse, Zhao’s and Lin’s compared, there is still a gap!
Some people, who had even thought of congratulatory messages now, were ready to go and congratulate Lin Please Han and congratulate her on winning this project.
“I, the Zhao Group, am willing to take two billion.” Zhao Xiu’s voice, suddenly rang out.
Two billion!
Everyone’s eyes in the room, at this moment, locked onto Zhao Xiu, this is a deliberate attempt to cross Lin’s ah!
Two billion to invest in this project, that is absolutely sure to lose!
Zhao Xiu looked at Lin Qinghan, cast a provocative gaze.
Those small business leaders, feeling the atmosphere between Zhao Xiu and Lin Qinghan, staggered, this is the battle between the bigwigs, a handful of billions, just to fight for breath.
Lin Qinghan’s face is not good, she did not expect, Zhao took two billion out, even if the project is made, but also a loss of one billion, this one billion, just to suppress themselves?
Zhao Xiu’s approach, once again let the crowd feel Zhao’s strong funds.
“Funds out to, about the research side of things ……” Wang looked at Zhao Xiu, this time the project does not only need funds, but also needs professional talent to cooperate.
“The research side of things, we Qize Group is responsible.” Ke Bin suddenly stood out, “We, Qize Group, will be tied together with Zhao’s group and will be jointly responsible for this project.”
After Ke Bin finished speaking, he looked at Lin Qinghan smugly.
Such a thing made the people present in an uproar.
At first, everyone thought that this bid, Qize Group and Zhao, including Zhou and Lin, this four-party will compete for you and me, but now it turns out that Zhao and Qize, long ago reached an agreement, this is to jointly squeeze Lin ah!
If these two groups are really determined to suppress the Lin’s, then the Lin’s building, is in jeopardy.
Even Lin Qinghan did not expect, Zhao and Qize, will join together, this is completely reckless play, just want to make Lin’s survival can not survive.
Two billion dollars, for the current Lin Qinghan, is absolutely unable to take out.
“Mr. Lin, what should we do.” Li Na stood beside Lin Qinghan and asked anxiously.
Lin Qinghan shook his head, “Let it go, there is no point in fighting.”
“This ……” Li Na’s face was full of reluctance.
Zhao Xiu looked at the expression on Lin Qinghan’s face and laughed, “Lin, don’t give up, how much is that ring in your hand, why don’t you let your husband put in some more money? How about it?”
Zhao Xiu this approach, ordinary people seem to be nothing, but in fact, Lin Qinghan forced to the desperate, regardless of Lin Qinghan open mouth one billion, or Zhao two billion suppression, the two groups, is no longer rely on this project to make money, but prestige, now, Zhao prestige effect has been achieved, Lin if you continue to make additional investments, the amount of investment more than two billion, in the eyes of outsiders, it is difficult to play the role of prestige, after all, Zhao’s suppression, is directly doubled, Lin wants to continue to prestige, but also on top of the two billion, plus one billion, otherwise it simply can not play the effect of prestige.
But Lin’s really want three billion to take this project, everyone will only think, Lin’s in a hard, in order to establish prestige, lose the whole two billion, this is a foolish thing to do.
Zhao Xiu this two billion figure, it can be said that the choice is just right, no more, no less.
Zhao Xiu raised his eyebrows at Lin Qinghan, “How about it, Mr. Lin, you opened the price, I doubled the price, I opened the price, you dare to double it? I Zhao Xiu words put here, you dare to turn, I dare to follow!”

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