Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 379

Zhang Xuan’s words made the people present, completely appreciate his domineering spirit.
Facing the Cheng family, facing Elder Cheng, still my way!
Old Master Cheng looked at the food that was scattered all over the table, and was silent for more than ten seconds, then sighed, “Eat.”
The word “eat” made everyone’s eyes widen, this is the same as a compromise, is the Cheng family’s decades of untouched majesty, completely thrown in the ground, let people trample.
After saying the word “eat,” the old man Cheng seemed to have lost all his strength, and his whole body looked depressed.
Cheng Qing, who was closest to the table, looked at Elder Cheng and then at Cheng Guang, and took the initiative to grab the food on the table and stuff it into his mouth.
Cheng Qing all took the lead to eat, those Cheng family members who came behind, also gathered around the table and ate.
“You two come and eat too.” Elder Cheng looked at his two disciples and waved his hand.
Du Hua, who was the head of the business sector in Ning Province, and Xiao Sheng, who was the head of the political sector, both walked over and grabbed the food on the table.
Such an action of eating represents too much.
Elder Cheng sighed, also walked to the table, grabbed a handful of food and stuffed it into his mouth.
From now on, in the entire Yinzhou, there will be no more Luohe Cheng Zhuang.
The Cheng family, too, will slowly withdraw from the stage, and everything will be slowly replaced by the Lin family.
Xiao Bo and others, at this moment do not know how to describe their feelings, if now to others that they just mocked this Zhang Xuan, others will not believe, now think about their previous behavior, is too bold.
Zhang Xuan looked at this scene, the Cheng family’s existence, for the Lin family, sooner or later, will have to step down, Zhang Xuan is also taking this opportunity to directly help Lin Qinghan solve the trouble.
After all, the Lin family and the Cheng family, there is still love between them, but he Zhang Xuan did not have so many scruples, rather than finally let Lin please Han to tear the face with the Cheng family, he first do this.
Want to make a person submissive, the best way, is to make him fear himself.
Zhang Xuan now, has done to make the Cheng family fear, let Du Hua fear, let Xiao Sheng fear.
Zhang Xuan stretched out his hand and tapped three times on the table, “Remember, in the future, when others are eating, do not spit, Qin Rou, let’s go.”
“Oh …… good.” Qin Rou responded somewhat dumbfounded.
Not only Qin Rou, the whole hall, are dumbfounded at the scene of Cheng family around the table eating.
Everyone was understanding and knew what this practice of the Cheng family, represented, they just weren’t clear about Zhang Xuan’s specific identity and which family would be replacing the Cheng family.
Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou left the Cheng family hall.
A Cheng family woman let out a long breath and spat out what she had just stuffed into her mouth, before she was ready to speak, she was greeted with the sound of Elder Cheng’s rebuke.
“Eat it down! These things, eat them all!”
After Elder Cheng finished speaking, he grabbed another handful of vegetables and stuffed them into his mouth.
That Cheng family woman shrank her neck, with an embarrassed face, stuffed the food she had just spat out into her mouth and swallowed it with difficulty.
In this way, Master Cheng once again made the people in the hall understand the fearfulness of Zhang Xuan, and they tried to remember Zhang Xuan’s appearance, and when they see it in the future, they can only make friends, never mess with it!
Leaving the hall, Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan up and down like a new acquaintance, her beautiful eyes.
“Your eyes are a little weird.” Zhang Xuan spat out.
“You really love your wife, for her, today such a small thing, you make such a big deal?” Some jealousy appeared on Qin Rou’s face.
“You can see it?” Zhang Xuan looked at Qin Rou unexpectedly.
Qin Rou rolled her eyes, “You think I’m a fool, ah, you today, just want to see the Cheng family’s attitude, so that the Cheng family concede, so that your wife later smooth sailing, right, otherwise such a small thing, you have to throw such a temper, but also see the blood.”
Zhang Xuan nodded and shook his head, “It’s for my wife, but it’s not a trivial matter, for me, the act of wasting food, is a waste of life.”
Hearing this from Zhang Xuan, Qin Rou suddenly thought of what the orphanage director Cui told himself at the time, Zhang Xuan used to live with his mother, picking up garbage, eating garbage, food to him, is life ah.
At that time, the child who had no one to rely on, now grew up to this appearance, the heartache, not easily imagined.
Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan’s eyes, unconsciously, more love and pity, even if he is now a man who can overwhelm the Cheng family with his momentum alone, but it does not mean that he, is indestructible, often this kind of people, the most tender inside.
“Qin Rou, I find that your eyes are getting more and more bizarre ah!” Zhang Xuan looked at Qin Rou with a fearful face.
“I was thinking about that domineering look you just had.” Qin Rou narrowed her eyes and smiled, and strongly wrapped her arm around Zhang Xuan’s shoulders, “That look, it really made me love you to death!”
“Don’t love me.” Zhang Xuan quickly pulled his arm out of Qin Rou’s soft embrace, “You know, I do have a wife.”
“So what, our ancient Chinese, capable men, that are three wives and four concubines!” Qin Rou has long been immune to Zhang Xuan’s wife excuse, “Anyway, I’m watching you, one day you were hurt by Lin Qinghan, I’ll wait for you with open arms and give Lin please Han to take advantage of the situation, when the time comes, let her cry!”
Zhang Xuan gave a dry laugh and did not answer.
Qin Rou drove Zhang Xuan back to Yinzhou, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.
“Zhang Xuan, you say that the gambling stone, I do not engage in ah, this is the official special approval of the mouth, although there are risks, but is indeed an opportunity.” Qin Rou for the gambling stone this project, or some heart, this is placed in Yinzhou, that is the absolute monopoly industry ah.
Zhang Xuan thought about it and replied: “In fact, it is not impossible to engage in, but the premise is that you have to find a good source of goods, and there are risks, transport channels, these are costs, like now, you want to engage in a transport channel, there is no long-term contract for one or two years, no one to sign with you, in case of fire in us, your money, you have to go into the full set, this aspect of the market research I have not studied I have not studied this aspect of the market research, so it is not good to give you a definitive conclusion.”
“I did do some market research.” Qin Rou stopped the car at a traffic light, turned around and took a document out from the back seat, “In our area, there should still be a market for gambling stones.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the document Qin Rou took out, nodded, “this report, also considered detailed, okay, since you want to do, then I introduce a goods merchant to you, you go to the field, think you can, you can buy goods, the price or something, he will give you the lowest price in the market.”
“Haha, I knew you were the best.” Qin Rou laughed out loud, reached out and wrapped her hand around Zhang Xuan’s neck, and gave Zhang Xuan a kiss on his face with force.
Before Zhang Xuan could react, Qin Rou had already re-gripped the steering wheel and started the car.
Zhang Xuan touched his face and had a humiliating feeling of being molested.

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