Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 387

With a wave of Zhu Yuanjiu’s hand, the competition on the martial stage was temporarily stopped.
“Family Master!”
Everyone, at this moment, rushed to Zhu Yuanjiu to clasp their fists and bow, saluting.
Zhu Yuanjiu looked towards the stage with a smile on his face, “Zhu Zhong, your performance, it’s really beyond my expectation.”
Once Zhu Zhong heard this, his face was happy and he clasped his fist, “Thank you for the praise from the family head.”
Zhu Yuanjiu smiled and said, “How did you cultivate, I observed that the path of your fist method has slightly changed from the Zhu family’s traditional transmission.”
Zhu Zhong listen to Zhu Yuanjiu mention his boxing method when, face subconsciously more than a few points of pride, “home to the master, nearly two years, I visited the country, challenge various ancient martial arts, comprehensive hundred, create their own full path, two years, I challenge a total of five hundred and sixty-four times, win five hundred and sixty-three times, the only defeat, before I go home this time, also completely moved right! ”
Zhu Zhong’s words, let the people around the performance martial arts stage in an uproar.
“Challenge for two years, five hundred and sixty-four times!”
“Almost every day against people ah!”
“And only lost one game, and finally won back!”
“In that case, can it be that Brother Zhu Zhong has become the strongest one in our young generation?” One person asked.
“That’s for sure! Challenging more than five hundred people, which young man can challenge more than five hundred people without losing?”
The voices coming from around the martial stage made Zhu Zhong quite proud of himself, in fact, this was indeed a proud battle record.
Zhu Yuanjiu frowned slightly, he was indeed satisfied with Zhu Zhong’s skill, but Zhu Zhong was too proud, this kind of arrogance, was a good thing and a bad thing.
Zhu Yuanjiu has lived for so many years, and has seen many geniuses, there are a majority of people, in the end, have lost in their own this pride, Zhu family out of such a talent, Zhu Yuanjiu can not witness to see Zhu Zhong himself destroyed in this pride word above.
“Zhu Zhong, do you think, your current strength, which level is it?” Zhu Yuanjiu asked.
“Go home to the words of the Lord.” Zhu Zhong replied, “I challenge this time, not nameless and nameless, all are the best of the major families, sometimes I can one against many, I think that excessive modesty is pride, my strength, placed in the young generation of China, when it is invincible!”
In saying the word invincible, Zhu Zhong’s body exuded a strong confidence.
Zhu Yuanjiu bellowed, “Arrogance! You think that because you challenged the young generation of various families, you are really invincible in Huaxia? China has a long heritage, there are too many terrifying existences that you don’t know about, this kind of thinking of yours is self-destructive!”
Facing Zhu Yuanjiu’s rebuke, Zhu Zhong replied, “Master, I think that we martial artists should have absolute confidence in ourselves and have the courage to go forward, to cower is not the way to practice martial arts, after this competition, I will continue to challenge the major masters of China, from the younger generation to the older generation.”
Zhu Zhong’s bold words made many people infected, and they even had an urge to immediately fight the world with their swords.
Zhu Yuanjiu shook his head, “Your strength is indeed good, but to challenge the major masters of China, is still too far away! If you think you have the qualifications to challenge the major experts, you can try with me, if you can walk under me three moves, I do not say anything, let you go out and challenge.”
Zhu Yuanjiu was trying to rub down Zhu Zhong’s sharpness.
“Family head, although I Zhu Zhong is invincible in the younger generation, but compared to you, there is still a considerable gap, heart knows three moves can not reach.” Zhu Zhong clasped his fist and was not affected in any way by Zhu Yuanjiu’s words.
Zhu Yuanjiu looked at Zhu Zhong, he knew that if he wanted Zhu Zhong to curb his arrogance, he had to let someone of his generation defeat him, and only with a thunderbolt, the older generation, could not cause any frustration to Zhu Zhong, but among the Zhu family, the younger generation, no one could compete with Zhu Zhong.
Zhu Yuanjiu was silent for a few seconds and turned his gaze to Zhang Xuan, with a pleading look on his face.
Zhang Xuan shook his head and whispered to Zhu Yuanjiu, “Old man, you’re a little too spoiled for this younger generation of yours, with his character like this, it’s only a matter of time before he suffers a setback.”
Zhu Yuanjiu sighed, “Our Zhu family, now it’s hard to produce such a talent, how can I bear to see him go out like this? If you’re frustrated at home, it’s just a matter of losing face and thinking behind closed doors, but when you’re really frustrated outside, what you’re losing is probably your life.”
Zhu Yuanjiu knows too well the cruelty of the underground world.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “All right, help you once.”
“Many thanks.” Zhu Yuanjiu cupped his fist at Zhang Xuan and performed the Jianghu etiquette.
Zhang Xuan nodded, got up, walked down the bleachers, slowly walked to the stage, looked at Zhu Zhong, and asked, “You think, you are invincible in the younger generation?”
“Of course.” Zhu Zhong put his hands behind his back, when facing Zhu Yuanjiu, Zhu Zhong’s expression was respectful, but treating his peers, Zhu Zhong’s face, was all proud.
Zhang Xuan smiled, “You have challenged five hundred and sixty-four times in two years and lost once, coincidentally, I also did countless challenges back then, two years, a total of one thousand two hundred and nineteen times, without a single defeat.”
When Zhang Xuan said this, not only Zhu Zhong, but also those younger generations of the Zhu family under the stage, none of them believed it.
How many days in total is two years? Even if you challenge one person every day, you still can’t reach more than 1,200 times! This is obviously an uncountable figure.
Zhu Zhong laughed, “Big words who can’t say!”
Zhu Zhong has challenged five hundred and sixty-four times in these two years, of which he knows very well, it can be said that he has not had a good day’s rest in these two years, almost every day in the fight with people, the last injury is not yet healed, and already started the next competition, so, only to complete two years five hundred and sixty-four times, twelve hundred times? This is not a joke is what!
Zhang Xuan shrugged his shoulders, “I can’t help it if you don’t believe me, all I want to say is that you are not invincible in your generation.”
“Oh?” Zhu Zhong raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Xuan, “You mean to say that you are better than me?”
“Not bad.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head and said truthfully.
“Joke!” Zhu Zhong revealed a snicker, anyone who has two years, more than 500 battles, almost all wins, will be filled with a strong confidence, Zhu Zhong’s heart, has long been the realm of my invincibility, when hearing a person of the same generation said better than himself, Zhu Zhong’s first reaction, is not believe.
The younger generation of the Zhu family on the stage, hearing Zhang Xuan’s words, also have bristled, whether it was the strength Zhu Zhong just showed, or the identity of the same Zhu family, they are more biased towards Zhu Zhong.
“This person really speaks out of turn.”
“I wonder which family’s son is so confident.”
“Those people who usually fight are all deliberately losing because of his status!”
Once these words came out, a burst of laughter rang out, just now the crowd guessed that the reason why Zhang Xuan could sit with Zhu Yuanjiu was Zhang Xuan’s unknown identity.

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