Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 41

On a BMW X5 driving from Yinzhou to Luohe, Lin Wei was sitting on the driver’s seat, and sitting on the passenger side, was a young man of similar age to Lin Wei.
“Cheng Shao, this time, I’ll trouble you.” Lin Wei drove while handing a kraft paper bag of documents to the youth.
The youth casually took the file bag, opened it and took a look, and lit himself a cigarette, “Five percent of Lin’s shares, Lin Shao, your gesture this time, it’s not small, huh?”
“Cheng Shao, this is just the deposit, if this time the matter really comes to fruition, there is the other half, I Lin someone will definitely offer it with both hands.” Lin Wei was relieved to see Shao Cheng accept that kraft paper bag.
“Don’t worry, I like to make deals with greedy people like you.” Cheng Guang’s gaze, full of greed, as Cheng frame’s grandson, Cheng Guang status connections are there, but in terms of money, or to be much worse than the general rich second generation, because Cheng frame once set a rule, Cheng family, within three generations shall not engage in business, shall not engage in politics.
Cheng frame of this rule, so many Cheng family members have expressed incomprehension, obviously have a lot of network resources, why not go into business and politics, they are sure, with Cheng frame of the network, can definitely make their own in the political and business world smooth points smooth water.
However, only the discerning know that Cheng frame set this rule because of fear, his three disciples, has taken over the military, political and business sectors in Ning Province, if his Cheng family dare to business and politics, then waiting for the Cheng family, will be the end of a destruction.
In front of the Cheng family manor, a young man in casual clothes stood here quietly, in this place where everyone has to wear formal clothes to visit, a casual clothes, enough to highlight the identity of this young man, he is the son of Cheng frame disciples, Ning week, his father Ning Changhe, holding the military power of Ning Province, high status.
“Young Ning, this lookout, who are you waiting for?” A woman with a pretty face walked up to Ning Zhou Zhou and asked in a delicate voice, sending autumn waves in secret as she spoke.
“Lin Qinghan.” Ning a week spit out three words, the words, leaking a strong confidence, his eyes, did not even look at this woman beside him.
The woman heard Lin Qinghan’s name, her eyes suddenly dimmed, although she holds herself to be a good family, good-looking, but and Lin Qinghan, or can not be compared to the family, Lin Qinghan as Lin Zhengnan’s own granddaughter, in terms of looks, she is self-conscious.
Ning week hands on the back waist, a motionless, looking into the distance.
A fiery red Mercedes GT came from afar and gradually entered Ning’s line of sight. Ning, whose expression had been bland, hooked a smile at the corner of his mouth after seeing the Mercedes, the vehicle stopped, the door opened, and someone stepped down from the car. The woman was wearing light makeup, her features were exquisite to impeccable, the scenery of heaven and earth for her to weave a scroll, beige dress and this scroll blended together, let people obsessed.
Woman a long black hair in the back of the head up, inserted a silver-white jade hairpin, hairpin like a star, dotted in this picture scroll.
Ning Zhou had fascination in his eyes, and just as he was about to go forward to greet her, he found that the woman he was waiting for, and a strange man, stepped down from the same car, and she was holding the man’s arm.
Ning’s face changed violently in a week, and after a few seconds, he regained his composure again and walked towards Lin Qinghan with big steps.
“Qing Han, you finally came, I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time.” Ning Zhou said aloud at Lin Qinghan, then his gaze was placed on Zhang Xuan and he looked at him carefully, “This is?”
“My husband.” Lin Qinghan took Zhang Xuan’s arm and revealed a smile.
Ning Zhou’s heart thumped, at this moment, he felt as if something important was taken away from him, Ning Zhou looked at Zhang Xuan, the latter’s excellent temperament, and this decent suit on his body, all let Ning Zhou can not despise.
When Ning Zhou was wondering which family’s youngest was Zhang Xuan, a discordant voice sounded.
“Husband and son-in-law, those are two different things, young Ning, this, is our Lin family’s son-in-law.” Wang Wei and Cheng Guang came from the side.
“Brother Ning, it’s been a long time.” Cheng Guang greeted Ning with a week.
“Yes, it’s been a long time, so we must have a few more drinks today.” Ning Zhou responded politely to Cheng Guang, then he couldn’t wait to ask to Lin Wei, “Brother Wang, you said that this, is your Lin family’s son-in-law?”
“Naturally, a poor man who has climbed up this big tree of our Lin family.” Wang Wei clasped his hands to his chest and snickered.
Today, in this Cheng family manor, he was not afraid of Zhang Xuan, and even Wang Wei was a bit expecting Zhang Xuan to make a move on himself, because he knew very well that once this yakuza could not resist making a move in the Cheng family, then it would be the end of him too.
Zhang Xuan faintly glanced at Wang Wei, and did not speak, in his eyes, Wang Wei is like a clown, if he wants, just nod, this Wang Wei will die without a burial place.
As for not moving in the Cheng family or whatever, Zhang Xuan did not even consider it, in this world, no one, yet, can control him, and no one, dare to control him.
Wang Wei saw Zhang Xuan did not say a word, and thought Zhang Xuan was afraid, he laughed twice, “Zhang, if you know what you’re doing, you should get away, this is the Cheng family’s party, not a place for a yakuza like you!”
“You can’t say that.” Another voice sounded, wearing a formal suit Lin Chuan paced, “Since Zhang Xuan came to our Lin family, then it is our Lin family, how can there be a reason for our Lin family people to be here and let him go?”
Lin Chuan spoke, everywhere towards Zhang Xuan, yet everywhere leaked eccentricity.
Lin Qinghan looked at Lin Chuan with great surprise, not knowing what medicine he was selling in his gourd.
Wang Wei turned around with an unhappy face, “I said Lin Chuan, are you out of your mind, helping an outsider to speak?”
“Oh, Zhang Xuan is my brother-in-law, how can he be an outsider?” Lin Chuan asked rhetorically.
Wang Wei was just about to open his mouth when he was interrupted by Cheng Guang.
“Alright, this is your Lin family’s business, I’m not interested in hearing more, if you want to talk, just talk slowly as a family behind closed doors, this is my Cheng family’s banquet, not a place for your Lin family to talk!” Cheng Guang coldly snorted.
Once Cheng Guang opened his mouth, neither Wang Wei, nor Lin Chuan, opened their mouths again.
“Brother Ning, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, come inside and catch up?” Cheng Guang made an inviting gesture to Ning Zhou.
Ning Zhou nodded, and after a deep look at Zhang Xuan, he left with a single stride.
Ning Zhou and Cheng Guang left, Wang Wei seemed to have less energy, did not dare to shout with Zhang Xuan, also quickly step away.
Lin Chuan made a smile of goodwill to Zhang Xuan and also left.
From the beginning to the end, Zhang Xuan did not say a word, even if he is just the intersection of the argument, as if it is not about him, he came here, only because Lin Qinghan, without Lin Qinghan this layer of relationship, these people, not even the qualification to talk to him.

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