Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 46

At this moment, Cheng Guang a heart poof beating violently, Cheng Guang’s mother, has been shaking with excitement, from today, her position in the Cheng family, will also be under one person, above all others.
Cheng Meng’s eyes were bleak, his eyes were godless.
Wang Wei, as Cheng Guang’s partner, is now also ecstatic, with Cheng Guang’s help, his later plans will be very easy to implement, Lin’s group, but in the bag!
Old man Cheng slowed his breath and continued, “Little Guang, I see, you this time, go out to learn ……”
Master Cheng’s words just to the key place, was interrupted by an accident, only to see a palm-sized transparent plastic bag was thrown across the air to the table in front of Master Cheng.
This scene, but to the people here were shocked, who so bold, dare to throw things like this to Master Cheng.
The three disciples of Old Master Cheng, the eyes of all of them looked towards the person who threw something.
“Sheng quick, a birthday gift for you.” Zhang Xuan nudged at the plastic bag.
At this moment, almost all the people in the main house, eyes wide open looking at Zhang Xuan, eyes full of incredulity, who is this person, is also too bold!
“I say Lin Qinghan, this surnamed Zhang, you do not care, look what he is doing!” Wang Wei’s mother slapped the table and reprimanded, although her words carried a reprimand, but in her eyes, it was delighted, the surname Zhang, you are really a brain-damaged ah!
“Junior, you’re a little too unaware of your manners, aren’t you?” Ning Changhe looked at Zhang Xuan with an unhappy face, “You’re from the Lin family?”
“Lin Qinghan is my wife, Cheng Qing is my brother, this bag of tea is prepared for you by my wife and Cheng Qing, take it.” Zhang Xuan pointed to the tea on the table, and in the tone of his voice, it was filled with a sense of command.
“Joke, what do you think you are, my grandfather said to accept it?” Cheng Guang walked over and grabbed the transparent plastic bag on the table.
Ning sat aside for a week and watched the place like a play, a haze flashed among his eyes, and a cold smile hung at the corner of his mouth.
“Do not know the manners of things, if not for the sake of your relationship with the Lin family, today have you suffer, take your things and go!” Cheng Guang grabbed the transparent plastic bag in his hand and was ready to smash it towards Zhang Xuan’s face.
“Wait!” Elder Cheng, who had been speaking calmly, suddenly exclaimed at this moment, his eyes looking cloudy, staring at the transparent bag with dead eyes.
To be precise, Elder Cheng was staring at the tea leaves in the bag.
The bag of tea leaves, there is not much, but the pieces are clearly defined, the same size.
Each tea leaf, are one centimeter long, half a centimeter wide long strip, in this tea leaf, there are countless lines, like the human body meridians, chaotic, but also attracts the eye.
Cheng Laozi carefully surveyed the bag of tea, fiercely, eyes widened, the voice also unconsciously several tones higher.
“This is …… Golden Melon Tribute Tea Root!”
Elder Cheng’s words caused the three disciples around him to let out a shocked cry in unison, with incredulity in their eyes.
Golden Melon Tribute Tea Root!
Golden melon tribute tea! What is Golden Melon Tribute Tea, in the eyes of ordinary people, may only think that this tea is expensive, after all, when it had exploded in the news with a sky-high price of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for one hundred grams, that was more than ten years ago.
In the very early days, this tea is specially supplied to the imperial court, after as the Chinese second-class cultural relics, has been collected in the Imperial Palace, was sent back to the provincial government in 2007, when the amount of insurance for this tea alone, it reached 19.99 million, which can be seen its precious.
This tea is compressed and shaped like a pumpkin, and in the center of this tea, it is called tea root.
The root of the golden melon tribute tea, in the present, is not money can buy, even if you pay 100 million, to buy a gram, it is impossible!
Because this tea, simply is not taken out to sell.
Cheng frame some years ago heard a friend say, every time the country has a major diplomacy, will only take out a little bit of gold gourd tribute tea root, with gold gourd tribute tea leaves to entertain foreign guests.
Can be entertained by this tea, is invariably which country’s foreign minister, or even a hand of the country!
And now, placed in front of their own, this full adult palm-sized bag, all the gold melon tribute tea root!
“This …… where did you get it?” Cheng frame trembling hands, from Cheng Guang’s hands to take this bag of gold melon tribute tea root, he knows too well what this represents.
Zhang Xuan did not answer, just glared at Cheng frame, this glance, raw scared Cheng frame a shiver, he suddenly realized that he asked a little too much, since the other party can take out the gold melon tribute tea root, where did this tea come from, is not their own qualifications to ask.
Cheng frame trembling hands, just want to return this bag of tea to Zhang Xuan, just heard Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out.
“Take the gift, and don’t refuse it, your Cheng family, isn’t there some kind of test?”
“Yes, a test, a test.” Cheng frame nodded his head repeatedly.
The Cheng family head, a figure who had his hands in the sky in Ning Province, was now trembling in his heart, if the people here knew what was in Cheng Frame’s heart, they would be shocked out of their minds.
The people present, although they didn’t know what was in the mind of Elder Cheng right now, could tell that Elder Cheng cared a lot about what this youth took out, and that it should be something very valuable.
They looked at Zhang Xuan, and then looked at the Lin family’s table, some people guessed that this youth, should be a congratulatory gift on behalf of Cheng Qing, Cheng Qing may seem borderline, but how can he really give up this huge Cheng family business?
Zhang Xuan left a smile to Master Cheng and turned to leave.
Master Cheng’s heart was shocked, this young man who took out the gold melon tribute tea root, is Lin Qinghan’s husband, the Lin family, when to climb such a big tree!
Cheng family and the Lin family is a family friend, has always been, Cheng old man thought that the family in strength and status, are quite a lot beyond the Lin family, but now, he does not think so, because the existence of this young man, he knows, the Cheng family, in front of the current Lin family, not even a fart.
A person who can take out such a pack of gold melon tribute tea root is what kind of identity? Old man Cheng did not even dare to guess!
“That little Guang ah, you sit down first.” Old Master Cheng waved his hand at Cheng Guang, signaling him not to stand.
Cheng Guang heart a thud, a trace of bad premonition, “Grandpa, you ……”
“Sit down first.” Elder Cheng said again, then his gaze no longer looked at Cheng Guang, but looked at the Lin family table and put it on Cheng Qing, “Qing’er, you came back once in a while, why don’t you come over and sit down, still angry at grandpa?”
“Grandson doesn’t dare.” Cheng Qing picked up a cup of wine and drank it, showing no respect.
“Ai.” The old man sighed, “back then, between me and your father, there are many misunderstandings, this child, stubborn, he left home, not to mention, also suffered you two mothers, so many years have passed, I’m old bones are almost in the ground, even if there are any misunderstandings, should also be resolved, you can help grandpa to bring a message, let your stubborn old father, quickly home, he is after all the eldest son, the future of the Cheng family. In the future, this Cheng family, still have to be handed over to him ah ……”

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