Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 43

Lin Qinghan heard Zhang Xuan’s words of concern, subconsciously mmm, nodded his head.
“Shit, show love dies fast!” Cheng Qing sat on his butt next to Zhang Xuan, and reached out and put his arm around Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, “Dude, let’s have a couple of drinks? You can tell me how you pick up Qinghan, usually tutoring how? I tell you ah, do not look at your daughter-in-law is what iceberg female president, men, in the family will have to have status, the fight or have to fight!”
Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan with a strange expression, and it so happened that Lin Qinghan also looked at Zhang Xuan when he heard this, and when Zhang Xuan saw the coldness in Lin Qinghan’s eyes, he showed a flattering smile.
Lin Qinghan fiercely glared at Zhang Xuan, that meaning seems to say, you hit a try!
“Ai!” Cheng Qing sighed and patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, “Brother, it seems that this family status of yours doesn’t work.”
Cheng Qing finished, poured himself a glass of wine, tilted his head and drank it down, before the glass could be put down, he heard a shady voice ring out next to him.
“Aiyaya, it’s the eldest grandson of our Cheng family, how come he didn’t know to visit his elders first when he came home?”
Zhang Xuan sat beside Cheng Qing and swept a glance with his afterimage, the speaker was a middle-aged woman dressed in pearls, her face was heavily made up, and she was wearing a solid pearl necklace around her neck.
Cheng Qing turned his head and narrowed his eyes at the middle-aged woman, “Second Aunt, how do you know that I came back without visiting my elders?”
“Cheng Qing, what do you mean!” The middle-aged woman’s face suddenly became ugly, she heard the words in Cheng Qing’s words, that means, she is not his elders?
“There’s no meaning.” Cheng Qing shook his head, “Let’s eat, let’s eat.”
The middle-aged woman gave a cold snort and turned her head away.
During the meal, the people who were seated in this main house, frequently went towards the old man Cheng, toasted, and each one prepared an original congratulatory speech.
At Zhang Xuan’s table, the Lin family did not follow the crowd to make a toast, but ate on their own, except for Lin Jianyu, representing Lin Zhengnan, who walked towards Master Cheng with a glass of wine.
Lin Jianyu just got up to leave, has been silent Wang Wei spoke, “some people ah, dating also do not know a little cautious, do not then the Lin family also dragged on the cackle.”
When Wang Wei spoke, his eyes kept sweeping back and forth on Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan, and Cheng Qing, the meaning was obvious.
“That’s not the way to say it, we have different personalities and different friendship circles, there is no need for some people to be shady here, don’t you think so, brother-in-law.” Lin Chuan smiled at Zhang Xuan, in this smile, there is actually some taste of goodwill.
When Lin Chuan said this, the people at the table looked at him with a puzzled face, not understanding why Lin Chuan suddenly made such a big attitude change towards Zhang Xuan.
Wang Wei coldly snorted, “Wallflower, what a thing! Bah!”
“Heh.” Lin Chuan sat there and smiled, and did not say anything.
Wang Wei sat at the table, his heart was a little upset, but his face was smug, because he knew that from today onwards, everyone at this table, will have to follow his own lead, including that what Lin Qinghan, after today, the first thing he will do, is to drive her out of the Lin family, and Lin Chuan, dare to oppose me, you also have no good consequences to eat!
“Little Wei, how are things arranged.” Wang Wei’s mother asked in a low voice at her son.
Wang Wei waved an OK gesture and replied in a whisper, “All arrangements are made, this time I and Cheng Shao, specifically found a forty year old wild ginseng.”
“Good job!” Wang Wei’s mother nodded vigorously, she knew very well what a forty year old wild ginseng represented, not only was it expensive, but it was also priceless, usually such nutritional products were used as a special supply.
The banquet proceeded, and the toasters sat back in their seats, knowing that the main event of this birthday banquet was about to begin.
Old man Cheng 70th birthday, his hair has long been white, who does not know how many years, the person elected today, is likely to be the future pillar of the Cheng family, the helm!
Cheng family, a total of three first grandson.
The eldest grandson Cheng Qing, the second grandson Cheng Guang, the third grandson Cheng Meng.
Among the three, the most favored is Cheng Guang and Cheng Meng, as for Cheng Qing, no one cares.
Everyone knows that the grandson of the Cheng family, his mind is not on this.
After everyone finished their toasts, Cheng Guang, under the encouraging eyes of his mother, was the first to stand up.
“Grandpa, may you be old and strong and refreshed, to congratulate you on your 70th birthday, my grandson has specially found a mountain ginseng.” Cheng Guang held a delicate sandalwood box in his hand, which emitted a faint fragrance.
When Cheng Guang opened his mouth, everyone’s eyes were focused on him in the entire main room.
Wang Wei, sitting there, also put down his chopsticks and looked towards this side.
Cheng Frame, who was dressed in a Tang suit, didn’t open his mouth first, he first glanced at Cheng Qing who was sitting at this table of the Lin family, and only then put his eyes on Cheng Guang.
Seeing this scene, Cheng Guang’s heart is in the secret joy, you Cheng Qing as the eldest grandson, not the first birthday congratulations, now it is my turn, see where your face put!
Cheng Guang put the wooden box in his hand in front of Cheng frame, Cheng frame expression no wave, stretch out the old wrinkled skin hand, will open the wooden box.
The moment the wooden box was opened, a sound of sucking in cold air rang out in the room.
“Thirty-five years of mountain ginseng! At least thirty-five years!” A merchant who knew the goods couldn’t help but shout out.
“Boss Wang, you specialize in this area, do you have any comment?” A man did not know mountain ginseng and was puzzled.
Boss Wang nodded and explained to the crowd, “There are many kinds of ginseng, the most rare is the wild mountain ginseng, unlike the artificially raised ginseng such as mountain ginseng and garden ginseng, the survival rate of wild mountain ginseng is extremely low, on the verge of extinction, and this ginseng, only in the primeval forest can be found, generally fifteen years or more, is already very rare, twenty years, is rare, thirty years Thirty years, there is no market, thirty-five years, I can not believe, this is not money can buy!”
Boss Wang’s eyes were obsessed when he looked at the ginseng.
If this is true, a thirty-five year old wild ginseng is not something that can be bought with money, there is no telling how many people are staring at it! So many rich people in all of China, there is no one who is not afraid of death, who does not want to get more of this precious product?
“Good.” Elder Cheng nodded and said only one word.
This one word made Cheng Guang ecstatic, and his mother’s eyes also showed a joyful look, after glaring viciously at Cheng Qing, who was the one who just ridiculed Cheng Qing with her words.
At this time, Wang Wei already couldn’t help but grin, earlier heard that the old man Cheng, this person, do not smile, can say a good word, it means he is extremely satisfied.

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