Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 45

“Brother, there’s no need to kill anyone, I can help you take this spot.” Zhang Xuan backhandedly patted Cheng Qing’s shoulder.
“You?” Cheng Qing sized up Zhang Xuan.
Unlike the rest of the Cheng family’s descendants, Cheng Qing did not always live under the blessings of his elders, he followed his own father, traveled north and south and fought everywhere, the fact that he could easily say the words to kill his two brothers was proof of his insight and experience.
Cheng Qing found that he could not see through the man in front of him, he was the same as himself, playful, but Cheng Qing assured that he was more ruthless than himself, when he had just said to kill his two brothers, but any individual, even those drug lords who had killed people, would have shown surprise, after or praise, or say something else.
But this man, did not say anything!
This can only be two possibilities, either, he when he was joking, or, he is used to this kind of thing, used to it.
Cheng Qing looked at Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan was also looking at Cheng Qing, in this moment, Cheng Qing was surprised to find that within himself, he felt fear.
What the hell is he!
Cheng Qing asked himself in his heart, just a few seconds, he had a feeling that he could not catch his breath.
“How about it brother, I’ll help you take this spot, the future helmsman of the Cheng family.” Zhang Xuan spoke again.
It was not until Zhang Xuan spoke that Cheng Qing felt the breath that was suppressing him and making it difficult for him to breathe dissipate, which made him breathe a huge sigh of relief.
“Why are you helping me?” Cheng Qing did not understand.
“For my wife.” Zhang Xuan stated his purpose very bluntly, “When you take over the Cheng family, you must make it clear that you are on the same front as my wife, and if someone who threatens my wife appears, I want you to personally do your best to eradicate it.”
Cheng Qing bowed his head and did some contemplation.
“Think about it, if you follow your own way, it’s nothing but a gamble, if you win, you win, if you lose, you should know better than me what will happen, how about it?” Zhang Xuan picked up the wine bottle and poured the wine for Cheng Qing, then picked up another glass of wine himself and waited for Cheng Qing to answer.
Cheng Qing was silent for ten seconds, and after ten seconds, he raised his head, picked up the wine glass on the table, and clinked it against the one in Zhang Xuan’s hand.
The wine glass made a clear, crisp clinking sound.
“Good cooperation.” Cheng Qing smiled at Zhang Xuan.
“Of course.” Zhang Xuan tilted his head and drank the wine down.
Wang Wei’s mother sat on the table with her hands clasped over her chest and her face was full of dissatisfaction.
“I say, Lin Qinghan, you are at least representing the Lin family, so you just take something random and give it to Master Cheng?”
Wang Wei also coldly snorted, “That’s right, really lose the face of our Lin family people, I think you, the president of Lin’s, also do not be, can not be on the stage!”
A crisp sound, the sound of a glass falling to the ground and smashing.
Zhang Xuan empty hand, looking at Wang Wei, originally still some aggressive Wang Wei immediately scared to speak.
The side of Lin Chuan saw this scene, pursed his lips and sneered.
Zhang Xuan stood up and looked at Wang Wei with displeasure, “Who said the things we sent were poor, open your dog eyes and watch properly!”
In the main house, the table where Elder Cheng was sitting was whispering, and the three disciples of Elder Cheng were expressing their opinions on the interpersonal relationships that Cheng Guang and Cheng Meng had just shown, to see which of them would be more suitable to take charge of the future Cheng family.
As for Cheng Qing, he was directly ignored by the three.
“I think Cheng Guang this child is good, teacher, this wild mountain ginseng, I have heard a little bit, a full forty years, want to get into the hands of many people like cattle hair, but by Cheng Guang this child got, not to mention the number of contacts needed, is the effort, that is also huge, we can not just look at the ability, and forget the word filial piety.”
Speaking is the official political hand of Ning Province, Xiao Sheng.
“I think this child Cheng Meng can.” Ning province military hand Ning Changhe said so, “the whole of China, can be accepted by the old Mr. Huynh Qi as a disciple of only a few, that is because the old Mr. Huynh’s requirements are too high, ordinary people simply difficult to achieve, Cheng Meng this child, talented, willing to work hard, very good.”
“What about you? What do you think?” Elder Cheng did not take a position, but asked to another of his disciples, the business giant of Ning Province, Du Hua.
Du Hua was a stable-looking middle-aged man with average looks, he smiled bitterly, “Teacher, the choice of these two children will only be to join the military or politics, it is always impossible to come to me.”
Du Hua said the truth, merchants are rich, in front of power, but also a blank sheet of paper.
“It’s good to express your opinion.” Master Cheng picked up the tea cup, gently blew two sips and took a small sip.
“I think that Cheng Guang is going to be better, this child has heart and understands moderation.” Du Hua said.
Master Cheng nodded and took a deep breath.
“Teacher, have a decision?” Ning Changhe asked.
“Mm.” Elder Cheng replied.
Although they were whispering and speaking not loudly, but who was present, who did not know what they were talking about, and now looking at Elder Cheng’s appearance, it was obvious that he was going to take a stand, which made everyone nervous, just in the climbing conversation just now, many of them had made a stand.
Cheng Guang and Cheng Meng sitting on a table, the two are nervous at this time, palms are sweating, Master Cheng next decision, will affect their lives.
Master Cheng’s gaze, under the gaze of many people, gradually moved to Cheng Meng, at this moment, Cheng Meng’s heartbeat was accelerating, his eyes showed elation.
But a sigh of the old man Cheng, but Cheng Meng was about to fly out of a heart fell down hard.
Elder Cheng’s gaze was finally placed on Cheng Guang.
“It’s done! It’s done!” At the table of the Lin family, Wang Wei let out a somewhat hoarse low roar, and in this roar, carried a kind of liberation that was about to break through the bondage.
Wang Wei’s mother’s face also showed a smug look and said nonchalantly, “Lin Qinghan, let’s settle our previous score today.”
It was Lin Chuan, on the contrary, who looked indifferent.
Cheng Qing looked at the easternmost table with a puzzled face, Zhang Xuan was slowly walking across, and he was curious to know what this person had to do to get himself chosen today.
Cheng Guang was filled with excitement because he knew that from today, his fate would be completely changed, and in this Ning Province land, his name, Cheng Guang, would be remembered by all the upper class people!
“Little Guang.” Cheng frame opened his mouth, his voice was old and carried a kind of majesty.
“Grandfather.” Cheng Guang hurriedly got up and lowered his head.
“Sit down.” Cheng frame made a gesture of lowering, and after Cheng Guang settled down, he continued, “Little Guang, your three uncles and I discussed, in our Cheng family, you are the more talented one, your brother is still young, still in school, not suitable to come out to make a fortune, but you, it’s time to start a family.”
Cheng frame at this point, basically everyone understands the results of this selection, Cheng Guang, will become the Cheng family’s future decades at the helm!

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