Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 395

Mr. Ping sat in front of Zhu Yuanjiu, his body trembling involuntarily with excitement.
Suddenly, the phone rang.
Mr. Ping saw that the phone was the secretary calling.
“Zhu Lao, it’s the secretary on the phone.”
“Him?” Zhu Yuanjiu frowned, “shouldn’t he be in the capital right now for a meeting? Answer it.”
Only after receiving Zhu Yuanjiu’s permission did Mr. Ping dare to pick up the phone.
“Hello, secretary.”
“Tell me what’s going on with He Jiayang!” Mr. Ping had just picked up the phone when Yin Guoan’s angry voice came out from the phone, “I’ll give you half an hour to get everyone from that sharp-edged squad to come to the hotel right away! I’ll send you the address, I want a reasonable explanation.”
“Secretary, this matter ……” Mr. Ping had a difficult look on his face, and was just about to speak when the phone was hung up.
“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yuanjiu asked as he sat down on his seat and took a sip of tea.
When Mr. Ping saw that Master Zhu took the initiative to ask, he didn’t dare not to say anything and answered carefully, “The secretary is back, it was yesterday, he wants me to go over now.”
“Back?” Zhu Yuanjiu face showed a trace of dissatisfaction, “is a meeting in the capital, said to come back? What does he want!”
When Mr. Ping saw that Master Zhu was angry, he hurriedly lowered his head and did not dare to say anything.
Zhu Yuanjiu coldly snorted, got up, reached out and swept his lapel, “Let’s go, let’s go over together.”
Mr. Ping nodded his head in panic.
Han gentle is accompanying Zhang Xuan stay in the Duhai Museum, Zhang Xuan’s goal, mostly placed on some ancient armor, weapons.
Zhang Xuan wants to find some traces through these ancient things used by the ancient people.
Looking at the record for these armor and weapons, the average weight of thirty pounds up, carrying such a heavy thing to march a hundred miles, Zhang Xuan envisaged that he did, although it is easy to say, but in ancient times, that is all soldiers can do things ah.
For these armor and weapons, Han gentle, this violent person, also showed a lot of interest, stay with Zhang Xuan, also does not seem boring, for some things, than Zhang Xuan is also enthusiastic about it.
The two are looking up, Han gentle phone rings, pick up and hang up, Han gentle some face is not good at Zhang Xuan said: “just Sun team to call, said Duhai’s Yin Secretary, let us go over.”
Zhang Xuan and Han tender left the museum and came to the Capital International Hotel when they saw the Sun team and others, also standing at the entrance of the hotel.
As soon as that candidate female team member yesterday saw Han tender, she immediately came up and said to Han tender with a nervous face, “tender, this time things are not easy to deal with ah, I heard that He Jiayang his father also came, specifically to put pressure on Secretary Yin, no you let your boyfriend go first.”
“Right.” Sun team also came forward to speak, “gentle, no matter what, we are sharp edge candidate team members, Yin Secretary will not put us how, at most a reprimand, discipline can not be given, but your boyfriend he ……”
When it comes to this, the Sun team looked at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan stood there with an indifferent face.
Han gentle listening to the two, shook his head, “It’s okay, this Zhang Xuan can handle, let’s go up first.”
When coming, Han tender also worried about this matter, she also proposed to let Zhang Xuan do not follow, but Zhang Xuan does not care about this matter, this Du Haiyin secretary if really angered himself, then also do not do.
Han gentle see Zhang Xuan confident look, also did not say anything more.
Sun team and the female team member heard Han gentle speak so, both sighed.
“Gentle, this matter Jin team they have reported to the top, the top will deal with, and so on up, you must not be impulsive ah, if you bumped into Secretary Yin, it is not a small matter.” Sun team reminded.
“I know.” Han gentle nodded.
Several people conferred downstairs, then called on Zhang Xuan, who looked indifferent, and headed upstairs.
Standing in front of that presidential suite, Team Sun took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
“Enter.” In the room, a strong voice of dissatisfaction rang out.
The door of the room was not closed, it was hidden. Team Sun gently pushed the door, once the door opened, he saw several black-clad bodyguards staring at himself and others with unfriendly faces.
Sun team looked along these bodyguards, and finally saw He Dong and Yin Guoan who were sitting inside the most.
“Secretary Yin, Mr. He.” Team Sun nodded his head in greeting.
“Heh!” Yin Guoan sneered, “So you still know me, the secretary, ah, I thought, this Duhai, is your world!”
Yin Guoan’s face was unkind as he sized up Team Sun and the others.
Sun team bitter smile, did not speak.
Yin Guoan took a sip of tea and leaned back in his seat, “Tell me, who moved the hand?”
Team Sun stood there with his head lowered and didn’t say anything.
“What? Do not say, want to cover up for each other?” Yin Guoan raised his eyebrows, “Since you guys don’t say, I’ll have to let people admit it myself!”
After finishing his speech, Yin Guoan looked at He Dong and spoke, “Old He, let’s have someone come out.”
He Dong nodded and waved his hand.
From a small room in the same suite, a young woman came out, the same person who had just been fired from the sharp edge yesterday.
As soon as the young woman came out, she first greeted He Dong and Yin Guoan.
He Dong opened his mouth, “Yesterday, these villains, beat my son, did not heed, left in style, if she had not sent my son to the hospital, I am afraid that at this time, my son a breath would have been long gone.”
Yesterday’s incident, the young woman deliberately described the situation as very critical, and even after Zhang Xuan and the others left, she deliberately pulled off the fruit knife inserted in He Jiayang’s shoulder socket, and waited for He Jiayang to lose too much blood before she took him to the hospital.
The company’s business status will be of great benefit to its future promotion.
India Guoan looked at the young woman and said, “Tell me, what happened yesterday.”
The young woman nodded and replied, “Secretary Yin, I was originally a member of the sharp edge candidate team, and my mission this time was to protect Mr. He Jiayang to the high seas to discuss a matter. The boyfriend appeared, beat me and Mr. He again, and bribed Secretary Ping.”
The young woman’s words were thought out long ago, and in her words, she portrayed herself as a righteous character, and Han tender and others, as ten evils.
He Jiayang is a kind of person, Yin Guoan heart is very clear, he immediately understood the young woman said the verbal conflict is what means, but he did not deep, he now want, is a reason to pursue Han gentle and others.

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