Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 6

Yinzhou City Spring Vine Orphanage.
The simple children were playing on the green lawn. On the lawn, Qin Rou, wearing a long white dress, sat cross-legged, with her long hair draped behind her head, the pitch black color contrasting with her white dress. She wore a flower crown on her head that the children had prepared for her, and her long white dress was scattered on the lawn, as if she was an elf in the forest.
“Sister Qin Rou, I want candy too!” A tiger-headed kid ran up to Qin Rou and smiled at her heatedly.
“Little tiger, you can’t eat candy anymore.” Qin Rou stretched out her jade arm and rubbed the little tiger’s head, her eyes full of doting love.
An old crone with white hair bowed, smiling kindly as she came from the side, “Little Rou, you are too spoiled with these children.”
A sweet smile appeared on Qin Rou’s face, as beautiful as a blossom in full bloom, “President Rui, I am happy when I see the children happy, by the way, the one called Zhang Xuan, is he here yet?”
“Just came.” Dean Cui pointed to the side, in an artificially built wooden gazebo, Zhang Xuan was sitting there alone, looking ahead.
Dean Cui looked at Zhang Xuan’s appearance and sighed, a trace of intolerance flashed across his kind eyes, “Hey, this kid, he can never get out of his own heart, ah, back then his mother committed suicide by jumping off a building so as not to drag him down, he has been blaming himself for this.”
Qin Rou’s gaze followed Dean Cui’s finger, she gazed at Zhang Xuan’s side face, from this man, she could always feel an air of sadness, in his deep eyes, as if hiding many stories, so Qin Rou could not help but want to explore, but every time she wanted to try to talk to this person, always feel the other side of the cold air of rejection.
Qin Rou’s family is well-off, her features are exquisite, her temperament is outstanding, she is the goddess of many people’s hearts, plus she is kind and does not ask for anything in return for funding the Spring Vine orphanage, so she has countless suitors.
A month ago, Qin Rou met Zhang Xuan, when she saw Zhang Xuan sitting alone in that wooden gazebo darkly lost in thought, her heart only felt that this man was pretending to be garlic, playing deep.
But now, Qin Rou doesn’t think so anymore, she heard the dean tell the man’s story and understood why he was sitting in that gazebo, which he and his mother, once built together.
“Zhang Xuan he, is a good boy, ah, just now he gave me 20,000 yuan, no matter how I refused, he insisted on giving it to me, the boy’s life is already bad, but still think of doing something for the orphanage.” Dean Cui sighed and shook his head, “If the orphanage had been funded by good people like you, I wouldn’t have watched his mother die and done nothing about it.”
Qin Rou’s gaze was fixed on Zhang Xuan, who was wearing such a stall, but donated 20,000 to the orphanage ……
“Brother Zhang Xuan, let’s play together!” A three-year-old girl ran up to Zhang Xuan and said in a milky voice, pulling Zhang Xuan’s pant leg with her little hand.
“Sure, what does Yin Yin want to play.” Zhang Xuan picked up the little girl, tossing her up and catching her, with a smile on his face.
Zhang Xuan’s heartfelt smile would only be shown in two places, first, in front of Lin Qinghan, and second, in the orphanage.
“Yin Yin wants to play lift high.” The little girl giggled, her big eyes narrowed into a slit, like a tooth curved moon.
Qin Rou, who was sitting on the lawn, could not help but smile when she saw Zhang Xuan’s heartfelt smile. She could tell that this man genuinely liked these children, unlike those of her own suitors who deliberately showed an appearance of liking children in order to please themselves.
Zhang Xuan played with the little girl for a while, the phone in his pocket rang, Zhang Xuan looked at it was the handsome youth from yesterday, he put Yin Yin on the ground and let Yin Yin play by herself, then walked aside and picked up the phone, “What’s wrong?”
The handsome youth’s voice over the phone was slightly gruff, “Boss, got word that there are killers ready to make a move on sister-in-law today.”
“Killer!” Zhang Xuan clenched these two words.
In this instant, across the phone, handsome young man can feel a slight chill, he does not know why the boss is so concerned about the female president of Silver City, but he is clear, those killers, dead!
A few seconds of silence on the phone, Zhang Xuan spoke again, “Okay, I know, you do not just send people out, I will solve these matters, that’s all.”
Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, slightly raised his head, looking at the distant sky, murmured, “Some people, is it bad to live?”
In the beginning, Zhang Xuan wanted to pursue Lin Qinghan openly, after all, with his status, no matter what aspect, his union with Lin Qinghan could only be considered as Lin Qinghan’s high climb.
But Zhang Xuan inadvertently received news that someone wanted Lin Qinghan’s life, the identity of the other party is very hidden, Zhang Xuan could not find out for a while.
Zhang Xuan knew that it was not the other party’s level was too high, on the contrary, but their level was too low, so that they could not start to investigate, after all, their own contact, are the world’s top level of people.
Zhang Xuan had no choice but to covertly protect Lin Qinghan, slowly investigate who is trying to disadvantage Lin Qinghan, which became a son-in-law, even though Zhang Xuan knew that Lin Qinghan despised himself, but he still enjoyed such a day, as long as every day to see this angel in his life, satisfied, she brought light to his world, let himself believe in the most desperate times, this world, is not as cold and heartless as he saw.
After learning that there were killers out, Zhang Xuan said hello to Dean Cui, wearing his beach pants white undershirt and stepping on a pair of flip-flops, he walked towards Lin’s building.
Seeing that Zhang Xuan was leaving, Qin Rou walked up to Zhang Xuan and fell to him and said, “Do you want me to give you a ride?”
Qin Rou wanted to get up close and personal with this man, his love for children, his affection for family, all fascinated Qin Rou, who wanted to get to know him deeply and get acquainted with him.
“No need.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand and refused, did not say one more word to Qin Rou, even the eyes, did not stay on Qin Rou for one more second.
Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan’s back as he left, and that reticent look caused a pang of loss to pass through Qin Rou’s beautiful eyes.
The Lin’s building is located in the center of the CBD of Yinzhou City, and can be considered the most conspicuous building in the entire CBD. The twenty-two-story building symbolizes the huge wealth of the Lin’s.
On the highest floor of Lin’s, in the president’s office, Lin Qinghan hung up her father’s phone, while learning about her situation from his mouth.
About why someone wants his life, Lin Qinghan is not clear, to say what offended people, Lin Qinghan can only say, their own business, offended people, is too much, think carefully, each one may want their own life, after all, business battles, although bloodless, but also the loser will end up with a broken home, many people from the rich, overnight became nothing, and finally chose to mount the rooftop, a leap down.

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