Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 391

Team Sun was kicked in the chest by the middle-aged woman and took several steps back.
He Jiayang was lying on the side, full of leisure, as if watching a show.
In this squad where Han gentle is, this young woman’s strength is the highest, the rest of the people, are far inferior to her.
A small team, is a collection of various talents, not all of them are combat type talents.
After kicking over Sun’s team, the young woman had few opponents, and two males came up to try to stop her, only to be easily knocked over by her.
“Just you trash, you are also worthy to be my teammates, do you know, I’ve been sick to my stomach for a while now!” The young woman spat disdainfully and finally placed her gaze on Han Gentle, “Bitch surnamed Han, prepare to enjoy yourself!”
Han gentle is a fiery temper, at this moment naturally will not endure, swinging her fist towards the young woman.
“A soft punch!” Han tender fist, was easily held by the young woman, “is too long last night and men rolling in bed?”
Han tender eyes angry, a kick towards the other side, and was easily blocked by the other side, “Tsk, tsk, not much power ah.”
The middle-aged woman deliberately humiliated Han tender like this, just to leave a good impression on He Jiayang.
“Not bad.” He Jiayang was lying on the sofa, clapping his hands happily, “You dog, I like it more and more.”
The young woman got He Jiayang’s “compliment”, her face was happy, but her eyes were cold as she looked at Han tender, “Han, this is what you call a punch!”
The moment the young woman’s words fell, a fist towards Han tender face.
Han tender feel the speed and power of the other party’s fist, the pretty face changed, and hastily reached out fist to resist, although blocking the other party’s fist, but the body is unstable, back a few steps.
The young woman bully up, again a fist to Han gentle face.
He Jiayang looked at this scene and showed a happy smile.
Han tender side retreat just scattered, facing the young woman’s fist, even too late to block, can only watch the other party’s fist in their pupils gradually enlarge.
See this fist closer and closer to their own, Han gentle eyes closed, resigned to wait for the arrival of the other party’s fist, she has even been ready to wait will be the other party with fists and feet and words of humiliation prepared.
One second passed ……
Two seconds passed ……
Three seconds passed ……
In a battle between high fighters, just one second can make a lot of things happen.
But for a full three seconds, the sharp pain that Han tenderly imagined, did not come.
She slowly opened her eyes and saw the young woman, standing in front of her body, her fist had been punched out, but it stopped less than twenty centimeters in front of her head, no longer able to advance a centimeter, only because a large hand, tightly squeezed the other party’s fist.
“Remember, fighting with people, even to the last moment, you can not give up, just now, you have no less than five ways to stop her this punch, with your speed, if you fully play, you can also dodge.”
A voice, from the back of Han’s gentle body, came into her ears.
The moment she heard this voice, Han tender body a burst, face with a kind of disbelief, this voice, since the day she left Yinzhou, then countless times appeared in her dreams, she fantasized that she could one day meet the owner of this voice, but the heart understands, this is only their own wishful thinking, he in the end, already has a family.
Han tender left Yinzhou, with deep reluctance, but more, is a kind of cut off, she knows that Zhang Xuan has a family, her existence, and his, but a mistake, sooner or later to make a break.
But today, once again heard his voice, Han gentle are doubting whether this is true or not.
Sun team and others, all looking at the strange young man who suddenly appeared behind Han tender, do not know his identity.
Zhang Xuan squeezed the young woman’s fist with one hand, and gently wrapped his arm around Han tender’s fragrant shoulders with the other, and spoke again, “Well, after teaching you a lesson, the rest, leave it to me.”
Sun team and others were surprised to find that Han tender, originally hot natured, in front of this strange youth, was like a good girl, after the youth finished talking, Han tender actually nodded obediently, even the anger on her face, was much less.
Han gentle stood behind Zhang Xuan, at this moment, Han gentle felt as if there was a big mountain, helping himself to resist all, standing behind him, he was more at ease than ever.
“Kid, I advise you not to be the bird that comes out of the woodwork!” The young woman glared viciously at Zhang Xuan and said.
When the woman spoke, she clearly had some colorful taste, just just now she swung that punch was easily blocked by this youth in front of her, she could see the difference in strength between herself and the other party.
“The head bird?” Zhang Xuan face a touch of doubt, suddenly, the corners of the mouth hung a cold smile, a heavy slap towards the young woman’s face.
Zhang Xuan this slap is very fast, so fast that no one in the compartment did not react, did not even see, heard a “pop” sound, the young woman’s face, red five fingerprints.
Zhang Xuan such a decisive move, so that everyone is a little bit not back to God, no matter how, men beat women, more or less some psychological pressure, but this psychological pressure, for Zhang Xuan, does not exist, in his eyes, there is no man and woman, only friends and enemies.
The young woman reached out and covered her cheeks, she herself did not react a little, in her thought, this man, at the very least, will put some harsh words with himself, and even hands will not move, just a few words, but did not expect, this man said hit.
“You ……” young woman just about to speak, Zhang Xuan and a slap over.
The young woman’s words just reached her mouth were swallowed back by Zhang Xuan.
“Dare to touch my woman, think of the consequences?” Zhang Xuan stepped forward and looked at the young woman from above.
By Zhang Xuan’s gaze, the young woman felt as if she was being watched by an ancient beast, sweat hairs could not help but explode, heartbeat began to accelerate without reason, panic.
Zhang Xuan grabbed the young woman’s hair, and then kicked out, right in the young woman’s abdomen, the young woman was kicked out by Zhang Xuan and smashed heavily on the glass table in the compartment.
The young woman was sent flying by Zhang Xuan’s kick and hit the glass table heavily. “Clatter”, the glass table broke to the ground.
Zhang Xuan these few moves, look at the Sun team and others are dumbfounded, they asked themselves, is unable to a woman so hands, but look at this strange young man, completely without any burden ah!
The young woman fell to the ground, hands clutching the abdomen, face distorted, moaning in pain, some parts of the body have been cut by broken glass.

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