Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 44

Now, Wang Wei’s heart, already thinking, how to punish that disrespectful Lin Chuan, and that Lin Qinghan, wait for this time back, with his relationship with Cheng Guang, Lin’s must be his own bag, as for the surname Zhang, he will absolutely screw him!
Cheng Guang sent out the gift box, with a smile on his face and retreated.
“Grandfather, my grandson wishes you prosperity in the sun and moon, pine and crane longevity, blessing like the East Sea, longevity than the South Mountain!” Cheng Meng stood up, he is the youngest Cheng family’s first grandson, today twenty-one years old, still in college, a childish face.
Cheng Meng did not take out any particularly expensive gift, but gave out a string of sandalwood bracelets.
“Grandpa, my grandson was studying in Duhai, and by chance he met Old Mr. Huynh Qi and took him as his teacher, this is personally polished by Old Mr. Huynh Qi and entrusted me to bring it to you.”
“Old Mr. Hou Qi!”
“I can’t believe that he has worshipped Old Mr. Huynh Qi as his teacher!”
The people in the room, hearing this name, were in an uproar.
HOU Qi, a famous antique expert in China, hung honorary professors in seven famous universities in China, and had countless disciples, so he could be called the titan of the antique world.
The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the book. Even an ordinary person without power and influence, but also directly fly on the branch to become a phoenix!
Cheng Guang, who originally had a smile on his face, gave Cheng Meng a gloomy look.
The onlookers, also can’t help but secretly for Cheng Meng thumbs up, young, look young, but the means is very high, worshipping Master Hou Qi as a teacher, is not that simple thing?
“Not bad.” Old master Cheng nodded, body hand took the string bracelet and put it on his wrist, “I have not seen with old Mr. Huynh Qi for many years, turn around and contact us both, see if there is time, get together.”
“Okay, grandpa.” Cheng Meng nodded and retreated to the side.
Cheng family three first grandsons, two have offered their congratulatory gifts, one took out the wild mountain ginseng that money can not buy, and one raised the name of Huynh Qi, sent Huynh Qi personally polished sandalwood bracelet, it can be said that the two sent out things, all represent a certain social status, at a young age, can do so, although the Cheng family’s first line, but with their own ability or inseparable.
At this time, many people are guessing, in the end, who will be chosen by Elder Cheng, most people, or guessed Cheng Guang, even at this moment, there are people to Cheng Guang cast a smile of goodwill.
“Yo! The second and third grandsons have congratulated the old man on his birthday, where is our Cheng family’s eldest grandson, how come we don’t see him at our own table?” Cheng Guang’s mother’s eerie voice rang out, pretending as if she was sweeping around the main house.
“Huh.” Cheng Qing’s laughter rang out, he stood up and said aloud, “I met an old friend, sat down and chatted, saw you guys showing off there, so I didn’t bother to get involved, grandpa, happy birthday, ah, here’s to you, I’ll drink first.”
After saying that, Cheng Qing picked up the glass of wine, tilted his head and finished it off, sat down dryly, picked up chopsticks as if no one was there, and clamped the food on the table.
Lin Qinghan smiled bitterly, Cheng Qing is what kind of person, she knows too well, she got up, lifted a small wooden box, and walked towards Master Cheng’s table.
Ning Zhou, who was sitting at the side table, looked at Lin Qinghan with fiery eyes, not hiding the adoration in his eyes.
“Master Cheng, good health, long life, a small gift, not a token of respect.” Lin Qinghan put the small wooden box in front of Elder Cheng.
Old Master Cheng laughed out loud twice, this was the first time he showed such a smile today at the banquet, “How is your grandfather his health lately?”
“Thanks to the blessings of the old master, grandpa he is in good spirits recently, and he often chants about you, if he wasn’t physically ill and couldn’t travel far, he would have come today to personally congratulate you on your birthday.” Lin Qinghan smiled sweetly, beauty like a spring blossom.
“This old boy, you tell him, before I die, he can’t die.” Elder Cheng cherished the wooden box, he looked at the Lin family’s table and exclaimed, “Your Lin family’s generation, with a few of you, is not bad.”
Lin Qinghan smiled sweetly and paced back to the Lin family’s table, she had just returned when she saw Zhang Xuan and Cheng Qing hooking up and talking about something there.
Lin Qinghan’s eyes showed a touch of helplessness, after this month of living together, Lin Qinghan thoroughly understand Zhang Xuan’s character that is not on the edge, he and Cheng Qing two, really can talk to one piece.
“Brother, your character I like, come, drink one.” Zhang Xuan picked up a glass of wine and took the initiative to say.
“Drink, just don’t fall on the table.” Cheng Qing picked up a glass of wine and clinked glasses with Zhang Xuan, and then drank it all.
“By the way brother, you just said, come home to get back what belongs to you? I heard that your grandfather is going to choose one of you to come out and carry the beam today ah!” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, his voice was very soft so that Lin Invitation Han could not hear.
Lin Invitation Han sat next to him, and could only hear the two of them muttering in a whisper there.
“Not bad.” Cheng Qing put down his glass, “You are Qing Han’s husband, I’m sure she also told you that my father was thrown out of the house by the old man back then and is still not allowed to come home, what I want to do today is to get my father back!”
“How do you want to do it?” Zhang Xuan puzzled, he can also see, this Cheng family, is completely Cheng senior son’s one word, everyone has to look at Cheng senior son’s face, back then Cheng senior son personally thrown out of the family, and how can easily come back?
“Want to hear it?” Cheng Qing poured himself another glass of wine and drank it, the corners of his mouth skewed out a wry smile.
“Killed Cheng Guang and Cheng Meng.” With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Cheng Qing said while eating his food.
Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment, then smiled the same way, this Cheng Qing, was really the same kind of person as himself, his idea, in other people’s eyes, might be a bit crazy and looking for death, but in Zhang Xuan’s opinion, it was the easiest and most trouble-free method.
Master Cheng does not allow Cheng family members to engage in business, politics, the military, this point can be seen, he is very concerned about his family, afraid of a little out of bounds, and finally make the whole Cheng family in the dust.
The three first grandsons of the Cheng family, now grown up, if two die, the Cheng family will be a single lineage, even if the old man knows that Cheng Qing did it, with the importance of the Cheng family, the old man will not punish him too severely, at that time, Cheng Qing can do whatever he wants, not only to achieve his purpose, eliminate competitors, but also to establish prestige in the Cheng family, the future position is unshakable.
Zhang Xuan thought for a moment and asked, “Cheng Qing, you want to become the helmsman of the Cheng family, my wife can get what benefits?”
Cheng Qing shook his head and said, “I do not need to become the helmsman of the Cheng family, as long as they both die, Qinghan will naturally get the benefits, Wang Wei privately contacted Cheng Guang, sent Cheng Guang Lin’s five percent of the shares, that is all the assets in the hands of Wang Wei, what he is plotting, the discerning people all know.”
“So that’s how it is.” Zhang Xuan nodded, he really did not care about these issues, a Lin Group, in the eyes of ordinary people, that is a huge thing, but in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, is not much.
But regardless of whether the assets of the Lin Group Zhang Xuan could look at, he definitely would not allow someone to bully his wife.

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