Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 5

Lin Qinghan hurriedly climbed up and rushed out of the bedroom door, just in time to see Zhang Xuan who was lying on the floor scrubbing the floor.
When Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan also happened to turn his head and saw Lin Qinghan, smiling slightly at Lin Qinghan, “Mr. Lin, you’re awake.”
Lin Qinghan frowned, “It’s ten o’clock, why didn’t you wake me up!”
Zhang Xuan smiled playfully, “Mr. Lin, you’re the one who said you wouldn’t let me into your bedroom.”
Lin Qinghan’s expression froze, unable to say anything, she did say such a thing, suddenly, Lin Qinghan thought of something, a pretty face suddenly became cold, “I remember, I fell asleep on the sofa yesterday, right? How come I woke up in the bedroom this morning?”
Zhang Xuan face playful expression frozen, scratching the back of his head with his hand, dry laugh: “Ha ha, I saw you sleeping on the sofa yesterday, so I carried you to the bedroom, but you can rest assured that I definitely did not do anything out of the ordinary! Zhang’s character is extraordinarily strong!”
“Hold?” Lin Qinghan caught this word, this person in front of him, actually hugged himself! Lin Qinghan subconsciously checked her clothing, when she found that her clothing had not been touched, then she was relieved.
The company’s business is still a little busy, so I’ve already prepared the face wash and toothpaste for you.”
Lin Qinghan is also clear that now is not the time to talk about this with Zhang Xuan, the company’s business is the most important, with long legs, Lin Qinghan hurriedly wash, then open the door and run out.
Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan’s back as she left, and a doting smile appeared on his face.
Lin Qinghan drove out in the red Mercedes GT, anxious in her heart, this morning, she had to be busy to deal with the land with Zhou’s cooperation, but slept until after 10 o’clock, what a mistake!
Lin’s Group first floor lobby, Zhou Xu dressed in formal wear, head wrapped in gauze, is full of anxiety waiting here, look at the time, already 10:30, half an hour to noon, but Mr. Lin has not yet come.
Zhou Xu clearly remembered what the ruthless man said yesterday, if he had not apologized by noon, he would really be dead!
Zhou Xu’s father Zhou Ping is also standing here with a serious expression, yesterday’s events, he listened to his son thoroughly, and learned that the other party just a phone call, almost destroyed the entire Zhou’s, let Zhou Ping heart tremble, but also taught his son a good lesson, so that he must not provoke Lin’s a little discontent!
At this moment, a red Mercedes GT with a roar stopped at the entrance of Lin’s group.
The moment he saw the Mercedes, Zhou Xu’s face overflowed with joy and hurriedly greeted him, and Zhou Ping also quickly followed, squeezing out a smile on his serious old face.
As soon as Lin Qinghan, who was wearing a professional suit, got out of the car, she saw Zhou Xu, who was walking with a smile on his face, and the gauze wrapped around his head made Lin Qinghan puzzled.
“Mr. Lin, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, you’re finally here.” Zhou Xu tried his best to look polite, and when he spoke, his body was slightly bowed down, putting himself in a vulnerable position.
Lin Qinghan was confused by Zhou Xu’s sudden attitude, yesterday she also learned from the phone, this person in front of her, let herself go to Zhou’s building alone, Lin Qinghan strange as strange, but talk is not polite, contemptuous smile.
“He, Mr. Zhou, yesterday I’m afraid to let you down, if you really think my Lin is a soft persimmon, what trick to make it [smoke rain red dust novel], and then disgusting means, I Lin Qing Han also next!”
“General Lin, before is Zhou someone has eyes not to know the mountain, yesterday that person has been severely educated me, you will be generous, forgive me this time, this is the ownership of the land, this morning has let people all transferred to your Lin’s name, including the two residential areas you looked at last time, I am also arranging people to do the formalities, in a few hours will be sent to your If you are still satisfied, please tell the big man that I have done everything he asked me to do.”
Zhou Xu, this mouthful of you, not only apologized to Lin Qinghan, but also gave away that piece of land that both sides worked together, and likewise attached two residential areas as a compensation gift, just to let Zhang Xuan see his sincerity.
Zhou Ping was also saying good things to Lin Qinghan, saying that the Zhou and Lin families were family friends, and that his son had caused all this trouble, so I hope Lin Qinghan would not blame him!
Lin Qinghan looked at the land certificate handed over by Zhou Xu, on which all the people had written their names, and it was stamped with the steel seal of the relevant department, which could not be faked at all, and what was happening before her eyes gave Lin Qinghan a strong sense of unreality, but the fact that it was happening right before her eyes, she could not help but believe it.
Lin Qinghan caught the point of Zhou Xu’s words, he said, yesterday, someone, hard to educate him, helped himself? Who was that person?
“Mr. Lin, do you see that you are still satisfied?” Zhou Xu cautiously, tentatively asked, he did not feel too humble at all, yesterday that person’s energy, he had thoroughly seen, there was only fear in his heart, he understood that his arrogant capital, in front of that person, is nothing!
“Okay, I know, there is no need to give me your land and residential area, I just hope that in the next cooperation, you will not do anything disgusting again.” Lin Qinghan didn’t accept Zhou Xu’s compensation gift, because she didn’t know who helped herself, and it wasn’t appropriate at all to accept this big gift.
When Zhou Xu heard that Lin Qinghan was not going to take his compensation gift, his face suddenly became bitter, “Mr. Lin, please accept it, that person said yesterday, if the compensation gift is not in place, I will be miserable, take pity on me and accept it!”
Zhou Xu’s attitude made Lin Qinghan really a bit at a loss for words.
Pity him? Accepting his land worth more than one billion dollars for free? Zhou Xu’s words, if others heard them, they would definitely think that Zhou Xu was crazy.
Lin Qinghan saw Zhou Xu’s pleading look and knew he couldn’t refuse, forget it, let’s accept it first, and then return the gift when we know who helped us.
Thinking this through, Lin Qinghan told Zhou Xu that she would let her secretary take care of these things, and after that she hurried upstairs.
Lin Qinghan sat in her office and looked at the huge floor-to-ceiling window, through which she could look down on the entire CBD of Yinzhou City.
Thinking about everything that had just happened, Lin Qinghan still couldn’t believe it, the thing that gave her such a headache had been solved so fantastically? Who was it that helped himself? Lin Qinghan thought for a while, but could not find any clue, good thing Lin Qinghan is not a pretentious person, some things can not think for the time being, so do not think about it, the heart’s biggest pile of heartache is over, let her mood soothe a lot, is at this time, the office door was knocked on.
“Please come in.” Lin Qinghan said to the door of the office.
The person who came in the door was a woman with wheat skin, she was wearing a loose sportswear in red and blue, her age looked about the same as Lin Qinghan, around twenty-three years old, with a height of one meter six and short hair, this woman stood there as if she was a cheetah capable of powering up at any time.
“Hello Mr. Lin, introduce yourself, my name is Jiang Jing, your father asked me to protect you.”
As soon as Jiang Jing’s words fell, Lin Qinghan’s phone rang, it was her father calling.

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