Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 392

Zhang Xuan did not even look at the young woman again, towards He Jiayang, who was still sitting on the sofa.
Zhang Xuan beat the young woman scene, He Jiayang saw clearly, see this thug towards himself, He Jiayang subconsciously shrink towards the corner, “You …… you want?”
“You are He Jiayang?” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth, hooked up a cold smile.
He Jiayang swallowed his saliva fiercely and said with forced composure, “Since you know my identity, you should understand what the consequences will be if you move me!”
“Is that so?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow, “I was just outside and heard this mouth of yours, it’s very powerful.”
He Jiayang lifted a breath and strained his neck, “What, my mouth grows on myself, what I say, it’s none of your business.”
“Of course it’s my business!” Zhang Xuan stepped on He Jiayang’s chest with one foot, using his foot to hold He Jiayang there, unable to move, and with the other hand, backhandedly grabbed the fruit knife on the table.
The bright and shiny blade was held by Zhang Xuan less than a centimeter from the corner of He Jiayang’s mouth, and He Jiayang was trembling, feeling that the blade could cut his face at any time.
“You say.” Zhang Xuan shook the fruit knife in his hand and kept gesturing at the corner of He Jiayang’s mouth, “Should I cut this mouth of yours first, or cut your tongue first? Your voice, it’s just too hard to hear.”
“I …… I ……” He Jiayang was so frightened by that cold aura emanating from Zhang Xuan’s body that his words were stuttering, “I am …… but He Dong’s son, if you touch me, you won’t end up well.”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan let out a light laugh, suddenly squeezed the knife handle, aimed at He Jiayang’s shoulder nest, a knife viciously pierced down.
“Poof” was the sound of the knife tip piercing into his body.
He Jiayang let out a miserable scream.
The team of Sun and others standing at the entrance of the box, at this moment can not help but gulp saliva, this buddy, also too fierce, it is simply a hundred taboos ah.
The candidate female team member who was also scolded by the young woman before pulled the sleeve of Han tender, “tender, he just said you are his woman, this is your boyfriend ah.”
Han gentle thought about it and replied, “Sort of.”
Zhang Xuan’s knife pierced He Jiayang’s shoulder socket and did not take it out.
He Jiayang’s voice was like killing a pig, screaming non-stop.
“If you scream again, I’ll cut your tongue off.” Zhang Xuan spoke coldly.
Once Zhang Xuan’s words came out, He Jiayang’s original miserable screams stopped abruptly, and he looked at Zhang Xuan with fear in his eyes, “Big …… Brother, yes, I’m sorry.”
He Jiayang was really scared, he just thought that this person would not dare to do anything to himself because of his identity, but now he found out that he was wrong, so wrong, the other side of this knife, is clearly telling himself that he does not care about his identity ah.
Outside the box.
The KTV owner was waiting at the front door with an anxious face.
A middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses walked into the KTV with big strides, and as soon as he entered, he loudly questioned the KTV owner: “What happened, where is Mr. He?”
The KTV boss saw the middle-aged man arrive and breathed a huge sigh of relief, “Mr. Ping, Mr. He is in box 888, he …… he ……”
The KTV owner wanted to say something but stopped.
“Say!” Mr. Ping glared at Le KTV boss.
“He Gongzi he, was beaten up ……”
“What!” Mr. Ping’s face changed violently.
Who is He Jiayang, He Dong’s only son, ah, but in his own territory was beaten, if this is known by the secretary, will certainly blame themselves, after all, the secretary and He Jiayang’s father He Dong, that is many years of good friends!
“Where is the person who beat him up!” Mr. Ping immediately asked.
The KTV owner pointed in the direction of the box, “Still in the box.”
“Go, go over and see who is so bold!” Mr. Ping walked towards the box with an angry face.
In the box, He Jiayang was trembling and looked at Zhang Xuan with fear in his eyes.
Sun team and others wanted to go forward to stop Zhang Xuan, but did not know what to say, He Jiayang molested other people’s girlfriend, people hands to teach He Jiayang, as a man, if his girlfriend was molested, probably will also violently hit people.
The door of the compartment was suddenly pushed open from the outside.
The door of the box, a loud shout: “How dare you, really how dare you! How dare you beat up people here, there is no more king’s law!”
Before Mr. Ping even entered the door, he opened his mouth to scold.
When Sun and the others saw the visitor, their faces changed violently. As members of the sharp-edged team, they naturally knew the secretary of the first hand of Duhai.
“Mr. Ping, why are you here.” Team Sun hurriedly gave Han Gentle a wink to stop Zhang Xuan, while he himself stood in front of Mr. Ping with a smile.
Mr. Ping snorted coldly, “I’m not coming, I’m not coming, you’ll turn this place upside down! Even Duke He dared to hit, who was the one who hit him!”
“It’s me!” Originally was about to go to dissuade Zhang Xuan’s Han gentle heard this, immediately came over and resisted the matter, “The person was beaten by me.”
“You?” Mr. Ping looked Han tender up and down, “How dare you! You are here to protect He Jiayang He Gongzi, how dare you make a move against He Gongzi, in this eyes, there is no law!”
“Mr. Ping, this matter is not what you think, listen to my explanation to you ah.” Sun team came up with an anxious face.
Mr. Ping waved his hand and pushed Sun’s team away, “Explain what? What is there to explain, I tell you, this time, none of you can get away with it, I will tell the secretary the truth, you wait to eat jail!”
Mr. Ping’s words just fell, the corner of the box, there was a surprise voice.
“Uncle Ping, save me, save me, kill someone!”
Originally full of fear, He Jiayang, after the arrival of Mr. Ping, his face appeared delighted look, while overflowing with a few points of smugness, looking at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, I want you to fucking die!”
Mr. Ping looked towards the corner of the box, and saw that He Jiayang was being stepped on by a person on his chest, pressed to the sofa, and in the shoulder socket of He Jiayang, there was a fruit knife sticking out sharply!
Mr. Ping’s face changed greatly, he looked at the person who was stepping on He Jiayang, the back was somewhat familiar, but could not remember what kind of person.
“Put your feet down, you hear me!”
Mr. Ping came in stride while bellowing at Zhang Xuan.
“Kid, I told you to let go, didn’t you fucking hear me!” He Jiayang looked at Zhang Xuan with a ruthless face, “If you want to fucking die, just keep stepping on Laozi!”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan let out a light laugh, raised his hand, and swung a slap at He Jiayang’s face.
This slap was so hard that it not only brought a crunching sound, but also knocked out two of He Jiayang’s teeth, causing blood to flow from the corner of He Jiayang’s mouth.
This action of Zhang Xuan once again made Mr. Ping change his face, he did not expect this person to be so rampant that he dared to hit someone in front of himself.

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