Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 389

Zhang Xuan’s punch struck as if he had pierced through a layer of fog.
Looking at the punch he had thrown, Zhang Xuan muttered to himself.
“I fell into a misunderstanding, after seeing that mural, I always thought that the existence of qi, and the way of power generation, in fact, there is no correlation, that ancient sword art is that way of power generation, because it can better let the sword fit itself, not with the sword slash, but when you swing a fist, kick a leg, the sword can assist to swing or slash! ”
Zhang Xuan eyes emerged with a brilliant light.
“Although I do not know how to practice qi, but those who practice qi are not necessarily invincible under the sun!”
At this moment, Zhang Xuan seemed to have stepped out of some kind of bondage, a bondage that lasted from the day he left for the European King’s Association until now.
That unknown Qi was like a boulder, pressing on Zhang Xuan’s heart, making him feel a little breathless.
But today, seeing that ancient sword art allowed Zhang Xuan to find the opportunity to break free from this bondage.
There are thousands of great paths, and they all go the same way.
Whether the ancients rely on themselves, or modern people rely on external forces, with the help of technology, everything, the source is only one, that is stronger.
Thinking about this, Zhang Xuan felt a lot more relaxed, although still have to figure out where the qi comes from, but now, his body is no longer that pressure, sometimes, people’s epiphany, only in a moment.
Zhang Xuan thought back to the feeling he had when he just punched that punch.
A punch out of thin air, with a strong sonic boom.
Zhang Xuan wandered to the city of Duhai, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon, in this off-duty rush hour, he was completely appreciate the gap between big cities and small cities.
During the off-duty rush hour in Yinzhou, many people shouted about traffic jams, but a 14 or 15 kilometer road would only take half an hour to drive, or at most 40 minutes to get there, while in a city like Duhai, it would take about two hours.
Zhang Xuan noticed that those drivers sitting in their cars did not show any impatience at all on their faces, apparently they were already used to such things.
“It’s you?” Zhang Xuan was walking when a puzzled voice suddenly came from behind him.
Zhang Xuan turned his head and saw a man and a woman, standing behind himself.
This man and woman, Zhang Xuan has an impression, is the sharp edge of the squad Jin Xin and Tian Rui, previously seen in Yinzhou.
“What, you two are surprised to see me?” Zhang Xuan cocked his head.
“Not really.” Jin Xin smiled bitterly, “I just think that this might be arranged by the heavens, last time we were in a crisis, you stepped in to help us, and this time when we encountered difficulties, we ran into you again.”
Zhang Xuan laughed lightly and wondered, “Why do you think, when you are in trouble, I have to help you?”
Tian Rui replied, “It’s not that we’re in trouble, it’s Han Gentle, her small team, that’s in trouble.”
“Gentle ……” In Zhang Xuan’s mind, the stunningly beautiful face that was rich in heroic aura came to mind.
Jin Xin reached out and pointed overhead, next to him, was a KTV.
“What’s wrong with gentle?” Zhang Xuan took a look at this KTV.
Tian Rui sighed, “hey, you are gentle boyfriend, should know gentle that hot temper, they are on a mission this time, is to protect He Dong’s son He Jiayang, He Dong you should know, right?”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Hong Kong City, that rich man, claiming that for every five cargo ships sailing across the Pacific Ocean, one of them is his?”
“Right.” Tian Rui said, “He family in the whole of China, are very powerful, this time was intended to let He Jiayang as a representative, to go to the high seas to discuss a matter, but He Jiayang that person, is a total dude, do not know what to say with the gentle, the result was gentle to beat, now people are in this KTV above.”
Jin Xin came up and spoke, “Zhang Xuan, although I do not know what your identity is, but with your hands, the power behind you, certainly not small, we understand the edge, although the He family is big, but compared with some long history of ancient martial arts family, is still a lot worse, Tian Rui and I thought to contact the superiors, to see if we can just give gentle a disciplinary action, it will be over, now since The first time I met you, if you have the ability, help gentle to solve it, after all, carrying a disciplinary action, the impact on gentle, is very big.”
Zhang Xuan did not hesitate at all, nodded directly, “Tell me the box number.”
When Jin Xin and Tian Rui said the box number, Zhang Xuan turned around and walked towards that KTV.
Jin Xin looked at Zhang Xuan’s back, bitterly smiled and shook his head, “I hope that gentle boyfriend, can solve the matter, gentle although not the best seedlings of this batch, but she is one of the hardest working, I think very highly of her, really do not want this incident, what impact on her ah.”
Tian Rui shook her head, “This time, and not blame gentle, just He Jiayang that mouth, if it were me, I would not be able to resist the urge to smack him.”
“Thinking is one thing, really do, is another thing, you know, our business, patience is also a mandatory course, call the leader, this time the hope, also can not be all on Zhang Xuan.” Jin Xin took out his cell phone.
Zhang Xuan walked into the KTV Jin Xin said, into the eyes of the luxury decoration, imported audio, authentic foreign wine, are symbolic of the consumption here is not expensive.
Zhang Xuan followed the box number Jin Xin just said to find the past, before reaching the door of the box, Zhang Xuan heard the sound of cursing from the box.
“Damn it, what do you think you are? Dare to beat me? Do you know how much I pay in taxes alone a year? Enough to feed you for life! You are the fucking service to me, I let you do, you do, what do you think you are? Shit!”
In the box, He Jiayang held the microphone, obviously drank a lot.
In the box, a black casual dress Han gentle stood there, tightly clenched fist, if not there are still people around to stop, she will definitely rush up to tear this He Jiayang’s mouth to shreds.
He Jiayang reached out and pointed at Han tender, “Laozi let you sleep with him, it’s because he thinks highly of you, otherwise what do you think you are, just a dog! Remember, this time it’s you who are begging me, not me who is begging you.
“Mr. He, please calm down first.” A man who looks about thirty years old, picked up a glass of wine and walked to He Jiayang, “Gentle she is young, exuberant, do not know what to do, I thank you on her behalf, this glass of wine I first drank.”
The man said, about to drink the wine.
“Who the hell told you to drink!” He Jiayang snatched the glass from the other man’s hand.
The man compensated with a smile, “Yes, Mr. He said yes, it’s my fault.”
“It’s not wrong, it’s you, you don’t have the qualifications, understand?” He Jiayang raised his wine glass and tilted his wrist.
The wine flowed out along the mouth of the glass and poured on the top of the man’s head.

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