Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 39

A group of club members casually copied the guys around them, either benches or bottles, and rushed towards Zhang Xuan with their hands raised.
Zhang Xuan stood there, looking at these rushing club members, craned his neck and said to himself, “Well, it’s been a long time since I did it, I feel a little uncomfortable.”
As he was talking, Zhang Xuan kicked over one of the first club members who rushed in front of him, and this club member flew out backwards while smashing into several of his own associates.
In a moment, the bar hall resounded with the sound of “poof”, which is the fist hitting the flesh.
Lei Gong and Viper, at this moment, are wide-eyed, because they saw that their men, more than a hundred people, could not hurt the youth, but also by the youth knocked over countless on the ground.
Zhang Xuan’s fist is very hard, almost a punch, can make a person fall to the ground can not get up.
More than a hundred and fifty people, just five minutes, all crawled on the ground, moaning in pain, looking around, the entire bar hall, can still stand, except for Zhang Xuan and the three bosses of Qing Ye, there is no one else.
At this moment, Lei Gong and other people look at Zhang Xuan, as if they had seen a ghost, they have been mixed for decades, or the first time to see such a role, one person to fight more than 150, this storyteller said out, not many people believe it?
Zhang Xuan waved his hand, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and let out a long breath, “It’s been a long time since I’ve exercised, I’m sweating after only a few people.”
Zhang Xuan said, while stepping towards Lei Gong, his foot stepped on the body of those club members, the people he stepped on did not even dare to say a word, looking at Zhang Xuan’s gaze, full of fear, they never imagined that in this world, there would be such a terrifying character.
Zhang Xuan looked at Lei Gong, with a smile on his face, “Give you a chance, tell me who told you to deal with me, say it and I can guarantee that you will live.”
Lei Gong’s forehead was dense with sweat, facing such a person, even a person like him at the helm of the association did not know what to do, the manpower and force he was proud of was not worth mentioning in front of the other party.
Now Lei Gong, even feel funny that he has to deal with such a character, more than one hundred and fifty people, ah, now all lying on the ground, can not get up.
“I say.” Viper gloomy eyes, gritting his teeth, staring dead at Zhang Xuan, in Viper’s heart, has thought of no less than ten ways, how to yin and die this youth in front of him in an instant, but Viper found that he did not have the courage, or rather, simply could not do it, in front of absolute strength, those so-called means of his own, is a joke.
“No talking!” Lei Gong bellowed, “We Qing Ye can have a foothold in Silver State for decades, speaking of a rule, credibility!”
“You know, when I was working before, there was a rule.” Zhang Xuan leisurely, slowly walking towards Lei Gong, “When you encounter the most difficult bones, you have to be the first to kill, and then see who is still so hard-headed, lead death!”
Zhang Xuan fiercely swung a punch, this punch in the eyes of Lei Gong, so fast that it was impossible to see clearly.
“Don’t move!”
The locked door of the bar was kicked open once again, a crisp drink sounded in front of the bar door, Zhang Xuan did not even have to look to know who was coming, at this moment, Zhang Xuan did not even turn his head back, directly past Lei Gong, in less than a second to identify the direction, with great speed disappeared in the bar hall, from the back door away.
Kicking open the door of the bar, Han gentle, holding a pistol, only saw a figure disappearing in front of his eyes, without even seeing the outline clearly.
Han’s beautiful eyes coldly scanned the entire bar hall, and when she saw the people lying all over the floor, her face exploded with anger, “A massive armed fight! Aoba, are you really lawless!”
Han took out his walkie-talkie and greeted the police on the spot, rushing to the night bar.
These members of the club, who originally had a headache when they saw the police, were all smiling and feeling friendly when they saw Han tender today!
Zhang Xuan left the night bar through the back door, reached out and scratched his head, “This tigress, how can she appear at critical times every time.”
Zhang Xuan had just left the night bar not far away when he received a WeChat message from Han Gentle.
“Where are you?”
“At home, officer.”
“Come to the police station now, immediately!”
Zhang Xuan showed a helpless face and slowly walked towards the police station.
By the time Zhang Xuan arrived at the police station, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon, the statement about the night bar hundred people armed fight were recorded.
“How about it, ask out?” Han gentle holding a cup of hot tea, asked to the police officer on duty.
“No.” The police officer shook his head, “They refused to say anything, I suspect that it is related to Black Thunder, they have more than a hundred people in Green Leaf, only Black Thunder dare to go to the night and their firefight, and the last time to spy on Green Leaf news, there is also the shadow of Black Thunder.”
Han gentle cold snort, “wait for that surname Zhang to come, we will know!”
Han gentle voice just fell, heard Zhang Xuan’s voice sounded behind him.
“Officer, what is it?” Zhang Xuan wearing his white undershirt, beach pants, standing behind Han tender.
The police officer who just made a statement, as soon as he saw Zhang Xuan, immediately gave Zhang Xuan a thumbs up, he was the one who broke into the CID office that day and saw that scene.
For Zhang Xuan, a ruthless character who could take down the police force’s female Tyrannosaurus, this police officer was quite impressed.
“Follow me!” Han tenderly glared at Zhang Xuan and walked towards the criminal investigation office in the first place.
Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth and shook his head to follow.
Zhang Xuan just walked into the criminal investigation office, saw Han gentle “bang”, the office door closed.
The police officer outside the office, hearing the door slam, revealed an ambiguous expression.
“Officer, what did you call me here for?” Zhang Xuan nonchalantly sat down on the sofa and crossed his legs.
“Surnamed Zhang, you do not give me tricks!” Han gentle slapped the coffee table in front of Zhang Xuan and shouted angrily, “Say, did you find Black Thunder’s people.”
“What Black Thunder?” Zhang Xuan showed his doubts.
“Don’t pretend with me! I have checked you, you are the son-in-law of the Lin family, I think with the identity of the Lin family, it should not be a problem to ask Black Thunder to take action, right? You really have an undying heart, the security of society is difficult to maintain because of the existence of scum like you!” Han gentle eyes stared deadly at Zhang Xuan.
“I said officer, you do not just slander me ah, what black lightning, I do not know at all!” Zhang Xuan said with a serious face, he really didn’t know what black lightning was.
“Heh!” Han gentle snorted, “You can have a grudge with Qing Ye, don’t you know the leading underground association in Ning Province.”
“Don’t know.” Zhang Xuan shook his head affirmatively, thinking in his heart, no wonder he had never heard of any Black Thunder, he thought it was an international up-and-coming assassin organization, but it turned out to be an underground society.

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There is some really terrible writing involved with the whole Police thing.

The detective discovers that Zhang Xuan is being targeted for murder by a gang and instead of arresting the gang members who are trying to murder him she instead tries to arrest the person who is being victimized because she feels that he is trying to get another gang to take care of the first gang…

Then they try to play her off as a diligent police officer who just vigorously does her job and only sees things in black and white. They are needlessly just cramming in another antagonist, for the sake of it, without it making a single piece of narrative sense.

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