Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 47

Elder Cheng’s sighing voice set off an uproar in the entire main house.
What the hell! How could Elder Cheng suddenly say such a flip-flop! Was it because of what that youth had just sent? What exactly did Cheng Qing ask him to deliver?
At this moment, Cheng Guang’s entire person, as if struck by lightning, stood there with a face full of dullness, motionless.
Wang Wei stared at Lin Qinghan with wide eyes, angrily staring at him, “Lin Qinghan! What did you let this waste of your family do!”
Lin Qinghan turned her puzzled gaze to Cheng Qing, who smiled bitterly, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know what your husband sent.”
Back then, the matter of the Cheng family’s abandoned son was made all over the city, almost everyone here had heard about that matter, it could be said that Cheng Qing’s father wanted to return to the Cheng family, that was absolutely a fool’s dream, unless Cheng Qing could get lucky and become the future head of the Cheng family, which was possible.
But today, Elder Cheng actually offered to let Cheng Qing’s father return home and take charge of the future Cheng family! This is like a spring thunderstorm for everyone, too shocking.
Everything was because of that youth, the package of things that was given out.
The people present, all thought that the thing was Cheng Qing asked Zhang Xuan to bring it, but the people at the Lin family table knew clearly that it was Zhang Xuan himself who took it out.
While everyone was frothing and shocked by this, Zhang Xuan had returned to this table of the Lin family, and with a smile on his face, he looked at Wang Wei’s mother, “How about it, just now saying that the things we sent were garbage, now this gift, do you think the weight is heavy enough?”
“What have you done, ah!” Wang Wei eyes spewed anger, just now, the Cheng elder son is clearly ready to announce the Cheng family’s future helm candidates, he Wang Wei, more winning, the heart are thinking of their own sitting in the Lin’s president’s office a scene.
But now, everything is broken!
Lin Chuan sat aside, did not say anything, with a smug smile on his face.
Lin Qinghan’s cousin Xu Wan, with a glint in her eyes, looked at Zhang Xuan with curiosity.
Lin Qinghan wanted to say something, but then held back.
Zhang Xuan patted Cheng Qing’s shoulder, that means, don’t forget our agreement.
“Thanks.” Cheng Qing gave Zhang Xuan a response in a very low voice, then got up and walked towards the table where Elder Cheng was sitting.
The next thing that happened was very natural, Master Cheng made his attitude clear at the birthday banquet, in the future, this Cheng family, will be run by Cheng Qing’s father, to be in charge! And he, too, will let Cheng Qing choose one of the three worlds of military, business and politics to study, and he will strongly support it!
After these announcements, Elder Cheng deliberately and covertly glanced at Zhang Xuan, when he saw Zhang Xuan’s eyes showed a look of satisfaction, lifting a heart only to put down, at the same time in the heart is also grateful, now the decision, although against his original intention, but can be associated with such a person, then the future of the Cheng family, will definitely get better and better!
The packet of gold melon tribute tea root, was collected as if it were a treasure, this tea, he will never drink, even if it is to entertain more important guests, he will not take this tea out, how valuable this tea, Cheng Laozi is too clear, this tea, not at all he is qualified to drink, if placed in ancient times, this tea can be equivalent to the death penalty, can be taken out, no matter who, have to sell a few face, just because, this is too representative!
Cheng Guang as frosted eggplant like, wilted on the side, not a word.
Wang Wei’s face is even more ugly, he took out all his assets, five percent of Lin’s shares on the line of Cheng Guang, now, nothing can get.
After Master Cheng announced that he would welcome Cheng Qing’s father home, the main character of the banquet became Cheng Qing.
Wang Wei mother and son said hello to Elder Cheng, then quickly left, they have to think, what to do next.
“Brother-in-law, bully, great! Seeing Wang Wei’s wimpy face, it makes me feel good inside, haha!” Lin Chuan happily gave a thumbs up to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan ignored Lin Chuan, because he always felt that Lin Chuan was a bit off, this person’s attitude was not like this when he first met himself.
“Okay, let’s go too, there happens to be something to ask you.” Lin Qinghan tossed her head of hair and greeted Elder Cheng, she noticed that when Elder Cheng was talking to himself, he seemed to have less of that elder’s majesty from before.
Lin Qinghan guessed that this was probably because the old man was ready to step down and people were starting to become peaceful.
A fiery red Mercedes GT drove away from the Cheng family estate.
“Zhang Xuan, I find that every time I drive, I have to ask you a question, explain yourself.” Lin Qinghan leisurely leaned back in his seat as the car played soft music.
“Oh, that’s a packet of tea, I don’t know exactly what it is, it’s quite expensive anyway.” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth to explain, “before I met a few tea pickers, they were stuck on the mountainside, I saved them, they sent me those tea as a thank you gift, I remember that tea is quite expensive, you said this time to see the elders, I thought there is nothing to bring, so I brought this tea.”
“Did not lie to me?” Lin Qinghan raised her eyebrows, she somewhat did not believe what Zhang Xuan said, someone else sent the tea, can make the old man Cheng change his mind, this is not just expensive so simple.
“Absolutely not, I swear!” Zhang Xuan raised his right hand and extended four fingers with a sincere face.
At a red light, Lin Qinghan stopped the car, she turned her head and looked at Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan’s eyes were clear, and he did not dodge between his eyes and Lin Qinghan’s.
The four eyes met, time passed, Zhang Xuan looked at the flawless face in front of him, at this moment, he felt that nothing mattered, as long as he could stay by the side of this woman, is the greatest gift from heaven to himself.
The red light turned green and a horn sounded to urge.
Lin Qinghan smiled, retracted his gaze, looked directly in front of the vehicle, stepped on the gas pedal, spitting lightly in his mouth, “You’re not bad luck, that tea should be famous and extraordinary, I’ll make up some money to you later.”
“No need!” Zhang Xuan hand waved, “Mr. Lin, we are still divided into what each other ah.”
Lin Qinghan’s expression was slightly frozen, she had not felt the warmth of affection for a long time, at this moment, there was a warm current flowing through her heart.
The fate of many people began to change as a result of Master Cheng’s birthday, and those who were on the wrong side of the line before now have too late to regret, and can only be busy remedying the situation.
Cheng family compound, Cheng Qing pushed his tawdry pink electric car, came to the front of the compound, looked at the wide highway in front of him and murmured, “Qing Han, you really found an amazing husband.”
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan returned to Yinzhou, Lin Qinghan ran to the company in a hurry because there were still things going on in the company.
Zhang Xuan stretched his back and continued home to start his housewife work, laundry, scrubbing the floor.

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