Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 40

Zhang Xuan’s appearance, in Han gentle eyes, is obviously a dead pig not afraid of boiling water, she looked at the man in front of this hanging look, her anger is not a place to be.
“Zhang, I warn you, better not let me catch the handle, otherwise, the Lin family can not protect you, go away!” Han gentle pulled the office door open, her face flushed with anger, chest heaving look, so that the police officers at the door admired Zhang Xuan once again.
The bull, really is a bull ah.
Zhang Xuan laughed and walked with big steps towards the police station.
Zhang Xuan returned home, before he entered the house, he smelled a dish fragrance coming, Zhang Xuan can guess, this must be Milan’s handicraft.
“The dishes are creative and thoughtful, but the mastery of fire is not skilled enough, almost experience.” Zhang Xuan muttered to himself while opening the door of the room.
The moment he entered the door, the corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth brought up a smile, because he saw the woman in the room, every time he saw Lin Qinghan, Zhang Xuan would be happy from the bottom of his heart, every time they met, it was like a teenager’s first love, it would make his heart beat faster, his love for Lin Qinghan, with the passage of time, had been carved from the memory, to the bones.
“Back? Wash your hands and get ready to eat.” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan and greeted him.
Zhang Xuan didn’t know if it was because Milan was also home, he could feel that Lin Qinghan’s attitude towards himself was not as bad as before, at the very least, the disgust in her eyes when she looked at herself had disappeared.
“Good.” Zhang Xuan greeted happily and ran to the bathroom to wash up.
What Milan cooked this time was not some enamel meal, but ordinary home-cooked food, but this home-cooked food, in her hands, became extraordinary.
Milan saw Zhang Xuan, a tangle in his eyes, before, Milan was thinking about how to break Zhang Xuan, reveal the true nature of this emotional liar, but after today’s events, she suddenly found that the existence of this person, seems to also help Ree Qing Han a lot of big help, today, without him, Lin’s crisis, not just a loss of money so simple.
The first thing you should do is to take a look at the actual situation. Right now, Milan is really conflicted in her heart.
The dinner today, three home-cooked dishes, the atmosphere of the meal seems very harmonious, the table, Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan did not talk much, look at the two look, as if they both enjoy such a time in general.
Lin Qinghan ate a bite of rice, suddenly looked up and asked, “By the way, Zhang Xuan, do you have something tomorrow?”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “No, what’s wrong.”
“Tomorrow accompany me to visit an elder, the family will be there.” Lin Qinghan said, as she spoke, her eyes kept staring at Zhang Xuan, like she was expecting something.
“Mm, okay.” Zhang Xuan did not hesitate and directly nodded his head in agreement.
A satisfied smile appeared on Lin Qinghan’s face.
Dinner was over and the evening news was played on the TV, Lin Qinghan would pay attention to these almost every night, while Zhang Xuan would wash Lin Qinghan’s feet and do some foot massage at this time.
Milan sat on the sofa, looking at Zhang Xuan there carefully massage for Lin Qinghan, can not help but think again that night, she wanted to go to tempt this man’s scene, thinking of this, Milan’s face is a little blush, the whole person became nervous and shortness of breath, sitting here for a while to feel uncomfortable all over.
“I …… I’ll go to bed first.” Milan covered her burning red face and hurriedly ran towards upstairs.
“This nee-san, what’s wrong?” Lin Qinghan asked strangely.
“I don’t know.” Zhang Xuan squatted there, shook his head, and carefully massaged Lin Qinghan.
The night passed quietly.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan woke up and found that Lin Qinghan was surprisingly up, looking at the time, it was only six o’clock, which was a full hour from Lin Qinghan’s usual waking time.
“Mr. Lin, you’re up so early?” Zhang Xuan asked, quite surprised.
“The elder I’m visiting today is very important, so I got up early to clean up.” Lin Qinghan sat on the sofa, today she deliberately chose a long beige dress, painted light makeup, the already beautiful, as glowing, a beautiful face, [Pen Interest Pavilion] impeccable.
“Then I’ll change my clothes too.” Zhang Xuan thought about it, Lin Qinghan so valued elders, how he can no longer dress so casual, back to the house to change into his body suit.
Zhang Xuan change clothes, and thought about it, will have been stuffed into the suitcase of a packet of tea also took, he still remembered that this box of tea is what the family patriarch gave himself, that family claims to ancestral tea, ancient times on the supply of the royal family, now directly by the official acquisition, as a diplomatic use, usually can drink, that are dignified figures in the world.
Dressed in formal wear Zhang Xuan appeared in front of Lin Qinghan, usually not much grooming Zhang Xuan, once dressed in formal wear, as if a new person, his clothes are tailored by the world’s top designers, even the collar, have been precisely measured.
When Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan in formal wear appearing in front of himself, he froze slightly, and at this moment, it was as if he was back to that day at the concert, when he was bathed in light, sitting in front of a clean white piano, playing that echo of love.
“Mr. Lin, do you think it’s okay for me to wear this body?” Zhang Xuan turned around in front of Lin Pleasehan and bared his teeth with a smile.
Lin Please Han had to admit that after this person was properly dressed, he did have an unspeakable charm, especially his eyes, as if the vast river of stars, except that this person bared his teeth and smiled, spoiling all the mood.
“Whatever, wear whatever, let’s go.” Lin please Han said in a good-natured way.
The two went out early because that elder was not in Yinzhou City, but in Luohe.
The distance between Luohe and Yinzhou is eighty kilometers, the speed limit of the entire road is seventy, it will only take an hour or so to get there. When Zhang Xuan saw that Lin Invitation Han had to leave so early, he understood the importance of that elder to Lin Qinghan.
Luohe Chengzhuang, in Luohe can be said to be no one knows, no one knows, an ordinary manor, because of a person, became the entire Ning Province dignitaries are rushing to the place.
Cheng frame, there are three disciples, one sitting in the position of a hand in Ning Province, one is the largest business tycoon in Ning Province today, and one, control of the military in Ning Province.
It can be said that Cheng frame alone, it covers the military, business and politics three fields.
Today, Cheng frame 70th birthday, almost the entire Ning Province powerful people, are not invited to come, if today can process the garden, for them, is also a kind of talking point.
On Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan’s way to Luohe, Zhang Xuan saw many luxury cars driving past from both sides, heading for the same destination.

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