Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 48

Silver State, Swan Lake Town, inside a single-family house.
“Rubbish! What a fucking waste!” Wang Wei frantically smashed the furniture in front of him, his eyes full of scarlet making the beautiful little nanny shrink aside with her head down, not daring to say a word.
The handsome faced Song Tao was lying on the ground with a face full of bruises, the broken furniture smashed all over him, he had resentment in his eyes, but did not dare to express a hint of dissatisfaction.
“Laozi gave you so much money, and this is how you work for Laozi?” Wang Wei stepped on Song Tao’s hand and crushed it left and right, “A door-to-door dog you can’t even handle, why should I help you pay that debt?”
Song Tao’s fingers were stepped on instantly bruised, painful clenched teeth, but also did not dare to say anything.
“Bah!” Wang Wei a mouthful of thick spit on Song Tao’s face, “give you one last chance, I do not care what method you use, even if it kills that bitch, you have to give me a solution, or you consider the consequences! Get out!”
Wang Wei just raised his foot, Song Tao rolled and crawled to the door of the room, pulled open the door and dashed out.
Wang Wei grunted coldly and hooked his finger at the little nanny standing at the root of the wall. The little nanny looked at Wang Wei with fear and slowly took off her blouse, and her white shoulders and neck were covered with bloodstains.
Zhang Xuan at home, after wiping the floor, looking at the clean floor, a smile of satisfaction on his face.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
The first time Lin Qinghan took the initiative to call him, he had been saving his phone for some time.
“Hello, Mr. Lin.”
“You go to Yinzhou University, Xiao Wan to move dormitory, things seem to be quite a lot, call you to give a hand, I wait to send you her phone, that’s all.” Lin Qinghan finished the matter in one breath over the phone, and hung up the phone before Zhang Xuan could answer.
Zhang Xuan just heard clearly on the phone, Lin Qinghan’s side of the landline ringing constantly, feeling very busy.
The phone beep sounded, Lin Qinghan has sent Zhang Xuan the phone number of Xu Wan.
Zhang Xuan stretched his back, wearing his beach pants white undershirt, walking towards Yinzhou University.
Yinzhou University is located in the urban area of Yinzhou City, there are three campuses, interspersed with a snack street, this snack street, is the largest weekend traffic in Yinzhou City, the whole street has been on the tongue of China.
Zhang Xuan came to the West Campus of Yinzhou University, gave a call to Xu Wan, Xu Wan received Zhang Xuan’s call, looked extra happy, let Zhang Xuan stand still at the entrance of the West Campus, she came to him.
Zhang Xuan waited for about five minutes at the entrance of the school, and then saw a group of warblers coming towards him, the leader of which was Xu Wan.
Before, Zhang Xuan had never paid much attention to Xu Wan, but this time he took a good look at this girl.
Xu Wan dyed beige hair, hair tips slightly curly, left to shoulder neck pear, the upper body wearing a white T-shirt printed with a cat face, the body is not too hot, but more than a few small family feeling, the lower body a seven-point jeans, with a pair of white canvas shoes, looking very youthful.
Xu Wan’s features are exquisite, although not like Lin Qinghan, but also can definitely be considered a beautiful woman, the corners of her mouth at all times hold a smile, so that the first glance will leave a good impression.
“Brother-in-law, you’re here!” Xu Wan trotted up to Zhang Xuan and greeted him.
“Hee hee, Xiao Wan, this is your brother-in-law, hello brother-in-law, my name is Zhang Jie.” A short-haired beauty who was following Xu Wan greeted Zhang Xuan.
“Brother-in-law, we’ve seen Xiao Wan’s sister’s picture, that’s a big beauty, you must be a love saint if you can pick her up!” Another long-legged and tall beauty said to Zhang Xuan.
“Brother-in-law, these two girls are my roommates.” Xu Wan introduced Zhang Xuan, “This is Zhang Jie, this is Sun Lan, I tell you, Sun Lan is a model.”
Xu Wan’s eyes became a curved moon, cute tight.
Zhang Xuan smiled, “Your sister asked me to move things, is there a lot of stuff?”
“It’s not much, the four of us can move two times.” Xu Wan led the way for Zhang Xuan, a man and three women walked towards the campus.
Zhang Xuan looked at both sides of the road, those who appeared carefree college students, so Zhang Xuan was quite envious, the kind of thrill of playing a game with his brother a night, Zhang Xuan has never experienced, all his years, all in the conquest, all in life and death.
The girl’s dormitory downstairs, parked a solid black BMW X5, this kind of luxury car in the university campus, but can cause a crowd.
As soon as she saw the car, Xu Wan’s eyebrows furrowed tightly.
“Why are they here?”
Xu Wan just finished speaking, saw the car down three youths, the first one had long hair with eyebrows, eyes with light eyeliner, after seeing Xu Wan, the youth thought he was handsome and stroked his hair, “Xiao Wan, you’re here, I heard you want to move dormitory, I came to give you a hand.”
“You?” Xu Wan disdainful glance at the youth, and looked at the youth two friends, the three thin arms and legs, and standing next to Zhang Xuan formed a strong contrast.
Zhang Xuan wearing a white undershirt, years of exercise, so that he does not have to do any action, is to stand there alone, the body’s muscles are extraordinarily obvious.
“Well, no more nonsense, Zhang Cheng, if you guys come to help, come up and move things.” Zhang Jie greeted, the first to walk into the dormitory building.
Zhang Cheng nodded, followed the dormitory building with great strides, while walking also gave his two friends said, “all work harder, take more.”
“Don’t worry, we have a lot of strength.” One of Zhang Cheng’s friends patted his chest and said.
Xu Wan’s dormitory has been packed up, clothing and other things all boxed up, there is a suitcase left in the house.
Zhang Cheng three people came in, one person pulling two suitcases ready to go out, the results to the stairs found that the suitcase is really heavy, carrying a hard.
Zhang Cheng had to put down a suitcase first, and then struggled to carry a, step by step stairs downstairs, when he walked to the first floor, already full of sweat.
Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Zhang Cheng was just about to go upstairs to carry another suitcase down when he heard Zhang Jie’s voice ringing in his ears.
“No need to go, look at people, and then look at you.” Zhang Jie nudged his mouth.
Zhang Cheng turned his head to see Zhang Xuan carrying a suitcase in one hand, walking like flying, effortlessly, and then look at himself, holding a suitcase are half a day’s effort, tired and sweaty.
Such a scene, so Zhang Cheng face a little embarrassed, thinking of what he just said about the strength of the old man, and now his face is burning hot.

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